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Play tunes on the AmazonBasics Vintage Bluetooth speaker and save $30

Vintage looks, modern sound.

As part of Amazon’s deals of the day, you can add the AmazonBasics Vintage Bluetooth speaker to your kitchen or bedroom for just $ 99. That’s $ 30 off this old-timey speaker’s usual price and is only available until the end of the day.

The retro-styled speaker features a wooden and polished gold design for a look reminiscent of the days when families would gather around the radio for an evening’s entertainment. Despite  [Read More…]

This HDMI adapter lets you play vintage PlayStations on modern televisions

You don’t need complicated set-ups with dozens of cables to get your vintage PlayStations running on modern televisions.

Older consoles weren’t exactly built with the future in mind—at least, not decades ahead—so it comes as no surprise that as technology advanced, these systems were left in the dust. Vintage PlayStations just aren’t natively compatible with modern televisions through HDMI, but that’s where adapters come in.

Previously, you’d need to use a convoluted set-up with multiple cords to  [Read More…]

90 HD colorful vintage art posters for your backgrounds

Art and advertisements went hand in hand pre-1950’s. Some of the coolest art collected today are posters from a time when there were no cell phones, computers or internet. Vintage and Retro posters can go for thousands of dollars if you want to put them up on your walls. However if you want the colorful

Announcing the ‘Weekly Photo Contest: Vintage’ winners!

This was a throwback week, of sorts, as we were looking for your best “vintage” photos in order to take home prizes in the latest photo contest. Four full pages in the forums filled up with entries showing all sorts of cool old items, from trains to coffee pots and everything in between. In the end we narrowed it down, and two folks will be getting a prize this week for their entries. Read along and  [Read More…]

Weekly Photo Contest: Vintage

Liking the look of old things isn’t just for hipsters — it’s okay to appreciate the past and integrate some of those items or looks into your life today. Whether you’re a fan of the old world charm or have more of an eye for modern conveniences, you can appreciate vintage items — and that’s why this week’s photo contest prompt is “vintage.”

For their winning pictures this week, two entries will receive an Arkon Mobile  [Read More…]