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Verizon rings in May with $50 discount on Moto 360 (2015)

Verizon is ready to kick off the month off May with a solid discount on the Moto 360 (2015) and Moto 360 Sport. Throughout the month-long sale, Verizon says you’ll be able to score either of Moto’s latest smartwatches at $ 50 off.

For those keeping track, the sale will drop the highest-priced 46mm Moto 360 with a metal band down to $ 350, while the Moto 360 Sport will move down to $ 250. Smaller models  [Read More…]

AT&T vs. Verizon: Best family plan

Comparing data, to minutes, to cost, to perks, which carrier is right for your family?

Wireless carriers don’t necessarily make it easy for you to compare between their services. They all offer data, and minutes, and messaging, but the small details between them can mean a big difference on your monthly bill.

Choosing a shared plan for your family is a big decision. When you’re shopping between AT&T and Verizon it’s important to know how much  [Read More…]

Verizon reports $32.2 billion in revenue, nets 640,000 postpaid additions in Q1 2016

Verizon has announced its Q1 2016 earnings with $ 32.2 billion in total operating revenue coming in, of which $ 22 billion came from the wireless end of the business. The carrier was also able to add 640,000 postpaid net additions, which is a low-volume quarter for them. Customer retention remained solid at Verizon, with its retail postpaid churn as low as 0.96%, a huge improvement year over year.

The carrier notes some of the other  [Read More…]

Verizon outlines HTC 10 pre-order details

Verizon Wireless on Tuesday confirmed it will begin offering pre-orders of the HTC 10 starting from April 29. The actual launch of the handset is not expected until some time in early May; Verizon did not outline a hard date. Moreover, it’s not clear what price Verizon plans to tap the phone with as it

HTC 10 pre-orders kick off at Verizon on April 29

Verizon Wireless will begin taking pre-orders for the upcoming HTC 10 on Friday, April 29. It will also show off the smartphone in its retail stores on that same date for hands-on previews.

Verizon has not yet announced a price point for their version of the HTC 10, nor has it revealed a specific date for when shipments will start and in-store sales will begin for the phone. However, the carrier does claim that it will be  [Read More…]

Verizon offers up to 2GB of extra data when you use Android Pay

Verizon customers who use Android Pay are in for a bit of a treat. The carrier is offering up to 2GB of free data when you use Android Pay in stores with your Verizon phone. That data will be available to you for two billing cycles.

From Verizon:

Starting today, you can enjoy 2 GB of free Verizon data, good for two billing cycles, when using Android Pay. Simply open the app to get started. Tap anywhere in stores  [Read More…]

Verizon pushes security patch update to the Moto X 2014

Verizon is now rolling out an update to the Moto X (2014) that brings along the latest Android security patches. There doesn’t look to be anything else included in the update, with Verizon simply listing the following:

The current software update gives you the most up to date Android security patch on your device.

Once updated, users should find themselves patched with the latest batch of vulnerability fixes from the folks at Google. However, given the update only just began  [Read More…]

Grab an unlocked Verizon Galaxy Note 4 for just $299 at eBay

If you act quick you can snag an unlocked Verizon Galaxy Note 4 for just $ 299 at eBay. The listing is for a brand-new Note 4, model N910V, with 32GB of storage and will work on Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. While not the latest offering from Samsung, this is still quite a deal and makes for a great choice for just about anyone. The Note 4 does offer a microSD card slot to add more storage  [Read More…]

Verizon now pushing Marshmallow for Galaxy S6 edge+, small update for Note 5

If you have a Galaxy S6 edge+ on Verizon, you’ll want to check your phone for an update as the carrier is now pushing Marshmallow out. In addition, Verizon is pushing a small update out for the Note 5 to address some connectivity issues. The Galaxy S6 edge+ update brings a number of big changes, some of which include:

This software update brings the latest Android Marshmallow OS along with improvements to Live broadcast and Edge panel,  [Read More…]

Exclusive: get 3 months of HBO NOW free from Verizon

Get ready for the season premieres of Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, Veep and more, because Verizon and HBO are teaming up to provide an exclusive three-month offer of HBO NOW. When customers switch to Verizon, upgrade or activate a new line, they receive the offer included with their purchase. With HBO NOW, you get