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Samsung is offering the U.S. a sneak peak of Bixby’s voice capabilities

Bixby voice is finally here!… If you live in the U.S. and are granted access to the early access program, that is.

Interested in trying out Samsung’s Bixby voice-controlled assistant? Samsung is offering Galaxy S8 and S8+ owners in the U.S. an opportunity to gain early access to its AI assistant as part of an early access program for beta testing the new service.

Samsung introduced Bixby as its voice assistant competitor against the other established brands  [Read More…]

Kickstarter of the week : STREAMZ – Voice Controlled Smart Streaming Headphones

I do love a good Kickstarter, who doesn’t right? I dread to think how many hours I’ve lost trawling the ever expanding gadget tech innovations all vying to be the “next big thing”. One thing I am less so enthusiastic about, however, is parting with my hard earned cash, this particular part takes something quite special. […]

Momentum launches new Wi-Fi two-way voice monitoring camera for $50

Wi-Fi security cameras are great for giving you piece of mind or checking on your kids or pets while you’re away from home. And you don’t even have to pay a fortune to get one into your home. Smart monitoring company Momentum recently announced a new Wi-Fi two-way voice HD camera product coming with a […]

Amazon Echo vs Google Home: Where today’s best voice assistants fall short

Tell me about the things Amazon Echo and Google Home don’t do.

We talk a lot about the cool things Amazon and Google have pulled off with the Echo and Home speakers, but the one big thing these speakers have in common is room to grow. Neither system is perfect, and the things these speakers get wrong or just plain can’t do are an important metric of what the teams working on these gadgets see as a  [Read More…]

Sorry, Galaxy S8 users: Bixby voice assistant remains delayed

The Wall Street Journal reports we won’t see it until “at least late June.”

There are so many features the Samsung Galaxy S8 has going for it; it’s almost bezel-less, it has the best display on the market, and it’s a wondrous performer. But one thing it does not have going for it is its own virtual assistant. It’s been two months since the launch of Samsung’s big phone release and there’s still no Bixby in sight.

  [Read More…]

How to send a voice message with Amazon Alexa

You can now send messages through Alexa using just your voice, but there are some caveats.

Messaging with Alexa is one of those features you either don’t know how you managed without or you’re completely uninterested in. For those falling into the former category, there are a few quick tricks for getting the most out of this new Alexa-based messaging system. Here’s what you need to know!

How Alexa Voice Messaging works

It’s a fairly  [Read More…]

JAM Voice review: This isn’t your ordinary Bluetooth speaker

At first glance, the JAM Voice Speaker appears to be just another unremarkable Bluetooth speaker. Its rubberized black rim and glossy body are pretty but very understated – it won’t catch many glances when it’s sitting on your end table – it has solid heft and a premium feel. Powering on, we’re treated to a […]

How to improve Alexa’s voice recognition

It’s time to send Alexa to voice training school.

Out of the box, the impressive microphone arrays in most Amazon Echo and Echo-like products ensure your voice is clearly heard from across the room. Being heard isn’t the same thing as being understood, and whether it’s due to an accent Alexa doesn’t quite process or some audio interference in the room, if Alexa doesn’t get what you’re saying, there’s a relatively simple fix. Contained within your Alexa  [Read More…]

You can now use your own voice for turn-by-turn directions with Waze

Add some personality to your driving directions with Waze!

Millions of people use navigation apps like Waze or Google Maps to get turn-by-turn voice directions during their daily commute or while running errands. We’ve always had a limited choice of voices — until now. The latest update to the Waze app includes a new feature, Voice Recorder, which lets you custom record your own driving instructions.

Once you’ve updated the app, you’ll find the voice recorder settings  [Read More…]

Bixby voice arrives on Korean Galaxy S8 today

Galaxy S8 and S8+ owners in Samsung’s home market are the first to get a fully baked Bixby experience.

Bixby, Samsung’s new AI service on the Galaxy S8, was missing its most important feature at launch. Bixby’s voice commands — a central reason for the service having its own dedicated hardware button — wasn’t operational out of the box. However from today, Korean Galaxy S8 owners can get acquainted with Samsung’s AI-based trickery. ZDNet reports that Samsung  [Read More…]