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Android L includes new display modes for color blind users

The colors used in a gadget UI often seem like an aesthetic choice alone. But for those with color blindness, it can mean the difference between being able to operate a device normally and having a frustrating time using a phone or tablet. Fortunately the next version of Android after KitKat, currently known as Android L, includes new display modes to help users with color vision deficiency to see things more clearly.

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Chromebook Pixel users at odds with Verizon and Google over free LTE data

It was really cool when Verizon and Google offered 100MB of free LTE data monthly to users of a Chromebook Pixel. On the Google Play page, Google told anyone who bought one that this deal would last for two years, and even though 100MB a month isn’t a lot, it makes it handy to check mail or messages when you can’t get to proper Wifi. The problem is, that the folks who bought a Pixel under  [Read More…]

Facebook will allow users to alter their ad profiles; track your smartphone usage

Image Credit: New York Times

Have you ever wondered why Facebook just showed you an advertisement for Star Trek toys or some other random item? Well apparently you will soon be able to find out.

Facebook is planning to announce Thursday that it will allow users to see the likes and interests it keeps on them. Not only will Facebook allow users to see it, but  [Read More…]

New plug-in allows Outlook users to join Google Hangouts


Google has released a new plug-in for users of Google Apps that allows them to use Google Hangouts for video conference calls from within Microsoft Outlook.

Users of the email client can now initiate or join a Hangout directly from Outlook if they have a Google Apps account.

Simply download the Hangouts plug-in for Outlook on your Windows machine and you’ll then see a new  [Read More…]

YouTube update allows users to select streaming quality

Google had just pushed out an update to the YouTube app to allow you to choose your video streaming quality on the fly. Now, with the update, you can choose if you want your videos to stream at 144p, 240p, 360p, 720p, or an auto mode that detects your connection. It seems that an option for full 1080p HD isn’t available as a selection, however.

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AT&T to begin rollout of Sense 6 to HTC One M7 users next week

If you’re rocking AT&T’s version of the HTC One M7 and are eagerly waiting to make the switch to Sense 6, we have some good news. A HTC executive has announced that users AT&T One M7 users will start receiving HTC’s latest UI starting next week.

Springpad will shut down June 25th, users will be able to export data soon

Although it has been rumored to be coming for the past few days, Springpad has now announced that it is shuttering its services on June 25th. At this point, the company says that online and sync features will not available to users. As a consolation, Springpad announced that it would be making an export tools for users and developers to take their data with them so that they can have access to important files after the  [Read More…]

‘OK Google’ now rolling out to all Chrome desktop users

The “OK Google” voice activated hot search has gradually been making its way up the Google Chrome food chain, and now it looks like its rolling out to all. Well, all so long as you’ve set your language to U.S. English at least, or so it seems.

Outlook users can now join Hangouts with new Google plug-in

Google has now released a plugin for Google Apps apps user who also use Microsoft Outlook allowing them to use Google Hangouts to do a video conference call. Users can now initiate or join a Google Hangouts call directly within Outlook’s mail or calendar functionality if they also have a Google Apps account.

Sense 6 rolling out now to Canadian HTC One M7 users

Owners of the HTC One M7 in Canada have a big treat waiting for them in their Software Update settings: Sense 6. As promised by HTC last month, they’ve been working on an upgrade for the HTC One M7 to Sense 6 that debuted on the HTC One M8, and now, at least in Canada, that update is available.

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