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Google Assistant gears up to replace Chrome’s Voice Search

It’s a move that makes a lot of sense.

What you need to know Google plans to replace the built-in Chrome for Android Voice Search with Assistant. The upcoming change was spotted in a Chromium commit. It’s expected to debut in Chrome 85, scheduled for September.

Google is making a common-sense decision to simplify its voice offerings on mobile. Courtesy of comments made on a Chromium commit, it has become clear that the firm is planning to  [Read More…]

It’s easy to pair a new Alexa Voice Remote to your Amazon Fire TV!

If you’ve ever had the misfortune to “permanently misplace” or break a TV remote, you know how frustrating it can be to find just the right one and get it paired back up again. The good news is that if you have a Fire TV device, this process can be relatively pain-free and easy. I’ll show you how in the steps below!

Products used in this guide Ultimate controller: Alexa Voice Remote ($ 30 at Amazon) Next-gen DVR:  [Read More…]

Hisense TV line for 2020 includes ULED, hands-free voice, and lasers

Chinese manufacturer Hisense typically comes into Las Vegas with a whole array of interesting tech for CES and 2020 proves to be no exception. It hits the new year with a full suite of new TV models, including some with Ultra LED, hands-free voice controls, and a projector/laster TV hybrid.

Given we’re mostly focused on mobile tech, we won’t go too deep into the details here. That said, we appreciate Hisense for its continued usage of Android TV for its  [Read More…]

Qualcomm feels your dongle pain at CES 2020 and improves aptX BT voice

Now maybe my pizza place will finally call me Phil instead of Bill.

What you need to know Qualcomm’s aptX Adaptive audio technology is getting an aptX Voice codec. The new codec offers HD quality voice response over the narrow Bluetooth frequency range. Snapdragon 865 and Snapdragon 765 devices will work with next-gen accessories with aptX Voice

Qualcomm is improving voice quality on your Bluetooth accessories with the new aptX Voice codec, part of Qualcomm’s aptX Adaptive  [Read More…]

The new Google Assistant lets you level up voice commands with Chrome

You can open and close tabs, bookmark pages, and more using just your voice.

What you need to know Google is working on better integration between Assistant and the Chrome browser. Enabling an experimental flag in the browser will let you control it with voice commands. The new voice controls include the ability to open and close tabs, bookmark pages, reload pages, and more.

Alongside a new UI and much, much faster performance thanks to local processing,  [Read More…]

Dictanote Pro: Switch between keyboard and your voice for notes, emails, and more

We bet you can speak faster than you can type. That’s alright, we’re the same way. Sometimes we just get tripped up with our fingers and have trouble getting thoughts down as quickly as they come to mind.

Whether it’s an email, a quick reminder, a to-do list, or something else, using our voice feels more natural and easier than typing. That goes for both computer keyboard or on a mobile device.

Dictanote is a note-taking app that lets users  [Read More…]

Google Voice integrates with Siri to make calls before Google Assistant

iOS users can now make calls and send texts with Google Voice using Siri.

What you need to know Google Voice now lets you make calls and send texts using Siri on iOS devices. Before you can use the feature, you must first upgrade to the latest version of the app, set your default account inside of Google Voice, and enable ‘Use with Siri’ in the iOS settings. Google Assistant integration with Google Voice is notably absent,  [Read More…]

Google Maps gets in-depth walking directions with detailed voice guidance

Only in the U.S. and Japan for now.

What you need to know On World Sight Day, Google began rolling out detailed voice guidance for Google Maps. The new feature will give in-depth walking instructions in Google Maps, announcing the distance to your next turn, warning of busy intersections, and notifying you if you go off-route. Currently, it is available in English for the U.S. and in Japanese for Japan with additional languages and countries coming in  [Read More…]

Issa Rae makes a cameo as the new Google Assistant voice

Clearly, everyone wants to talk to a celebrity these days.

What you need to know Issa Rae is the second celebrity cameo voice for Google Assistant. This free addition is available only in the United States. Cameo voices for Assistant only work for specific replies, not for every response.

Google is bringing comedy gold to its Assistant with Issa Rae’s voice, starting today. The comedian and actress who gained fame from her YouTube series, Awkward Black Girl,  [Read More…]

Marshall Major III Voice keeps the retro design, picks up Google Assistant

Marshall rolls out its first headphones with Google Assistant integration.

What you need to know Major III Voice has Google Assistant built-in, allowing you to play songs, get weather updates, and more with the press of a button. You get 40mm drivers, and 60 hours of listening time on a full charge. You can now pick it up for $ 169.

Marshall is rolling out a new model in its Major III series, dubbed the Major III  [Read More…]