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Verizon starts sales of Pixel phones, but the Pixel XL 128GB is not available

Google’s brand new smartphone duo – the Pixel and Pixel XL – have just landed in brick and mortar Verizon stores. But if you were planning to purchase the 128GB version of the Pixel XL, you won’t like what we’re about to tell you next. Verizon’s Jeffrey Nelson announced in a Tweet the Pixel XL

Verizon Launches LG V20 and LG Stylo 2 V

Verizon just introduced two new LG-branded phones that are going to be sold under its banner. The high-end LG V20 and budget-friendly LG Stylo 2 V are available starting today online, but will be hitting brick and mortar stores on October 27. The LG V20 is currently being eyed by many, in the wake of

LG V20 available online at Verizon October 20 at a pretty reasonable price

The pricing saga of the LG V20 continues. After hearing from AT&T and T-Mobile on pricing ($ 830 and $ 769, respectively) and then from various retailers on the unlocked availability ($ 799), we now have Verizon’s offer, which is not only more reasonable, but available a week earlier than the rest of the country.

Starting October 20, the V20 will be sold on Verizon.com for $ 28 per month on a payment plan, or $ 672  [Read More…]

Verizon solemnly promises timely updates for Google Pixel and Pixel XL

Android enthusiasts welcomed the Google’s new pair of Pixel phones with open arms, but did not take too well to the news that apart from the unlocked versions, the handsets will be available exclusively under Verizon in the United States. Big Red doesn’t have a great track record of providing timely updates for its smartphones,

Verizon clarifies stance on Pixel updates, claims simultaneous OTA rollouts

A change of course, and a reason to still be hesitant.

Understanding how Verizon planned to handle the launch of Google’s new Pixel and Pixel XL, we laid down a stance that you should strongly consider buying your Pixel elsewhere — even if you planned to use it on Verizon. Since then, Verizon has clarified the situation, offering a statement to Android Central that makes things a bit less dire: it now claims that software updates will launch for  [Read More…]

AT&T and T-Mobile have suspended Note 7 sales, with Verizon up next [Updated]

Further reports of Note 7s catching fire or exploding continue to roll in. AT&T and T-Mobile have officially suspended sales of the Note 7 (again), and sources tell Android Central that Verizon has halted sales internally and will be announcing similar measures in the near future.

T-Mobile has also added its name to the chorus of companies ceasing Note 7 sales. CEO John Legere tweeted that “out of an abundance of caution for customers,” the company  [Read More…]

Verizon and T-Mobile also letting customers to replace Note 7 with other device

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall may have replaced defective devices with models that Samsung claims are safe, but some are worrying that there is still a risk of the devices exploding (at least a bigger risk than usual, as all lithium ion devices can explode).

There was recently an explosion of a replacement, safe Note 7 on a plane which caused an evacuation and an investigation. Why it started venting while off is a mystery and we hope to get some  [Read More…]

If you want a Pixel phone, don’t buy it from Verizon

When Google’s Pixel phones were announced, we found out that aside from Google’s own store, Verizon is the exclusive carrier to sell the models. How does this affect updates? Due to the open nature of Android, carriers and phone manufacturers are notorious for delaying important updates months or years later. Google confirmed that the updates

Daily brief: Samsung faces flat earnings, Verizon spends money on Pixels

It’s hard to go a full day without some big news regarding Samsung.

There’s a combination of news hits relating to the Galaxy Note 7, and none of it is good. Samsung Electronics released its earnings guidance (what it expects its numbers to look like) for Q3 2016, and both sales and operating profit are about flat from Q2 — that doesn’t bode well for its Q4, which is traditionally big thanks to the holiday buying  [Read More…]

Don’t buy your Google Pixel from Verizon

There’s basically no reason to buy the Pixel from Verizon.

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL are really solid phones. You can say they’re a bit on the spendy side considering how much cheaper the past few Nexus phones have been, but Google is clearly swinging for the fences here.

Part of that plan is a multi-pronged retail approach that includes partnering with Verizon in the U.S. to get the new Pixels out in stores and  [Read More…]