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Samsung Pay users can get a free wireless charging pad or rebate until Nov. 8

The recently launched Samsung Pay payment system already has a new promotion to get people to sign up. It will allow users to get either a free wireless charging pad for their smartphone or, if they are on Verizon, up to a $ 50 rebate towards the purchase of such a pad.

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Sprint caters to the most basic of users with new $20 ‘Starter’ plan

Sprint today announced a new rate plan for customers who need the most basic amount of data per month. Called the Starter Unlimited Data Plan, the $ 20 monthly option gives customers 1GB of 4G LTE data per month.

Should a customer go over the allotted data, Sprint will let them continue on with services at 2G speeds. The 2G data is unlimited for the remainder of the bill cycle.


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Google Play Games update for Android lets users record and share gameplay

Google is expanding the reach of gameplay video to the mobile platform with the latest update to the Google Play Games app for Android. It allows anyone to record and comment on any game in the Google Play store and then upload that footage to share with others.

Looks like Android users may be getting in on the new emoji action

Noticed any weird squares or random characters from your friends with Apple devices lately? It could be because of a recent update for iOS that has introduced 184 brand new emoji characters.

For those of us with Android phones and tablets, we may not have to wait too long to start using the taco emoji. Android executive Hiroshi Lockheimer has posted on Twitter, announcing that his team is working on some new emoji due to popular demand.

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Samsung Pay arrives in the Play Store for Verizon users to download

No more waiting (no, really this time) — Samsung Pay is finally available to owners of the latest Samsung phones on Verizon. The Samsung Pay app is now openly available in the Play Store for anyone with a Verizon Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+ or Note 5 to download, and following a brief setup period you’ll be good to go with the latest mobile payment system.

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Google Photos reaches 100 million monthly active users

Google announced today that its photos upload and sharing service, Google Photos, has hit 100 million monthly active users. This comes just five months after the Google spun its photo service out of the confines of Google+ and into its own app.

No matter how you slice it, that’s pretty impressive for 5 months. It doesn’t begin to approach Instagram’s 400 million monthly active users, but one could rightly argue that Google Photos is a completely  [Read More…]

YouTube Gaming update lets users livestream gameplay

It seems like Google’s been hard at work behind the scenes, as they today announced an updated version of their YouTube Gaming app. This comes after the initial announcement of the release of YouTube Gaming, an Android and iOS app that allows anyone to record their screen and livestream it to prospective viewers.

The update, released today, highlights the livestreaming capabilities that is now available to users to publicly use. The app is available for download in both the US and  [Read More…]

WhatsApp users can now create private backups in Google Drive

s3-chataudioThanks to a partnership between WhatsApp and Google Drive, users of the wildly popular message app can now keep copies of chat history. Indeed, there are some 900 million of you out there, many of which are using Android as the mobile platform of choice.

According to Google, WhatsApp users on Android are able to backup chat history, voice messages, photos, and videos in Google Drive. Moreover, it’s also possible to restore all of  [Read More…]

In-app translation to roll out for Marshmallow users this week

Beginning this week, users with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and the Google Translate app on their phones will be able to easily translate text into their native language right inside some of their favorite apps. In-app text translation supports both app content and text that users type.

Android and iOS users get sized up with PornHub statistics [SFW]

With the launch of the new iPhone series, the good guys at PornHub decided to mash some stats together regarding how mobile users entertain themselves. Both Apple and Android users were studied to put together some nice-looking infographics.

In the last five years, mobile usage has rocketed to 63% of the total traffic to the site, as compared to a mere 12% in 2010. This aligns perfectly with how much tablet and smartphone usage has increased globally. In addition, Android  [Read More…]