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Google says all U.S. users should now have RCS enabled

You’ll need to update both Google Messages and Carrier Services for the change to take effect.

What you need to know Google has finally completed the process of rolling out RCS to users in the U.S. The company is well ahead of its previous promise of broad availability by the end of the year. Updates to both Google Messages and the Carrier Services app may be required to enable the new chat experience.

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Google brings Assistant support and more to Arabic users

15 new countries are getting access to the Assistant.

What you need to know Google is improving its support for countries that speak Arabic as a primary language. It’s bringing Google Assistant to 15 more countries as a result. Maps will also get added safety features.

Google has announced improved support for Arabic speaking results. It’s making updates to Assistant, Search, and Maps.

First, let’s start with the most significant feature — Assistant. Google’s bringing support for  [Read More…]

Here’s what Google is doing to help protect users from state-backed hacking

Going forward, Google says it will share more technical details about the threats it detects and how they are countered.

What you need to know Google has revealed that its Threat Analysis Group (TAG) sent more than 12,000 warnings related to users being targeted by government-backed attackers between July to September 2019. The Threat Analysis Group has been in existence for over a decade and is involved in detecting and defeating threats from government-backed hacking. TAG currently  [Read More…]

WhatsApp could soon let Android users send ‘self-destructing’ messages

The “Delete Messages” feature was previously named “Disappearing Messages.”

What you need to know The latest WhatsApp beta version for Android includes a new “Delete Messages” feature. Currently under development, the feature will allow users to send messages that will automatically be deleted after a set period of time. Since it hasn’t been enabled yet, you will not be able to try out the feature even if you install the latest WhatsApp beta on your phone.

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Google Pixel 4 review: From an iPhone user’s perspective

I’ve been using Google’s Pixel 4 phone for almost a month now. I mean, really using it. With my SIM card in it and everything. Taking photos. Making calls. Playing Pokemon Go. Yes, still.

This isn’t my first Google phone. I had the Nexus One, the Nexus 4, and the Pixels 1 and 2. I usually get the XL but since I’ve switched back to the smaller iPhone, I decided to go with the smaller Pixel as well.

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Smart Compose is coming to Google Docs starting with G Suite users

Currently only available in English.

What you need to know Smart Compose is expanding to Google Docs starting with G Suite users. Google is accepting sign-ups from G Suite admins who want to be part of the beta. It is currently only available in English.

Writing is hard, and if it’s up to Google, you won’t have to do it anymore in the future thanks to Smart Compose. Smart Compose makes writing easier by using machine learning  [Read More…]

Spotify is running an awesome holiday deal for new and lapsed Premium users

The offer will run until the end of the year.

What you need to know Spotify is offering a three-month premium subscription for just $ 9.99 this holiday. The promo runs from October 18 to December 31. It’s available to new users and to those who may have previously canceled their subscription.

If you’ve never tried Spotify Premium — or if you have, and just decided to stop paying for the streaming service’s ad-free premium tier —  [Read More…]

Google adds RCS to Android Messages app for all US users

Google on Thursday announced that it has begun deploying Google-operated RCS for its Messages app for Android. The feature will be “broadly” available to Android users by the end of 2019.

Similar to Apple’s iMessage, RCS lets Android users send and receive high-resolution photos and videos as well as see if recipients have read your message.

When you and your friends message each other with these chat features, you can chat over Wi-Fi or mobile data, send and receive high-resolution  [Read More…]

Looks like Hulu users can keep their Add-ons with Disney+ bundle after all

What you need to know An update to Disney+ Founders Circle terms of service offers details about the bundle. The Disney+ bundle will link to Hulu or ESPN+ accounts by using the same email address. Once linked, monthly credits for the basic plan will be applied, but Add-ons can be managed separately.

Everyone is excited about Disney+’s launch tomorrow. The new streaming service is combining the best content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and more.  [Read More…]

A look at why Fitbit users hated Google buying the company

Some of the reasons are misguided and some are disingenuous. But for many, the real reason is that they just don’t like Google.

Most of the online chatter about how Google buying Fitbit is a crisis waiting to happen has died down. That’s good in some ways while being bad in other ways. It seems all good crises are that way. With the dust settled, I’ve spent some time looking at how it all played out and  [Read More…]