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Verizon and T-Mobile are accused by the FCC of bad coverage maps

In a rare rebuke, the government calls out the carriers and recommends action.

What you need to know The FCC was suspicious of coverage maps and conducted its own drive tests. Verizon, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular were all singled out for suspicion. The report recommends an Enforcement Advisory detailing consequences.

Wireless carriers are required to submit accurate coverage maps, and the keyword here is “accurate,” to the FCC so that public funds can be properly allocated to  [Read More…]

The best deals available at Verizon (November 2019)

As hard as it is to believe, we’re officially in the fourth quarter of the year. That’s right, the stretch of time where new phones show up and the discounts and promotions get really interesting.

Verizon Promos

Here, we highlight the savings and discounts that can be currently had at Verizon. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but what we think are the best from the carrier.

Verizon The best phones available at Verizon The best discounts and offers at Verizon  [Read More…]

Verizon offers up coverage maps for its 5G network

Verizon this week began offering coverage maps for its 5G network, giving customers a chance to see where its new high-speed data might be available.

Although it went months back, Verizon had been reluctant to provide any specific maps. And while it does make an effort to spell out the neighborhoods and landmarks for cities in its press releases, it’s different to actually view coverage.

If interested in seeing where Verizon 5G is offered, you can do so at the  [Read More…]

Verizon 5G network arrives in Boston, Houston, and Sioux Falls

Verizon on Tuesday announced that its 5G network has arrived for three more US cities. The latest markets to pick up super fast data speeds are Boston, Massachusetts, Houston, Texas and Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

As is the case with other US cities, Verizon’s 5G network doesn’t blanket the entire city and is instead focused on select areas, neighborhoods, and points of interest.

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Here’s how Verizon breaks out each of the new 5G cities:

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Verizon Stream TV set-top box with 4K HDR support goes on sale for $70

Stream TV buyers will get one month of free YouTube TV service.

What you need to know Verizon has launched a new set-top box called Stream TV with 4K HDR and Google Assistant support. The Stream TV runs on the Android TV platform and comes with the Disney+ app pre-installed. It is now available for purchase from Verizon for $ 70.

Verizon has quietly introduced its first set-top box based on Google’s Android TV platform, called Stream  [Read More…]

Binge watch Disney+ with these unlimited Verizon plans

Disney+ is here and Verizon is giving you a free year as long as you have one of its unlimited wireless or home internet plans. If you are a Disney fan and ready for a new unlimited cell plan, now might be the time to make the switch. Overall, the best plan for Disney+ on Verizon Wireless is the Play More Unlimited plan with its 720p video streaming and Apple Music included.

Best Overall: Play More Unlimited

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Do you have Verizon Unlimited? Get Disney+ for a year

The Disney+ subscription video service is here and it’s looking pretty cool. If you’ve got unlimited internet with Verizon you can get Disney+ for free for a year if you’ve got the right plan. As well as Disney content, Disney+ has content from Marvel, Lucasfilm, Fox, and National Geographic. Current or future Verizon customers, make sure you don’t miss out.

Which wireless plan do you need? Does it work with Fios and 5G Home? What’s the fine print?  [Read More…]

The mid-range Galaxy A70 is reportedly heading to Verizon

This flagship-eater cannibalizes some of Samsung’s flagship features

What you need to know Verizon will add the Samsung Galaxy A70 to its mid-range lineup, according to SamMobile. The Galaxy A70 has high-end specs, like an in-screen fingerprint sensor and 32MP camera. No other carriers have announced plans to carry this device or the upgraded Galaxy A70S.

Verizon will sell the intriguing Samsung Galaxy A70, according to a report by SamMobile. The Galaxy A70 is a mid-range phone  [Read More…]

Verizon 5G hits Dallas and Omaha

Verizon on Friday announced that its 5G network has arrived for parts of Dallas, Texas and Omaha, Nebraska. With these two cities the total number of markets with Verizon 5G has hit 15 in the US.

As we’ve seen with other cities and 5G rollout, it’s not like a blanket that covers these entire towns. Specifically, the 5G coverage can be found in the following areas:

Dallas, TX Concentrated in parts of Knox/Henderson, Downtown Dallas, Uptown, Medical Center Area, Deep  [Read More…]

How to unlock your Verizon phone

Verizon is one of the largest wireless service providers in the world and, as such, has a pretty strong grip on the mobile space. Indeed, it has had its share of exclusive phones over the years.

Why do carriers lock phones?

One of the main reasons that carriers lock phones down is to get customers to purchase device through them. In some cases you’ll find a particular model that’s exclusive to a network. In other words, you must buy the  [Read More…]