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Sprint Releases Overview Video for Motorola Admiral, Forgets to Announce Phone

Sprint has tossed a video online this afternoon which provides a walk-through of the features for the Motorola Admiral.  That’s awesome and all, but there’s no Admiral announcement to go with the video.  Considering that the Android-powered phone has yet to be unveiled we are expecting Sprint to pull the video down (or mark private)  in short order.  The 2:38 clip doesn’t do much to teach us anything we hadn’t already  [Read More…]

T-Mobile Galaxy S II release date coming next week, so check out this hands-on video


T-Mobile customers have been patiently waiting on a release date for the Samsung Galaxy S II while Sprint fans got their version of the device last week and AT&T gets some action on October 2nd. It doesn’t look like they will have to wait much longer because we just got invited to a special reception on September 26th to “celebrate the latest in 4G from T-Mobile.”

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Video: Lock your keys in the house? NFC to the rescue!

yale lock

We’re sure the Google Wallet hype is still hot among Samsung Nexus S 4G users. Purchasing bagels and coffee with your phone is great and all, but as technology evolves NFC chips will become much more handy. In the “home of the future,” things like opening a door with your NFC-enabled phone will be common. And that’s something Yale Locks & Hardware hopes to offer soon.

Yale’s Real Living locks,  [Read More…]

Video: Google Wallet available soon; who’s signing up?


We’ve been patiently waiting for the release of Google Wallet since its announcement in May. While we haven’t been talking much about it lately, this service is always present in the back of our minds. And it seems the wait is almost over; the service should be available anytime now.

Google recently released a commercial for Google Wallet[1] called “Our First Google Wallet Customer.” (The lucky individual happens to be George  [Read More…]

Video: TouchPad Android port enables WiFi, accelerometer, Market and sound

HP Touchpad Android

The day you’ll be able to get a fully functional Android port up and running on your HP TouchPad is fast approaching. The Cyanogen Team still has a few kinks to work out here and there, but the latest video shows off working audio, accelerometer, WiFi, Android Market, YouTube within the browser and even Angry Birds. While audio is working better than it did on previous builds, the CM Team is  [Read More…]

fring turns group video chat feature into an interested-based “Playgrounds” app

I’ve seen many Google+ users ask when the Google+ Android app would support Hangouts, and my guess is that it’s not high on the priority list for now. That doesn’t mean that users have to wait around for the chacne to have mobile group video chat. Fring already introduced that feature for up to four people to video chat in April, and it now  [Read More…]

Video: Pre-order your Archos G9 tablet September 20 for as low as $299


Archos tablets are known for being cheaper, but they also tend to come with lower specs. Yet, we were impressed with both the announcement of these tablets, as well as the announcement of their prices. Archos now offers the great combination we all dream of: quality and affordability. This generation of tablets offers an array of versions, varying in size, processor and internal storage (flash and hard drive). And Archos has  [Read More…]

Verizon Releases Pair of TV Spots for Droid Bionic [VIDEO]

Verizon has tossed a pair of new commercials for the Droid Bionic onto YouTube this morning which show off the handsets remote desktop capabilities.  The clips, Rooftop and Ring, are 30-seconds in length and focus on a female user.  Things have changed quite a bit since the first Droid ads in 2009 which were heavily-skewed toward the male demographic.  You guys digging the female empowerment commercials?

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Video: GO Launcher EX updated with new transitions, bug fixes and more


I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: GO Launcher EX is hands down my favorite homescreen replacement for Android. Not only does it offer a high level of customization and compatibility with top-notch themes, but the GO Dev Team provides a certain level of polish not many developers can best. Today, the folks at GO have released an update to their launcher that adds even more of that signature  [Read More…]

Hands-on with the LG Marquee (Updated with video)

LG Marquee

The LG Marquee made a cameo appearance tonight in New York, a night before Sprint and LG are slated to “officially” unveil the device at New York City’s Fashion Week finale. The Marquee is the next big device from Sprint (after, of course, this Friday’s Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch launch), officially landing on October 6.

While it’s not the most powerful phone on the market, we loved it as the Optimus  [Read More…]