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You can order a OnePlus 5 right now using this code, no invite required

Supply is extremely limited, so you have to act fast.

OnePlus isn’t completely opening up sales of the OnePlus 5 until June 27, but if you were watching the launch event (or are reading this article) you’ll know that OnePlus has decided to open up an early order page where fans can be the first to get their OnePlus 5 before the official launch date. Outside of those who go to a pop-up shop in the next few days,  [Read More…]

Using Cardboard Camera to capture and enjoy VR photos for Daydream

Cardboard Camera brings your photos to life when you view them with Daydream!

Cardboard Camera lets you take a panorama photo of the world around you, and then renders it into a format that can be viewed in VR. This means that you can strap on your Daydream View, and relive those awesome moments, complete with audio and depth.

Here’s how to get the best photos with this app!

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Using Alexa Scenes to control your home like magic

How do I use Alexa Scenes?

Most connected home gadgets have a way to do things automatically or based on specific conditions. That’s the whole appeal after all: being able to automate parts of your life. That might be changing the color temperature in your living room when it’s time to watch a movie or maybe just making sure the cable box is set to a specific channel when you turn on your television. Either way, Amazon  [Read More…]

Using a heatsink can help with Daydream overheating

A heatsink can help with overheating problems.

Nobody wants to deal with problems when they are in the middle of an awesome VR game, but unfortunately from time to time they do occur. One of the most common issues for VR headsets that run off of a phone, is overheating. Your phone ends up working too hard and heating up too much, and when it hits a certain point, it will turn itself off, booting you out  [Read More…]

How to listen to audiobooks using Amazon Alexa

Setting up alexa to read your audiobooks is a breeze.

Talking to Alexa can make keeping organized easier, but it’s definitely useful for more than just an interactive to-do list and search engine. You can also use Alexa to listen to your Audiobooks when you’re ready to relax. We’ve got the details on how to get listening to your favorite books in no time.

Alexa can read audiobooks

Alexa on the Amazon Echo can connect  [Read More…]

Using Alexa Conversations to make calls

You can make calls through Alexa! But what does that actually mean?

Alexa Conversations is Amazon’s way of offering a way to contact other Alexa users with either your voice or an app, and it works great as long as you remember where everything is. It also helps if you have lots of friends and family who also use Alexa.

Want to send messages with Alexa? Here’s your guide!

Here’s a quick how-to on Alexa Conversations!

How  [Read More…]

What phone are you using right now, and why? [Roundtable]

See what phones the people write about phones for a living are using.

A perk of working for Android Central is that you get to use a lot of different phones throughout the year. Of course, we all have a favorite that we keep going back to or never want to switch away from. In that respect, we’re just regular smartphone users like everyone else!

With 2017 almost half finished, see which phones the AC staff is  [Read More…]

More Android phones are using encryption and lock screen security than ever before

An increasing number of people are making the right decisions.

We like to harp on security here from time to time, but it’s for good reason. Many often have a false sense of just how secure their private data is on their devices — that is, if they’re thinking about it at all. Your average smartphone user just wants to access the apps and people they care about, and not worry about security.

That’s why it was  [Read More…]

Using your phone on the job site: 5 apps for the hard worker

Work smarter with these five apps designed for the job site.

Android appeals to people from all walks of life. Your butcher, the young person at the register at Taco Bell, and all sorts of people you meet every day have an Android phone. That’s because a modern phone is totally a multi-tool and there’s an Android phone to fit everyone.

There are apps to fit everyone, too. We’re going to have a look at five of  [Read More…]

What keyboard are you using with your Galaxy S8?

The Galaxy S8 comes with a keyboard, but you may not want to use it.

There are so many keyboards available in the Play Store — sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with which one to download.

Things get confusing, especially for newer users, with the reality that most companies, from Samsung to LG to HTC, equips their phones with their own keyboards, often of very different quality.

Samsung’s built-in keyboard, the autocorrect algorithms of which are  [Read More…]