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Verizon reveals new unlimited data plan

Unlimited data plans are back at big red, and the prices don’t suck.

Verizon took the wraps off of a new data plan that gives customers unlimited data, talk, and text for $ 80 on a single line. Four lines can all get the same unlimited deal for $ 45 per line.

Of course, they mean alternate-unlimited like every other carrier does and you might get throttled at 22GB. We’re told it shouldn’t happen often, though.

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LG Watch Style and Sport now available at Google Store, Best Buy, Verizon, and AT&T

The LG Watch Style and LG Watch Sport are now available for purchase in a variety of places. You can get the LG Watch Style from the Google Store and Best Buy, while the LG Watch Sport is available from the Google Store, Verizon, and AT&T.

The pair of watches are the first to launch with Android Wear 2.0. The Style is the cheaper of the two at $ 249.99 and available in titanium, silver, and rose gold. It’s very light  [Read More…]

Verizon now offers same-day screen repairs for select Samsung and Motorola phones

It usually takes a simple moment of inattention to drop your phone on the floor – the end result being a horribly cracked display. Well Verizon knows many of us have slippery hands, so it is looking to make it easier for us to get over this stressful situation with a new protection plan. Big […]

Open Signal: Verizon and T-Mobile are in a virtual tie for the best network in the U.S.

Verizon is a little bit faster, and T-Mobile’s network is growing like a weed.

Open Signal has released their State of Mobile Networks: USA report and they say Verizon has now tied T-Mobile for the fastest carrier in the United States, and the results are so close between the two that they are virtually tied for the “best.”

Using data collected from 169,683 users, 4,599,231,167 data points were used to measure network speeds on both 4G and  [Read More…]

Verizon to start selling new LG Watch Sport and exclusive Wear24 smartwatch soon

Verizon just announced it will be offering two brand new Android Wear 2.0 smartwatches soon. Following Android Wear 2.0’s official announcement today, Verizon said the all-new LG Watch Sport and exclusive Wear24 smartwatch are the latest products added to its portfolio. Both wearable come equipped with cellular connectivity, so users will be able to receive […]

Verizon is now making its own Android Wear smartwatch, the Wear24

Verizon is offering its own smartwatch, because why not?

Riding on the news of the the LG Watch Sport being announced, Verizon is also releasing a self-branded exclusive smartwatch running Android Wear 2.0 called the Wear24. Much like its own Ellipsis tablets, the Wear24 watch is a less-expensive option that Verizon can offer without managing a partnership for a big brand name company.

The Wear24 in many ways shares design traits with the LG Watch Sport  [Read More…]

HTC and Verizon supposedly ready to start testing Snapdragon 835 flagship

While yesterday’s leaked screenshot depicting the About Phone section on an alleged HTC 11 phone was a fake, it still doesn’t change the fact that HTC has indeed plans to deliver a Snapdragon 835 chipset-powered smartphone at some point in time. In a recent interview, the company’s President of Smartphones and Connected Devices, Chialin Chang […]

Verizon offers free Daydream VR headsets to make up for tardy Pixel XL deliveries

We’ve been telling you over the past few months that the 128GB Pixel XL proved to be quite popular with users everywhere. To the extent that it’s extremely hard to get your hands on 128GB Pixel XL these days. We previously reported that customers who ordered a Pixel XL from Verizon in November will have […]

These are the best deals you’ll find on phones, wearables, and accessories at Verizon

Time to purchase a new smartphone? Is this an upgrade from an existing device? We want to help you out either way. To save you money, we’ve gathered up all of the promotions we could find from Verizon. Regardless of where you’re thinking of going for service, or what phone you are looking to pick up,

Verizon debuts new $15 Unlimited Together plan with unlimited calling to select countries

Keeping in touch just got a little cheaper.

Verizon has a new plan option for people who make calls outside the U.S. dubbed Unlimited Together – World. The $ 15 monthly add-on provides unlimited voice calling minutes to landlines in over 70 countries and unlimited calling minutes to mobile numbers in over 40 countries. Additionally, rates are discounted for calls in over 160 other countries. Verizon’s VP of Marketing Rob Miller comments:

Talking with family and friends  [Read More…]