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Video: Closer look at Sony Tablet S and Tablet P – European release announced


It may have taken Sony a while, but its tablets are definitely the most interesting-looking Honeycomb devices. Not only is Sony now fully jumping onto the Android bandwagon, but the electronics giant is also not afraid of taking some risks. Offering some interesting form-factors, Sony plans to stand out from the crowd by bringing a wedge-shaped (folded magazine-inspired) tablet, as well as a dual-screen one that folds open.

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Is this the next version of HTC Sense? [VIDEO]


HTC was the first manufacturer to heavily customize (or “skin”) Android, and the Taiwanese manufacturer recently made major changes to the user interface in recent phones like the EVO 3D and Sensation. Another round of UI tweaks is on the way according to a video posted online.

XDA.cn recently leaked a few screenshots of a new Sense  [Read More…]

Video: First look at HTC Sense 3.5 running on the HTC Bliss


It hasn’t been a week since we first caught a glimpse of HTC Sense 3.5 running on an HTC Bliss, but here we are today with a full 5-minute video of HTC’s upcoming version of Sense. The video is brought to you by the guys over at XDA.cn–the same people behind last week’s photos.

So what’s different in 3.5? A whole lot, apparently. HTC Sense 3.5 has more eye-candy, fancy animations,  [Read More…]

Video: Samsung’s ChatON universal messaging app to support all operating systems


Everybody knows that Blackberry messenger stands among the best messaging services around, but it does lack many features. The fact is that almost nobody wants one of RIM’s devices anymore. Even if Blackberry did upgrade its messenger, the service is very fragmented, as it’s available only for the Blackberry OS. While there are many messenger apps available for Android, none of them seem as full-featured as Samsung‘s next messaging app.

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LG collaborating with National Geographic photographers to create 3D image and video content

LG Optimus 3D

While it might not be the most obvious collaboration to have happen, LG and National Geographic have announced their efforts to bring plenty of 3D to the masses. National Geographic Assignment photographers will be creating 3D content using LG’s Optimus 3D smartphone.

“For over a century, National Geographic has been the preeminent institution for world-class wildlife, landscape, travel and lifestyle photography,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, President and  [Read More…]

Motorola FIRE looks hot in new promotional video


If this week’s announcement of the Motorola FIRE set your curiosity ablaze, feast your eyes on this new promo video in which the UK-bound device struts its stuff. You’ll have to wait until the end of September to grab one, but if you’re really burning up, this should hold you over at least for a while. To spare you all from more lame fire puns (I’ve got a ton), I’ll let the video do the talking. Enjoy.

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HTC Flyer Android tablet hands-on video from MWC


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Droid Bionic again on video; boot animation available for other phones

Youtube link for mobile viewing

The long slog that is the Motorola Droid Bionic’s road to release continues. First up is the video you see above, which gives a nice look at the speed within the new Philblur UI, as well as the live wallpapers and transition animations. Pretty standard stuff, but it’s nice to whet the appetite some more.

And the boot animation is now available for installing on other devices, if that’s your thing.  [Read More…]

Google to Challenge Facetime with New Google Talk Video Chat

Google is about to challenge Apple in an entirely new way. And although some see Google "ripping off" Apple’s popular iDevice Facetime video chat service, the last time I checked Apple didn’t own the very concept of video chatting. So, as a result, we may see an entirely new challenge from Android devices to kill the runaway momentum of the iPhone 4 and perhaps the next-generation model.

On Friday, the Internet search giant introduced a new feature called "Google  [Read More…]

Android 2.3.4 Confirmed Bringing Google Talk Video Calling To Nexus S. OTA Roll-Out In Next Few Weeks

We first heard yesterday about the possibility of Google’s Android 2.3.4 bringing video calling to the Nexus S, thanks to a tweet from a supposed Samsung employee. Now Google has confirmed that this is indeed the case, and the update will arrive in the ‘next few weeks’.

Along with bringing video chat to the Nexus S, the update will be laden with bug fixes for the ageing Nexus One  [Read More…]