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Motorola video shows why you should choose to start with the new affordable Moto E

Motorola has released a new video to highlight the launch of its second generation Moto E. The affordable, yet powerful Android smartphone is priced for those who are simply seeking a rock solid, yet affordable experience or are new to the platform altogether. The 2015 model ensures the Moto E keeps up with the times.

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Fantastic new LG G Flex 2 info video released

If you weren’t interested in LG’s G Flex successor before, you might want to take a gander at their new informative video on YouTube highlighting all of the curved phone’s new features.

LG showcases everything about the phone from the 5.5 inch curved 1080p P-OLED display, powered by the 64-bit octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor, to the durable body and glass that can withstand much more than other phones, including its upgraded self-healing back cover.

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Latest G Flex 2 video is all about the curve

LG served up a new video extolling the curved form factor of the G Flex 2. In the video, LG mentions that the reduction in size from the original G Flex to the G Flex 2 – which saw the screen go from 6 inches to 5.5 inches – was done to maximize comfort and provide the “most ideal screen size.” The handset vendor also mentioned that the curve adds to the durability of the device, with LG’s  [Read More…]

LG Watch Urbane video highlights the classic design of the smartwatch

LG rolled out its first video for the Watch Urbane, the manufacturer’s latest smartwatch. The all-metal watch which will be available in gold and silver trims, with LG stating that the Watch Urbane is the closest we’ll come to seeing an analog watch face on an Android Wear-powered smartwatch.

Samsung releases promo video for the upcoming Galaxy S6

On the lead up to the release of the Galaxy S6 at Samsungs Unpacked event, a new promo video has been released teasing the flagship device. Whilst specific images or details do not appear in the video, it does give some teasers as to what we can expect.

Tomorrow, metals will flow, beauty will be powerful, borders will disappear, reflections will be free, colors will live, the future will be the present.

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Samsung continues to tease ‘The Next Galaxy’ in new video

Samsung continued its online teaser campaign for “The Next Galaxy” earlier today with a Twitter post and video that seems to have a shapes and materials theme. This campaign is being launched ahead of the company’s expected announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S6 in just a couple of weeks at MWC 2015.

LG G Flex 2 video walkthrough

The LG G Flex 2 is close at hand, with the second-gen flexible phone’s recent arrival in Asia, and a U.S. launch slated for early March. We’ve got the phone in our hands, and we’re in the process of preparing our full review.

In the meantime, we’ve put together a quick video walkthrough reflecting our first few days with the G Flex 2, and you’ll find it embedded down below…

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Keep an eye out for visitors with the DoorBird Video Doorbell

Bird Home Automation has announced the DoorBird Video Doorbell, a new smart doorbell for connected homes. This doorbell includes a video camera and connects to your Android device, letting you see and communicate with people outside your home no matter where you are using either Wi-Fi or a cellular connection. The DoorBird will be compatible with a number of smart home devices, possibly including the Nest as well as a number of standards, such as Apple’s  [Read More…]

Microsoft confirms its purchase of Sunrise via a video interview with its co-founder

Update: Microsoft has now officially posted word that it has bought Sunrise and that video has gone live once again.

Original story: Microsoft has now confirmed earlier reports that it has acquired the Sunrise calendar app. The company did this via a video on its YouTube channel which has since been set as “private”. It shows Pierre Valade, the co-founder of Sunrise, being interviewed by Microsoft’s “chief storyteller” Steve Clayton. The video also features Javier Soltero,  [Read More…]

Google trialling Hangouts-based video chat support for Nexus, Chromebook shoppers

Google Play is a great resource for buying devices straight from the source, but because Google doesn’t have its own retail stores, customers can’t really speak face-to-face to a Google employee and get answers to any questions that they may have. That’s changing now.

Google is now testing a live video chat service that’ll connect you with a Google Device Expert over a Hangouts-based service. The service is available between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm PT and can be used  [Read More…]