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Visible intros Party Pay for multiple line accounts

Digital carrier Visible on Thursday announced that it now offers service to customers with multiple lines.

While some service providers call them “family” plans or “shared” accounts, Visible terms its offering as Party Pay. It’s different from what other carriers do, too.

Forget about trying to split the bill or square up with a friend each month. Rather than having one person responsible for the bill, each member of the “Party” is billed separately. Moreover, you don’t have to worry  [Read More…]

A new update for the OnePlus 7T adds support for Visible

The affordable carrier is getting a compelling new option.

What you need to know OnePlus 7T Oxygen OS 10.0.4.HD65AA adds Visible support. There are other improvements in translation, communication performance, and front camera quality. Visible may not be ready for the phone just yet. Use the compatibility checker to be sure.

Visible is a MVNO carrier that provides unlimited talk, text, and data on Verizon’s LTE network. Visible is a great value to a lot  [Read More…]

How to sign up for Visible

Visible has quickly proven to be one of the most exciting options in the carrier space. For just $ 40/month with no extra taxes or fees, you get access to Verizon’s LTE network with unlimited talk, text, data, and hotspot usage. If you like the sound of that and want to get signed up for Visible ASAP, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do so.

Products used in this guide Digital carrier: Visible ($ 40/month at Visible)  [Read More…]

Is Visible Protect worth it for your new phone?

Best answer: It depends on how expensive your phone is or if you’re prone to accidents. Visible Protect offers device replacements and repairs for a discounted rate on devices purchased directly from Visible. Rates range from $ 10-12 per month depending on the device.

Forget about the gigs on your phone: Visible ($ 40/mo. at Visible) Don’t panic: Visible Protect ($ 10-12/mo. at Visible) Your phone is probably quite expensive

Many phones today are worth several hundred  [Read More…]

Here’s everything you can do in the Visible app

Make sure you sit down — we have a lot to talk about.

Visible has proven to be one of the most disruptive players in the wireless carrier space. $ 40/month for unlimited everything on Verizon’s network is an extremely enticing package, and that offer is made even better when you factor in Visible’s big push for handling everything digitally.

You won’t find a Visible SIM card at your local Best Buy or any Visible carrier stores.  [Read More…]

Is Verizon Prepaid a better value than Visible?

Unlimited for less Visible

$ 40/mo. at Visible

Pros Unlimited talk, text, and LTE data Unlimited hotspot (5Mbps) Verizon LTE Lower unlimited price Cons No international service Fewer available phones No roaming or 3G service

Visible offers a great unlimited option for smartphone users that are covered by the Verizon LTE network, which is most people. With a simple flat rate, this is a great option for heavy and light data users alike.

Plenty  [Read More…]

The Pixel 3a is the best phone for Visible in 2019

When it first launched in May 2018, Visible made a big mark on the carrier space since $ 40/month for unlimited everything on Verizon sounds too good to be true. One of the few drawbacks to the service is that Visible only works with a small selection of Android phones, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to be an Android user and get the most out of what the carrier has to offer. Here are our favorite Android  [Read More…]

Is there any reason to get Verizon over Visible?

Enough of everything Visible

$ 40/mo. at Visible

Pros No contract Unlimited talk and text Unlimited LTE data Unlimited hotspot (5Mbps) Cons Fewer phones No 3G or roaming access

Visible has an impressive set of features, especially considering the price. With one of the largest LTE networks combined with an unlimited package including hotspot connectivity, Visible is about as close as it comes to hassle-free wireless.

More is more Verizon Wireless

From  [Read More…]

Visible is great, but Mint Mobile is ultimately the better value

Buy in bulk Mint Mobile

From $ 15/mo. at Mint Mobile

Pros T-Mobile LTE Enough data for most International calling available More phones supported Cons Smaller LTE network No unlimited option Must buy in bulk

Save money by buying cell service in 3, 6, or 12-month packages. With data plans coming in at 3GB, 8GB, and 12GB, there’s a fit for pretty much everyone. Of course, talk and text are unlimited.

One plan, big  [Read More…]

Visible users will need another service to roam

Best answer: No. Visible only provides service in the U.S., so you’ll need to use another SIM card for international usage.

Reliable data at home or abroad : Google Fi (From $ 20/mo. at Google Fi) Simple, affordable, and unlimited in the U.S. : Visible Unlimited ($ 40/mo. at Visible) Service at home

Simplicity is the game that Visible is playing. With a consistent $ 40 per month plan and no variations, you give up a few  [Read More…]