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America’s four top carriers team up for Project Verify in an effort to eliminate app passwords

Keep forgetting your passwords to all your different accounts? Today we use so many different apps on our smartphones. And they each require us to log in with an account. But having so many different ones will eventually leave you frustrated as you struggle to remember password after password.

US carriers are well aware of this fact, so they have joined forces to create a solution. America’s biggest wireless providers – Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint – have teamed to  [Read More…]

TweetDeck for your browser now lets you verify images via Google

Knowing where Twitter’s images come from is a good thing.

With the rampant and almost revolutionary spread of fake things across the internet, TweetDeck has announced it’s added a feature that lets you verify the source behind an image before you react.

New! Click the 🔍 icon in the top right corner of an image in detail view to verify the source via Google. pic.twitter.com/w2gLXKuegC

— TweetDeck (@TweetDeck) May 31, 2017

It’s easy to use: hover  [Read More…]

Google confirms ‘Verify Apps’ can block apps with QuadRooter exploits

Latest exploit is roadblocked on 90% of Android devices, thanks to security feature enabled in Android 4.2.

QuadRooter is the latest big Android security scare — a collection of 4 vulnerabilities in Qualcomm-based Android gadgets that could allow a malicious app to gain root access, allowing it to do basically anything on an affected device.

Unlike last year’s Stagefright exploits, QuadRooter needs to be delivered in the form of an app, meaning you’d have to  [Read More…]

How to verify third party USB Type-C accessories won’t destroy your Nexus 6P, Pixel C and LG G5

The second half of 2015 brought Android users USB Type-C which is gaining traction each month. Some of the first devices to gain access to the fully reversible charging plug were the highly popular pure Android devices in the Nexus 6P and 5X from Google. In 2016 other devices gained USB Type-C support. The Google Pixel

YouTube will verify video from breaking events and make content discovery easier with Newswire

YouTube is rolling out three new initiatives, all aimed at bringing viewers the most relevant content to the breaking news topics they are looking for.

When breaking news happens, there is often tons of user footage that gets uploaded to the Internet and YouTube. Realizing that this trend is growing, with more than 5 million hours of news video watched daily on YouTube, the company is rolling out some new initiatives to “support the discovery and  [Read More…]