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The LG K20 V and Samsung J7 V are coming to Verizon to provide low-cost options

Starting this morning, Verizon prepaid and post-paid customers can now pick up two new phones from LG and Samsung. While these phones aren’t the flagships stealing headlines the last few months, they do provide some nice low-cost options for customers that aren’t looking to spend an entire paycheck on a new phone.   The first […]

Save $30 when you buy 2 Google Homes from Verizon

Intelligent speakers shouldn’t be confined to just one room of your house.

Verizon has been pushing its offering of accessories and smart home products quite a bit recently, and its latest deal will give you two Google Homes for $ 229. That’s $ 115 each … or one at $ 130, with the second one at $ 100. Hey, any way you slice it, you’re saving $ 30 when you buy two Google Homes, and that’s a really solid  [Read More…]

Ordering the LG G6 from Verizon might get you a free 43-inch smart TV

We previously reported that customers in the US interested in placing a pre-order for the LG G6 will also receive a Google Home speaker free of charge. Well according to a leaked document obtained by Android Central, that’s not all folks interested in acquiring a LG G6 will be able to get for free. With […]

LG G6 pre-orders at Verizon start March 17 for $672 with three great promo deals

And a free Google Home is just one of the promos Verizon is offering with pre-orders.

We just got a hot tip about the Verizon LG G6 from one of those people who are close to the action and it looks like pre-orders will be cranking up this week and everyone can get in on a great promo!

According to this quick pic of some Verizon internal materials, pre-orders start Friday, March 17 for the LG G6. It appears  [Read More…]

LG G6 arrives at Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint between April 7-10

The LG G6 was unveiled at MWC 2017 and immediately after – on March 2 – the company made it available for pre-order for customers in South Korea. But how about the rest of the world, you might wonder? When are LG fans in the US going to be able to grab the device. Well […]

Verizon finally releases Nougat for the Galaxy S7

Verizon’s update means the Big Four have all brought their Galaxy S7 into Nougat country.

The Nougat update for your Verizon Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge is available for downloading. If you haven’t received a notification about its availability yet, you can manually check through the device settings and you should be good to go. For a refresher on what to expect with Nougat on the S7, we’ve got a handy video!

Verizon reminds  [Read More…]

There are 32 million reasons why Verizon needs to step away from Yahoo!

With three Yahoo! data breaches revealed in just six months, it’s time for Verizon to just move on.

Yahoo, a company being snapped up by Verizon as soon as regulators give it the green light, has detailed yet another data breach and this time there are 32 million lucky winners. This is the third announcement of its kind we’ve heard from Yahoo in just six months, to wit: the September 2016 announcement where we learned that 500  [Read More…]

Verizon really is updating the Droid Turbo 2

Good on you for keeping your promises, Verizon.

One of the big guarantees that came with the Droid Turbo 2 was software updates, which was a big deal after so many Droid Turbo owners felt left out when all of the other phones released at the same time were updated so quickly. Verizon’s Turbo 2 push was a big deal in stores, but it’s been a long time in smartphone years since those days and Motorola isn’t  [Read More…]

Verizon takes top spot in latest RootMetrics nationwide report

Another carrier report, another win for Verizon… but the gap is closing

T-Mobile’s been jumping up and down claiming it’s the best network now, pointing to an OpenSignal report in some of its most recent bragging. This week, we have another report from RootMetrics, which claims, as it has claimed for a while now, that Verizon is still top dog nationally in each of their six categories. So, who’s right? Who’s wrong? Who’s best? Who’s worst?

Well, like a  [Read More…]

Verizon intros new 2GB for $40 prepaid plan

Verizon is expanding its low-cost prepaid plan range by introducing a new option meant to cater to those on the budget. Big red just introduced a new 2GB plan for $ 40 which includes unlimited talk and text within the US. The bundle includes postpaid-specific features like Always-On Data which allows customers to continue using the […]