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Unlimited original-quality Photos uploads for Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are valid until Dec. 2020

New Pixels will get original-quality Google Photos uploads for the life of the devices.

One of the main draws with the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL is the unlimited photo and video storage on Google Photos. Whereas all other phones get unlimited high-quality uploads, Google offers unlimited storage for original-quality photos and 4K videos for all media uploaded through the Pixels. With the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, Google is guaranteeing unlimited photo and video uploads for  [Read More…]

Google Photos now uploads your pics over cellular, but don’t freak out

Google is now uploading your photos over 3G or LTE, but promises not to eat your data.

Google has announced that it is making low-quality previews of photos available to users right after they take them, so they can start sharing through Google Photos without having to wait for a Wi-Fi connection.

The company announced the update to Google Photos alongside a number of other bandwidth-saving measures aimed at reassuring its very important, and growing, Brazilian user base that  [Read More…]

Instagram rolls out support for video uploads of up to 60 seconds

Instagram is giving people more freedom to express themselves in video form. The social network is rolling out an update that will support video uploads of up to 60 seconds, well above the previous limit of just 15 seconds.

Instagram stated:

In the last six months, the time people spent watching video increased by more than 40 percent. And longer videos mean more diverse stories from the accounts you love, whether it’s Selena Gomez hanging  [Read More…]

Snapdragon 820 to come with new X12 LTE modem – CAT 12 downloads, CAT 13 uploads, and 4X4 MIMO

Qualcomm has announced a few details about the coming Snapdragon 820, specifically about the modem and connectivity feature-set.

The 820, expected to hit devices in 2016, will feature the all-new X12 LTE modem, which brings CAT 12 down and CAT 13 up speeds (600 and 150 Mbps, respectively) and up to 4 x 4 MIMO downlinks while on an LTE carrier. In plain English, this means fast.

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Google+ brings 1-click Auto Enhance to video uploads

Google just brought over its Auto Enhance feature that debuted with photos to videos. The feature isn’t enabled automatically for all videos, but with a single click, you can allow Google to use its algorithms to fine-tune your videos. The feature will work on the Google+ Photos app on Android as well as on Google+ for Mac, Windows and Chrome OS.

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Facebook update makes it easier to ‘tell your story,’ simplifies photo uploads

Facebook is getting some handy new features for image uploads today. The social media giant announced that Facebook for Android will be getting an update that allows users to more easily manage the order of their photo uploads.