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Instagram’s ‘Explore’ tab gets more personal with recommended video channels

Finding videos you like in Instagram should now be a little easier thanks to the latest update to the app’s Explore section. When browsing Explore, you’ll now see “Picked for You” channels loaded with videos based on your favorite topics.

From Instagram:

Diverse communities flourish on Instagram — from comedians and bakers to skateboarders and hip-hop dancers. Now, you’ll see new channels filled with the best videos from around the world based on topics  [Read More…]

Tumblr joins the rush to offer live video streaming support

The micro-blogging service Tumblr is the latest to join the trend of offering live video streaming support for its audience. The new feature will roll out later today.

Tumblr says:

By the end of today, you’ll be able to broadcast yourself directly into your followers’ dashboards. And they’ll be able to broadcast themselves directly into yours. We trust you all to be beautiful, weird, compelling, and just generally Tumblr about this whole thing.

Live videos can  [Read More…]

B&H Photo Video: $299 ZTE Axon Pro 64GB with bonus $75 gift card

Just a few short days after running one of the best Nexus 5X promotions we’ve ever seen, B&H Photo Video is back with another killer deal. Today sees the retailer offering the ZTE Axon Pro 64GB smartphone for a mere $ 299. And, as if that weren’t enough of a savings, you’ll also get a $ 75 gift

Best Chrome extensions for watching video

Watching videos is better on Chrome when you use these browser extensions!

Chrome is a great browser, but it’s the apps and extensions that really make Chrome shine brighter than the competition.

If you’re addicted to watching videos — whether on YouTube, Netflix, or any other video service — we’ve got a collection of great Chrome apps and extensions designed to enhance your experience.

Turn Off The Lights Google Cast VideoStream for Google Chromecast Flix Plus  [Read More…]

You can now reply to comments on Facebook with a video

If you’re an avid Facebook user, you’ll be glad to know that the social network has enabled video replies to posts and status updates. The camera icon — which let you add photos in replies — now allows you to record and share videos as comments.

The feature was developed at Facebook’s 50th Hackathon, and is now available to all users worldwide:

At Facebook’s 50th Hackathon early this year, we prototyped the ability to upload a  [Read More…]

If you care about 3D 360 video, VUZE camera is probably what you want!

You could compare it to other 360-degree cameras, but you’d be wrong!

There’s a lot of excitement surrounding Virtual reality right now, and one of the side effects of that explosive consumer force is a blending of technical terms. Nobody wants to need a new dictionary of terms to define products, so when companies start selling a 360-degree camera and then calling the recording VR video, there’s no great urge to correct anyone. After all, with  [Read More…]

Android apps on your Chromebook: Here’s the video you’ve been waiting for

One of the most popular sessions from Google I/O 2016 was also one of the most limited when it came to seats. We’re talking about the announcement of Android apps on Chrome OS. It also wasn’t available online — until today.

The video does a great job at describing how Android apps will run on your Chromebook, and most everything the layman would want to know about compatibility, security and how the two systems will  [Read More…]

University students take on 360-degree video with VR film contest

As the interest round VR and 360-degree video heats up, students from the Rhode Island School of Design and New York University are competing in a “first-of-its-kind” VR film contest. Sponsored by 360fly, the contest has 22 finalist submissions that you can check out on YouTube below.

To film the videos, shot and edited the footage via a 360fly camera and its accompanying app. Students could then submit the films to the following categories for a shot at winning  [Read More…]

Duo is Google’s attempt at the most human video chat service ever

Video chat needs to escape its current social limitations, and Duo is the first attempt.

The act of communicating in real time through video hasn’t really changed in nearly 20 years. Two devices with the same software initiate a connection, you wait for the video to load, and if you’re lucky the connection is good enough for a conversation to happen at a close to real world cadence. The technology surrounding  [Read More…]

Google I/O Day 3 video roundup — political data, ATAP, and security for all

Take a deep dive into the topics that matter.

Google’s three-day developer festival has been a massive success, due in no small part to the sheer volume of knowledge the company has stuffed into the Shoreline Amphitheater and its surrounding tent spaces. Not every session was livestreamed this year, and even if they were it’d be impossible to watch them all at the same time. Not to worry, every session was  [Read More…]