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Bump grinds its way to 50 million users, celebrates with infographic detailing user patterns

Tech media spends so much time covering social networks, online communication, and all things digital or virtual that it can sometimes be tough to remember that people actually meet in real life. But even when faced with those IRL moments, we can’t help but bring the digital world back into the equation with things like Bump.

Bump is an Android and iOS app that  [Read More…]

Smozzy lets T-Mobile users surf the web without a data plan (It’s inefficient but cool)


A new beta app allows T-Mobile USA customers to browse the Internet without needing a data plan. Through a clever workaround compatible with Android 2.1 or higher, users can send out requests to the web and have the results – slowly and rather inefficiently – returned.

Smozzy works in an interesting manner. The app sends out a  [Read More…]

TripIt says Android users don’t travel as often, updates app to make it easier anyway


TripIt has introduced a new design for its popular Android travel app. The new design makes jumping from one section to another easier, reduces file size, and brings all the information from a traveler’s itinerary into one place. The changes were made to appease TripIt’s younger Android user base.

According to TripIt, Android users don’t fly as often as their iPhone and BlackBerry counterparts. While 21 percent of TripIt Android users jump on  [Read More…]

Android 2.3 Gingerbread pushing out now to HTC Droid Incredible users? (Update: Manual Install)


The HTC Droid Incredible has been one of the most beloved Android devices on Verizon. This phone was a beast when it came out, and even now it continues to compete strongly with some of the newest devices. For a while, everyone was afraid the good ol’ Droid Incredible was not going to get a Gingerbread update. Incredulous!

That was until Verizon posted OTA update details on the HTC Droid Incredible’s  [Read More…]

Pinch Lets Users Save on SMS/MMS Charges, Earn Prizes

Looking to save on your monthly cell phone bill but aren’t sure where to start?  Affle believes they have the answer with their Pinch messaging client.  According to them, users can not only save money by cutting their SMS and MMS charges, but they can also earn cash in monthly, quarterly, and yearly prizes.  The free app works on Android 2.1 or higher, allows for conversations across multiple platforms  [Read More…]

Swiftkey/Touchtype survey results are in: What do smartphone users really want?


The results are in on TouchType and Smartphone Experts’ survey from earlier this year, and with over 30,000 responses, we now have some pretty solid data to share with you. The survey asked readers to share how they use their smartphones, and which features they find most important. Of those surveyed, 86 percent indicated that they use their phone for texting at least once a day, while only 80 percent reporting making a  [Read More…]

RushCard users get Android app to manage pre-paid debit cards


RushCard has finally delivered an Android app for smartphone owners looking to manage their accounts on the go. The prepaid debit card provider has followed the trend of other banks like Bank of America and Chase by building an Android app that lets users monitor their accounts.

The mobile banking trend has finally trickled down to RushCard  [Read More…]

Qik Premium Service for Android Users

Qik Video has been around for a while now, allowing Android users to video chat and record/share videos for free right from their devices. Now users can enhance their Qik experience with the premium service formerly only available to users of its iOS counterpart. The new service comes with a free 30 day trial for those who prefer not to dive straight into another monthly  [Read More…]

Google+ App for Android now Allows Users to Reshare Posts Thanks to a Much Needed Update

User feedback continues to play a critical role in the development and evolution of Google+. The Google+ team has done an excellent job thus far and they continue to improve not only the web client but also the mobile application. Today we see the fruits of such labors in an update to the Google+ app for Android. Version 1.0.6 began rolling out today, bringing with it the  [Read More…]

The Difference Between Android and iOS Users.

Ever wondered what makes people choose to buy an iPhone. And why others buy Android phones. Well hunch.com has made a comparison between the Android users and iOS users. Check it out after the jump.


We delved into our Teach Hunch About You (THAY) questions to figure out what we can learn about Android vs. iPhone users, and our friends at Column Five  [Read More…]