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Microsoft revamps Bing.com design for Android users with new sections

Microsoft has launched a revamped design for its Bing.com homepage for Android browser users, with a number of new features and changes.

Chrome browser users can now swipe up to see the sections on the Bing.com home page. They will also notice a new translucent color scheme.

Dropbox to give web browser users better document preview features

Dropbox is currently rolling out a new update for its web browser users that promises a better preview experience for stored documents.

Dropbox says that the improvements will allow documents to load faster and look better while previewed on a web browser such as Chrome on Chrome OS.

Some users experiencing issues using Gmail over IMAP, Google working to fix

A large set of Gmail users are experiencing a service disruption when using the service with an IMAP mail client.

Google is aware of the problem and is working on a fix. The issues seem to only be affecting those using Gmail with an IMAP mail client, and results in error messages and other problems.

Plex 4.0 brings Android TV support to more users, updated dashboard UI

Streaming media app Plex snagged an update today that brings Android TV support to more users, along with a redesigned dashboard.

The app also now includes some new ways to view your content, Plex Home support for managed users, and the requisite bug fixes.

Software update lets Android Wear users locate misplaced phone

Over the next few weeks Android Wear owners will find a new feature coming to their smartwatches. Once rolled out, it will let users locate a misplaced smartphone by simply dialing it from their wrist. The Android Device Manager recently picked up a software update; however, the new option has not rolled out to the wearables just yet. How… Read more »

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Chromecast update allows some users to control it with a TV remote

Google’s Chromecast streaming video dongle can now be controled by some users with their TV remote thanks to a recent firmware update.

While Google did not announce this new feature officially, it has been discovered by many Chromecast owners who later posted their findings to sites like Reddit.

Google Play no longer is the Wild West, and that’s good for developers and users

The news that Google is now reviewing apps submitted to Google Play is bound to draw the ire of folks who prefer a wide-open Internet. But the long-term ramifications mean better apps for all.

There have been some pretty clear battle lines drawn within Android Central over the years, even if the two sides aren’t readily apparent publicly. For some time I’ve advocated that Google need some sort of screening process for apps submitted to Google  [Read More…]

The best radar apps for American users

For more than just ‘is it raining?’

Most weather apps come with radar, but it can leave something to be desired, especially for those who are a little more dependent on the weather’s wicked wiles. For storm chasers, meteorologists, and weather enthusiasts looking for more advanced radar on their Android devices, we’ve looked through the cream of the crop with KXXV-TV Meteorologist Conley Isom and we’ve arrived at the best three for your Android. And just  [Read More…]

T-Mobile users can track Android updates with new website

T-Mobile customers worried about receiving the latest version of Android can now track the status in an official capacity. A newly launched Software Updates page helps subscribers pin down the update for their respective device.

Broken into three categories, the tool lets interested parties see where the update is along the development process. As of today the site is tracking Android 5.0 Lollipop for nine models spread over smartphones and tablets.

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All Lollipop users should spend $1.50 on this app

Lollipop users all share a common frustration, and that is the lack of a true silent mode for your device. Sadly, Google did away with the silent mode in favour of notification priorities, but SoundHUD is an app that brings that all back.

SoundHUD is a customisable replacement volume panel that doesn’t require root access and will give you full control over your volume settings.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 21.39.01

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