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Samsung is spamming Galaxy S8 users with ads via push notifications

According to the reports of a bunch of displeased Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ on Reddit, Samsung has concocted a new, ingenious way to serving more ads. Apparently, the Korean tech giant is now displaying ads via push notifications for some users through the Game Optimization Service. The game management app, which comes pre-installed Samsung […]

Galaxy S6 and S6 edge users on T-Mobile are finally getting Android 7.0

You can hold off on upgrading your aging Samsung device for a little bit longer.

The Galaxy S6 and S6 edge may no longer be the two most popular Samsung smartphones, but if you’re still holding on to one of the two and you’re on T-Mobile, you’re due for an update. Both devices are officially getting Android 7.0 Nougat, which includes interface tweaks, Android’s multi-window mode, and Doze capabilities. You’re still a few minor iterations behind the very latest  [Read More…]

Sorry, Galaxy S8 users: Bixby voice assistant remains delayed

The Wall Street Journal reports we won’t see it until “at least late June.”

There are so many features the Samsung Galaxy S8 has going for it; it’s almost bezel-less, it has the best display on the market, and it’s a wondrous performer. But one thing it does not have going for it is its own virtual assistant. It’s been two months since the launch of Samsung’s big phone release and there’s still no Bixby in sight.

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Android Go is the smartest thing Google can do to win the next billion smartphone users

Android Go isn’t a big deal, and that makes it an incredibly powerful and meaningful change for Android users everywhere.

You may know this well-known idiom: fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Such a phrase can be applied to many circumstances, but it also works in the context of Google’s salvo into the world of unifying the experience of budget smartphones, Android One.

One is the loneliest number

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Gear Up: JOBY debuts new solutions for mobile users

Do you like to shoot pictures or video from your smartphone? Are you in the early stages of kicking off a YouTube vlogging career?  What are you using to hold your handset? How can you hope to nab great panoramic shots or fun video when you have to hold onto it physically? Get yourself a mount […]

Netflix is disappearing from the Play Store for some users

It seems that Netflix have taken a decision to block users with rooted devices running custom ROMs from downloading the app from the Google Play Store. According to reports on Reddit, the Netflix app is showing up as incompatible for users with some rooted devices. Probably more worringly is that Netflix seems to have disappeared […]

Google has changed its developer guidelines to protect users against phishing attacks

Taking steps to prevent future phishing scams.

Google has updated its app identity guidelines and put new review processes and restrictions on web apps that request user data in response to the phishing scam that popped up last week. It’s all outlined on the Google developer blog, which outlines the new steps web app developers will need to abide by in order to help Google and its users better detect spoofed or misleading app identities.

On May  [Read More…]

Cortana now has over 141 million monthly users

One way or another, there are a lot of people using Cortana.

On stage at BUILD today, Microsoft announced 141 million monthly active users for its Cortana assistant. This number is slightly off from the 145m rumored to be sent to prominent Alexa developers in order to lure them over for the Cortana Skill launch, which also happened today, but it’s an impressive figure all the same.

141 million monthly users surpasses Amazon’s Alexa by a considerable  [Read More…]

Fugoo launches the Style-S and Go speakers for active users

Bluetooth speaker specialist, Fugoo is this week extending its “Go Anywhere” lineup by adding two new products, the Style-S and Go. The Style-S is a water-proof, dust-proof, mud-proof and shock-proof Bluetooth speaker that can deliver up to 93 dB loudness. Fugoo says the speaker weighs only 1 pound and 7 ounces, so it can fit […]

Pokémon Go users on Android can soon redeem promo codes

The feature is exclusive to Android users for the time being.

There are still a ton of Pokémon Go masters-in-training out there attempting to virtually catch ’em all. And there is good news specifically for those playing the game on Android: not only is there a Pokémon Go update rumored to arrive this week, but apparently there’s a promo code feature that’s coming with the update, too.

Per BGR, a support page on the official Pokémon Go  [Read More…]