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It’s now more affordable to put Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant in your whole house

Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time saving you on an Echo Dot!

Amazon’s Echo Dot is a must-have for anyone looking to make their home smarter, and right now you can save $ 20 when purchasing three of them using coupon code DOT3PACK. This drops the price of three of them down to just $ 129.97, which is $ 43.32 each. For those not familiar, the Echo Dot is a hands-free voice-controlled device that can play  [Read More…]

Google testing Voice over LTE support for Project Fi

Project Fi is testing VoLTE support via T-Mobile’s network

If you’re a Project Fi customer, you may have noticed improved call quality over the past few weeks. That’s because Google has been quietly testing Voice over LTE (VoLTE) for a subset of Project Fi users, formally announced in a post on the Project Fi Help Forum. If you’re curious to know if you’re one of the fortunate testers for this new service, you can find out by looking for  [Read More…]

Huawei could be developing its own voice assistant for the Chinese market

Huawei is working on a voice assistant for Chinese customers.

Huawei already develops its own application processors through its HiSilicon subsidiary, and it looks like the manufacturer is now working on a voice assistant to further differentiate its products in its home market. According to Bloomberg, work on developing a voice-based assistant that will rival Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant is underway:

A team of more than a hundred engineers is in the early stages of  [Read More…]

Starbucks launching voice ordering from your phone, Amazon Echo

You can now order your double upside down macchiato half decaf with room and a splash of cream with just your voice.

Starbucks has aggressively pushed its mobile ordering platform in the last year attempting to get fewer people standing in line and more ordering directly from their phones for a seamless pickup. The next level of that expansion is voice-only ordering, which Starbucks is now rolling out on iOS and will hit Android soon. At the same time,  [Read More…]

Google Voice receives massive redesign, rolling out today for Android, iOS and the web

It’s happening. It’s really, really happening.

It turns out the tease was not a lie: Google Voice is receiving much-needed attention for the first time in 5 years. The redesign comes across all platforms — the web, Android, and iOS — and completely starts from scratch on the interface and features while retaining the same core experience that has kept loyal Google Voice users around this whole time.

Continued  [Read More…]

Google Voice implements new app features on mobile

Google has just announced updated versions of Voice across multiple platforms. The updates include a new, modern user interface for both the mobile and web-based applications. Also included in this update is photo-sharing, translation and group conversations that can be separated and named. It’s been years since Google Voice has seen any major updates, but

How to fix voice search problems on Gear VR

How do I enable voice search for my Gear VR?

When it comes to browsing the web in VR, Samsung has made it easier than most with the Samsung Internet app for Gear VR. The ability to surf the web and watching anything you come across is generally pretty easy, though reading isn’t always the best experience.

A key part of this experience is voice search, making it so you don’t have to type every character out  [Read More…]

Is a new Google Voice in the works?

Google Voice needs a little love and might be getting it.

At least that’s what Google tells us when we visit the Google Voice website. You’ll see it near the top of the page if you direct yourself over to voice.google.com while you’re signed into Chrome. If you’re a Project Fi subscriber you’ll need to click the link at the bottom of the page to get to the actual Google Voice site after it redirects you to  [Read More…]

LG’s new webOS-powered refrigerator has Amazon Alexa voice control

This will henceforth be known as the point when Amazon brought Alexa to everything.

The battle over making average home appliances “smart” rages on, and LG just put an additional foot forward with its new InstaView smart refrigerator that integrates Amazon Alexa voice assistant control. The setup is simple: this is a big refrigerator with a huge portrait-oriented 29-inch display, and while the base operating system is webOS the smarts all come from Amazon’s Alexa.

The experience is entirely  [Read More…]