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Is Tello Mobile using cellular or VoIP for calls?

Best answer: Tello is a small carrier that relies on Sprint’s network for phone calls, and as such, uses cellular for its services. You can choose how many minutes you want each month, ranging from 100 up to unlimited.

Cellular calling: Tello (From $ 5/month at Tello) Great value: Google Pixel 3a ($ 399 at Amazon) Tello uses cellular, not VoIP

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Spotify is going to start using targeted advertising for podcasts

Spotify is on its way to becoming a podcast network.

What you need to know Spotify is going to start using targeted advertising for podcasts. Streaming Ad Insertion will target ads at podcast listeners based on user data. That includes age, gender, device and listening behavior.

Spotify is going to start using targeted advertising for podcasts, according to a report from The Verge.

The report notes:

Spotify is going to start using its copious amounts of user  [Read More…]

Google Duo is the best video calling service you’re not using

Google Duo has transformed into a robust video and audio messaging service.

Google’s messaging strategy has been an unmitigated disaster, with the search giant bouncing from service to service over the years as it tried to take on the likes of WhatsApp. Allo and Duo debuted in 2016 to lofty ambitions, but in typical Google fashion, both services were hobbled from the start. Allo didn’t have SMS integration, and there wasn’t a good enough reason to switch  [Read More…]

Fly this classic toy plane using just your smartphone

The drone revolution is finally here, but you don’t need to dish out a crazy amount of cash this holiday season in order to take to the skies.

This Moskito Smartphone-Controlled Plane with Joystick makes it easy to fly a classic toy airplane using intuitive gestures directly on your smartphone, and it’s currently available for over 10% off at just $ 42.99.

Great for both novice pilots and more seasoned drone experts alike, this intrepid smartphone-controlled plane is a must-have  [Read More…]

How Google built the Pixel 4’s Recorder app using machine learning

See all that you say, privately.

What you need to know Recorder for Pixel phones utilizes on-device machine learning to analyze and categorize audio recordings for archiving and searching. Recorder keeps these audio transcriptions off of the Internet by only using the processors built into your Pixel phone. Transcriptions can later be searched through by typing in the words or phrases said, and clicking on a word will take you to that point in the timeline.

Machine  [Read More…]

How to set up and start using WhatsApp for Android

Get familiar with one of Android’s biggest messaging apps.

When it comes to messaging apps on Android, few are as popular as WhatsApp. If you’re just getting started with it for the first time and need a few pointers on how to get everything set up, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s how to set up and start using WhatsApp for Android!

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How to easily share your Wi-Fi network with Android 10 using QR codes

Android 10 introduced a ton of new features for users, with some of the highlights being a dark mode and new gesture navigation. One lesser-known addition was that of QR codes for Wi-Fi, making it easier than ever to share your home network with guests. Need some help finding where the feature lives and learning how to use it? We’re here to help!

Products used in this guide Pure Android 10: Google Pixel 4 XL (From $ 847  [Read More…]

Here’s how to fix the most common issues when using Chromecast

The Google Chromecast is hands down my favorite tech innovation of the past decade. It’s one of the most affordable products you can buy that lets you easily stream media from your phone to your TV — as long as your Chromecast is set up and functioning properly. We’ve rounded up the best solutions for common Chromecast issues that you or a family member might be struggling with.

How to fix Chromecast connectivity issues

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See how Google is making Maps worth using if you’re a wheelchair user

Not everything Google touches is evil.

What you need to know Sasha Blair-Goldensohn on the Google Maps team is working to make the app more helpful for disabled people. Over 50,000,000 places in Google Maps now have accessibility information. The Local Guides community plays a big role in providing Google with this data.

Sometimes, with all the fuss about the things Google does poorly, we forget that it’s filled with people who want to make the world  [Read More…]

Your Google Home or Amazon Echo can be hacked using laser pointers

Phones are less susceptible to such attacks as they use voice authentication.

What you need to know Researchers have found that smart speakers such as Google Home and Amazon Echo can be hacked with the help of laser-powered “light commands.” Apart from smart speakers, Facebook’s Portal devices as well as smartphones can also be easily tricked by “light commands” from as far as a few hundred feet away. Researchers suggest smart speaker makers can fix this vulnerability  [Read More…]