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ASUS video showcases ZenFone 3 Laser’s insanely fast laser autofocus

ASUS has posted a new video which showcases the insane speeds of the laser autofocus in the ZenFone 3 Laser. Much like on the ZenFone 2 line, ASUS makes the Laser line stand out with its lightning-fast auto-focus to improve the quality of the pictures that you can capture with the phone. The ZenFone 3 line was first debuted back at Computex, and not much has been said about them since.

From the video’s description:

ZenFone 3 Laser  [Read More…]

Moto G4 Review: No longer a game-changer (Video)

Before Lenovo bought Motorola from Google in 2014, the company created a few very interesting lines of phones under the Moto brand that sought to change the way we buy phones. One of these is the Moto G line, that was introduced a few years ago and offered an very reliable and speedy phone for less than $ 200

Check out our Galaxy Note 7 hands-on video!

There’s a lot more to this phone than just a Galaxy S7 edge with an S Pen.

The Galaxy Note 7 is a killer phone, and it’s coming to many parts of the world in the next few weeks. To get you in the mood, here’s our hands-on preview video for you to watch — anytime, anywhere.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 hands-on preview The latest Galaxy Note 7 news! Here are all four  [Read More…]

Video: 11 minutes of the flat Galaxy Note 7 we may never know

Prototype Korean Note 7 shown in Chinese video — but don’t expect this model to ever go on sale.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is almost upon us, with launch events scheduled for Aug. 2 in London and New York. And if all the rumors are to be believed, it’ll sport an S7 edge-like curved screen — the first Note to do so in two years.

That’s a bone of contention for some Note fans, who’ve been reassured  [Read More…]

Nextbit Robin gains limited-edition ‘Ember” color, video backups

The cloud-based Nextbit Robin is getting a new ember color variant as part of a limited run for the smartphone. Sold via nextbit.com, the phone is available for $ 299 and works with AT&T, T-Mobile, and other global GSM networks. Additionally, Nextbit is enhancing the software to include video backups as part of its feature set.

Check out our video review of the Moto Z and Moto Z Force!

For those who aren’t down with the written word, we’ve got 6-plus minutes of Moto Z in moving pictures for you. From the streets to New York to … streets that are in other places … we’ll take you inside Moto’s latest flagship (and its Verizon-exclusive counterpart), plus its Moto Mods, and get to the most important question of all:

Is this something you should spend your hard-earned money on?

Amazon Video now lets you download TV and movies to your SD card

Amazon has updated its Video app for Android, making it easier for customers to take their favorite movies and TV shows with them wherever they go. Customers can now download videos to their SD cards, giving them more flexibility for offline viewing.

This new capability is available for both purchased video and Prime Video. Videos can be downloads to an SD card on a per-item basis, or the card can also be selected as a default  [Read More…]

YouTube to stream Republican and Democratic conventions in 360-degree video

If watching traditional coverage of the upcoming Democratic and Republican National Conventions sounds a little too ho-hum, you’ll get the chance to spice things up this year with VR. YouTube has announced that it will be providing live streams of both conventions with 360-degree video.

Additionally, YouTube plans to put popular content creators to work with added coverage from the convention floors:

Look out for coverage from The Young Turks, Complex News, Seeker Daily, Ingrid Nilsen, Mark  [Read More…]

AndroidGuys deal of the day: 10 video games a month for 12 months for just $140

I have to admit that today’s AndroidGuys deal of the day is pretty sweet for gamers. For $ 139.99, at a savings of 60%, you can get 12 months of video game bundles delivered to your computer. Steamcrate sends you 10 random games each month that are yours to keep. Forever. Every month you’ll experience a

Google’s latest update for Hangouts lets you record and send video messages

Google has begun rolling out an update on the Play Store for the company’s Hangouts app, which is said to add support for recording and firing off video messages. According to Phandroid, the update will bump the app up to version 11, adding the ability for up to a minute of video to be recorded in a conversation.

With the update installed, you’ll be able to fire out video files to contacts, ideal if you wish  [Read More…]