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YouTube enables 4K live video streaming for all

Quadruple the resolution for your streaming needs.

Though you’ve been able to upload (and of course watch) 4K resolution video on YouTube for years now, the world’s most popular video hosting service is now enabling live streaming in the new higher resolution, including 360-degree videos. From the viewer’s perspective nothing will change, aside from the fact that live videos will now have the same option to bump up to 4K resolution as when you’re watching a  [Read More…]

UMi Plus E: Ultimate performance of battery life (Video)

These days, when people go for faster and better performance of smartphones and more apps running at the same time, there is one pain point that can hardly be ignored: the performance of battery life. UMI, a company that is constantly digging deeper into the customer needs with a close look of the latest technology, worked really hard

AT&T has three new streaming video packages designed for the cord cutter

Something Direct this way comes.

AT&T has three new streaming services on the way that will let you stream content without having any TV subscriptions or set-top equipment. The new DirecTV Now, FreeVIEW and Fullscreen packages offer network TV as well as cable channels, plus made-for-digital content that you can stream from your computer, phone, tablet or smart TV anytime you like as often as you like.

Think of these services as digital cable TV that  [Read More…]

This is the lowest price we’ve seen for the Ring Video Doorbell!

Amazon currently has Ring’s Video Doorbell for just $ 125, which happens to be the lowest price we’ve ever seen for it. This $ 75 savings makes it even more affordable to easily tell who is at the door without even having to get up from your couch. Using its app, the Ring doorbell can show you video and let you interact with the people at your door from your phone or even computer. You’ll be able to see who  [Read More…]

Instagram gains live video and Snapchat-like disappearing photos features

Popular image-centric app Instagram just received an update, adding a host of new, useful features. After teasing the feat earlier this month, Instagram announced the new live video feature is official in the app’s Stories section. Other novelties include dispreading photos and video in direct messages and group chats. Instagram Stories debuted in August allowing

Instagram borrows from Facebook, Snapchat with live video, expiring photos

What’s old is new again with Instagram’s latest update.

Instagram is beginning to roll out some new features that will seem oddly familiar to Snapchat users and fans of Facebook live videos. In its latest update, Instagram has added live video to Instagram Stories, along with disappearing images and videos in direct messages to friends and groups.

The update has yet to reach all users, but when it does you’ll find the new live video option  [Read More…]

Google Pixel vs. Galaxy S7 video stabilization test: Does OIS make a difference?

How does the Pixel’s crazy gyro-based stabilization compare to the Galaxy S7’s OIS?

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Google Pixel take radically different approaches to stabilizing your videos. On the GS7, you’ve got traditional optical image stabilization — a hardware feature that cushions the camera module to make video more stable, while also helping out with still shots in darker conditions. In addition, there’s traditional software-based video stabilization available in the Settings menu.

On the Pixel,  [Read More…]

WhatsApp announces video calling for its customers

WhatsApp announced a new video calling feature today for more than a billion users. It will roll out “in the coming days” to iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. The company has been beta testing this feature over the past several months to make sure it’s ready for prime time. Video calling has been a popular

WhatsApp officially launches video calling

Major new feature rolling out ‘in the coming days.’

A few weeks after WhatsApp added video calling to its beta channel, the Facebook-owned chat platform has announced that it’s ready for stable roll-out. The new version will reach WhatsApp users on Android, iOS and Windows “in the coming days.”

As we covered when the feature was in beta, video calls in WhatsApp require both users be on the latest version of the app, with the interface  [Read More…]

Google Home vs. Amazon Echo: Video head-to-head!

How do you choose between Google Home and Amazon Echo? Start by listening.

Now that Google Home has been presented to the world as a genuinely good, but still kind of basic, alternative to Amazon Echo, there’s a lot of folks out there wondering which of these systems is the one they should be setting up in their homes or giving as gifts this year.

There’s no easy answer here, for a couple of reasons.  [Read More…]