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Sorry, Verizon users: Bixby is even more crippled on the Galaxy S8

Adding insult to injury, half of Bixby Vision’s functionality doesn’t yet work if you’re on Big Red’s network.

We’re all a little bummed about Bixby. Samsung’s version of its virtual assistant isn’t everything we’d hoped it would be, especially from a company as big and as established as one of the world’s major smartphone manufacturers. And to make matters worse, Verizon users won’t be able to use half of the one part of Bixby that works — Bixby Vision.

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Moto Z2 Force won’t be exclusive to Verizon, 3.5mm jack making a comeback

The headphone jack is coming back to the Moto Z series.

According to the ever-reliable Evan Blass, the Moto Z2 Force won’t be exclusive to Verizon, with the phone set to be available on T-Mobile and Sprint. With no exclusivity contract in place like last year, the phone could be offered unlocked directly from Motorola as well. We’ve known as much considering Sprint was using the device during its Gigabit LTE trials.

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Complete List of Verizon MVNOs

If you like Verizon’s coverage but not its prices, check out an MVNO.

A mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) is an “alternative carrier” that leases coverage from one of the “Big Four” carriers (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile) and sells it for less. If one of the Big Four has excellent coverage in your area, but you’re looking for something a little cheaper, then consider going with an MVNO.

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Verizon is offering trade-in deals on your favorite tech accessories

Verizon wants to help upgrade your tech accessories this April.

Carriers frequently offer trade-in deals to upgrade your smartphone, but Verizon is looking to extend that offer to some popular accessories by offering a pretty sweet trade-in deal on select products.

Running until the end of April, you can get a $ 30 Visa prepaid card when you spend over $ 149.99 on a new smart thermostat, fitness tracker, or speakers and recycle your old gear. With  [Read More…]

Verizon defends itself, says controversial AppFlash can easily be disabled

A few days ago, we told you of Verizon’s intention of sending out an update to its subscriber Android phones that will add a new app called AppFlash. The software, created in partnership with the company behind the popular Evie launcher, aims to help users find things more easily on the phone. But there’s an […]

Verizon partners up with Evie to put spyware on its Android phones

If you loathe all the junk that comes pre-installed on the Android phones sold by America’s biggest carrier – Verizon – you’re really going to dislike the next piece of information. It looks like the startup behind the Evie launcher has partnered up with Verizon to introduce a new product called AppFlash. AppFlash will soon […]

Nougat is officially rolling out for the Verizon HTC 10

Big Red finally joins the rest of ’em in updating last year’s HTC flagship.

Verizon HTC 10 users, feeling a little left out? Everyone else, including T-Mobile and Sprint, have received their update to Nougat. The good news is that today is your day, as Verizon has started rolling out the update to Android 7.1.

Here’s the changelog, straight from the source:

Software Version: Build Number: 2.41.605.12

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Verizon HTC 10′s Nougat update will begin rolling out on March 30

A few months after the unlocked version of the HTC 10 began receiving its Android Nougat update, it’s the Verizon model’s turn to update.

The Verizon HTC 10 will begin receiving its Nougat update this Thursday, March 30. That’s according to HTC’s Mo Versi, who said today that the update has received technical approval and is ready for public consumption.

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The LG K20 V and Samsung J7 V are coming to Verizon to provide low-cost options

Starting this morning, Verizon prepaid and post-paid customers can now pick up two new phones from LG and Samsung. While these phones aren’t the flagships stealing headlines the last few months, they do provide some nice low-cost options for customers that aren’t looking to spend an entire paycheck on a new phone.   The first […]

Save $30 when you buy 2 Google Homes from Verizon

Intelligent speakers shouldn’t be confined to just one room of your house.

Verizon has been pushing its offering of accessories and smart home products quite a bit recently, and its latest deal will give you two Google Homes for $ 229. That’s $ 115 each … or one at $ 130, with the second one at $ 100. Hey, any way you slice it, you’re saving $ 30 when you buy two Google Homes, and that’s a really solid  [Read More…]