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Facebook brings Instant Articles feature to all Android users

Facebook has announced that all Android users will finally have access to its Instant Articles feature. Instant Articles is a way for Facebook to load news stories from select publishers without them having to wait for things to load. As the name would suggest, the stories load instantly, and provide rich reading experiences for those who are reading them.

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OneDrive users can keep their free 15GB of storage and camera roll bonus after all, if they opt-in by Jan. 31

Microsoft has decided to give current OneDrive users a chance to keep their free 15GB of cloud file storage space, along with their extra free 15GB if they have the camera roll enabled on their smartphone. The catch is they have to make an effort to go to a special page and opt-in to keep that storage before January 31, 2016.

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Google Play Music family plans are official, up to six users for $14.99 per month

Google has announced that its Play Music family plans are official, and will be available in the coming days. First announced back in September, the family plans will allow up to 6 users to be on the same account with a monthly fee of $ 14.99.

Google Chrome becomes safer for Android users

After the latest update, Google Chrome for Android has received Safe Browsing – something that has been available for the company’s desktop software for years. The new security feature will protect mobile devices against malware, unwanted software and social engineering websites.

You don’t need to update your Chrome browser to get this Safe Browsing client, as it comes bundled up with Google Play Services version 8.1 by default. If you have Chrome version 46 and up, you can relax because now you will see a red warning  [Read More…]

Songza to play its final tune in January, will transition users to Google Play Music

Almost a year and a half after its acquisition by Google, music streaming service Songza is preparing to play its final tune. It was revealed today that Songza will shut down on January 31, 2016, allowing users to transition their accounts to Google Play Music.

HTC’s Preview program looks to reconnect the company with its users

HTC is trying a new way to connect back with the Android community, as it opens the doors to its own preview program. The company took to Reddit for an Ask Me Anything (AMA), in which it answered questions from consumers about the program and how it will work.

Keeper Password Manager gains fingerprint support and more for Marshmallow users

Keeper Password Manager, a great solution to keep your passwords safe, has been updated with support for the new features of Android Marshmallow. In addition to adding some new features, the team has announced some new partnerships, like Samsung and Orange, that will make Keeper preloaded on a large number of devices in the coming years.

Google Calendar appears to be down for many users [Update: It’s coming back]

Update: Google’s status alert now says that Google Calendar “has already been restored for some users, and we expect a resolution for all users within the next 1 hours.”

Original story: Google Calendar appears to be suffering from a service interruption right now, as many users are unable to access the service. Don’t worry, if you can’t get to your calendar you are not alone. Currently, Google’s Apps Status Dashboard doesn’t show any issues with any  [Read More…]

Pushbullet adds Direct Share support and new permission controls for Marshmallow users

Pushbullet, the popular files transfer app, has updated its Android client with support for several new Marshmallow features. The app now utilizes the new runtime permissions, meaning you can selectively grant or deny access to various requests from it.

Additionally, Pushbullet has added Direct Share support, and reduced the size of the APK by 25 percent.

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Samsung Pay users can get a free wireless charging pad or rebate until Nov. 8

The recently launched Samsung Pay payment system already has a new promotion to get people to sign up. It will allow users to get either a free wireless charging pad for their smartphone or, if they are on Verizon, up to a $ 50 rebate towards the purchase of such a pad.

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