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Urban Armor Gear Pathfinder case for OnePlus 5T review

The OnePlus 5T is a great device, but it’s a bit fragile. Fortunately, case maker Urban Armor Gear offers a rugged protective case for the phone, so you can keep it safe.

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Canada’s new drone laws make flying in urban areas virtually impossible

Avoid getting a fine by knowing where and when you’re allowed to fly your drone in Canada.

If you’re a Canadian who owns a drone for purely recreational purposes, listen up because the Canadian government has just laid down the laws regarding where and when you can fly your drone.

And you’re probably not going to like it.

As reported by CBC, Transportation Minister Marc Garneau announced the new rules along with the penalties for breaking them — a  [Read More…]

Google Maps may get even better with Urban Engines acquisition

Google acquired tech startup Urban Engines last week. Urban Engines is a company focused on providing location-based analytics for urban planning. The company’s main product is a transportation emulator that tests real-time traffic scenarios to plan better routes. Google’s integration of this technology into its already strong Maps service will give it a huge leg up in

Urban Armor Gear LG G4 case review: Where beauty meets precision

Urban Armor Gear is arguably the case maker for all devices. They claim to make quality, military grade cases for most of the popular devices, along with equally good screen protectors. I recently purchased one for my iPad Air 2 and was totally blown away by what it had to offer. I also have the

Urban Armor Gear has great cases that offer excellent protection and good looks

Admittedly I am not much of a fan of cases. I usually have found that they’re too bulky for what they offer and make my devices uncomfortable to hold due to

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Urban Armor Gear releases three new cases for Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge

Urban Armor Gear has announced three new cases for the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. Priced from $ 34.95, these affordable cases not only offer advanced protection for your pricey investment, but also some neat features and extensions. First up is a new composite case for the Galaxy S7 available in seven colors.

A second option, for the same phone and for those who require a new place to secure their card  [Read More…]

Save 38% today on Urban Armor Gear Folio Cases for Galaxy S6

Built to military standards and designed to keep your Galaxy S6 scratch-free, this UAG Folio Case is the real deal when it comes to flip cases. It’s lightweight, water resistant, and features storage for up to 3 cards inside. Available in black or red today for only $ 24.95!

Urban Armor Gear reveals its Galaxy Note 5 case

Urban Armor Gear (UAG) has unveiled its first case for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5, which combines protection and style. The case, which is now available to be pre-ordered, will come in a variety of colors such as Magma (translucent red), Ice (clear), Ash (translucent gray), black, white and orange.

Urban Armor Gear S6 Edge case review

Urban Armor Gear (UAG) is no stranger to providing tough, durable shells that stand against gravity’s malintent towards our beloved devices.  They’ve been kind enough to send me one of their composite cases, made for the Galaxy S6 Edge.  They come in two flavors, a clear one (Maverick) and a semi-clear, smoky color (Ash).  I’ve received the latter.



The composite cases have an industrial appearance.  The back panel is made up  [Read More…]

This is the Urban Armor Gear Case for Galaxy S6 in 5 colors

Meet the rugged hybrid case for the Galaxy S6 that provides an unbelievable grip without the unattractive bulk.

Hybrid covers really do come in all shapes and sizes, giving smartphone owners more peace of mind when those unforeseen drops occur. Where the Urban Armor Gear Case stands out amongst many other dual-layer cases is its ability to pack extra layers and grip in a lightweight, manageable form factor. Check out how it looks and performs with  [Read More…]