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Video: Google I/O 2017 impressions from the AC editors

It’s been a busy couple of days in Mountain View, with big announcements from Google around Android, VR, AR, AI and other acronyms. Google I/O is a platform for developers, enthusiasts and journalist to learn about what’s next from the company, and this year’s event continued many of the trends that Google kicked off in 2016: virtual reality, with the unveiling of Daydream 2.0 and standalone headsets from HTC and Lenovo.

Google Assistant became more capable with new regional  [Read More…]

Nokia 9 with dual camera briefly spotted in alleged official video

At MWC 2017, Nokia introduced three affordable new Android smartphones, but the company is expected to launch more models until the end of the year. Like the Nokia 8 and the Nokia 9 – whose names already surfaced online a few times. Now Nokia’s purported upcoming models might have just been showed off in a […]

Watch our HTC U11 hands-on video preview!

Is squeezing your phone the next big thing in mobile? HTC certainly thinks so. Its new flagship phone, the U11, is built around this simple but convenient gesture.

But this phone is much more than just a quirky, gimmicky shortcut feature. There’s also a beautiful, shimmering, liquid glass design encasing hardware that’ll provide all the power you crave — along with upgraded camera and audio hardware.

As the name suggests, this is the direct successor to the 10, but  [Read More…]

Video: Everything you need to know about the Galaxy S8’s camera

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has taken some heat for not changing much in its cameras compared to last year’s S7. But if you only focus the hardware, you miss the big picture on this phone.

The S8’s camera has a ton of software features, plus new image processing chops thanks to Samsung’s “multi-frame” photography. Bottom line: There’s a lot you can do lot this camera, but it’s easy to miss some of these features if you don’t know where  [Read More…]

Amazon launches Echo Show with video chat

Your relationship with Alexa just got a lot more personal.

Amazon just launched its latest gadget in the personal assistant line. The Echo Show is a $ 230 stand-alone touch screen device that is designed exclusively for Alexa. Now, when you ask Alexa to order that doll house, you’ll see what it looks like first.

The Show, which houses a 7-inch touch sensitive screen and two Dolby front-facing speakers, as well as eight microphones, can hear your  [Read More…]

For or against, this is the one net neutrality video you should probably watch

Three years ago, John Oliver of Last Week Tonight made an impassioned plea for people to throw their support behind a movement that would eventually enshrine U.S. net neutrality rules under so-called Title II protections, which would classify internet service providers as public utilities and regulate them accordingly.

Now that Ajit Pai, the new chairman of the FCC, has made clear his own intention to repeal Title II and roll back many of the protections afforded consumers from ISP malfeasance,  [Read More…]

Video: The best Android phone in spring 2017

Since it launched late last year, the Google Pixel has been our pick for best Android phone. And, assuming you can actually find it, it’s still a great option. But with a new generation of phones comes a new overall champion. And right now, in spring 2017, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the best Android phone you can buy.

Whether you’re looking at the 5.8-inch Galaxy S8 or the 6.2-inch S8+, these are two phones that feel like they’ve  [Read More…]

UMIDIGI’s C Note is not as frail as the Galaxy S8 – video

While the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a gorgeous device, it’s far from being perfect. One aspect that has raised some criticism is that because the handset is made almost entirely out of glass, the Galaxy S8 is extremely fragile. But Chinese device maker UMIDIGI wants to show us that a beautiful phone doesn’t always have […]

Never miss another delivery with the Ring Video Doorbell Pro for just $200

Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time with a great savings on the Ring Video Doorbell Pro!

Thrifter deal alert! Who’s that knocking at the door? Oh, just a $ 50 savings on the awesome Ring Video Doorbell Pro? Well, come on in, don’t be shy. This savings drops the video doorbell to its lowest price yet, coming in at just $ 199.99. With the Video Doorbell Pro you’ll be able to not only see who is  [Read More…]

Moto G5 Plus video review: The best cheap Android phone!

A good, cheap smartphone. That’s been the MO of the Moto G series since the very beginning — a phone that doesn’t cost the earth, but also doesn’t come with a bunch of nasty compromises. This year, the line is led by the Moto G5 Plus — and it might just be the best inexpensive Android phone you can buy.

In the Moto G5 Plus, Motorola has finally arrived at an almost perfect balance of features and price. For  [Read More…]