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Make sure your device keeps up with you while you’re on the go with the LithiumCard Wallet

We’ve all been there before. We’re out and about, and know that our phone is about to die. So you only use your device sparingly, but your efforts are still not enough. You get into your friends car and need to figure out where something is at, and the phone dies. Now you’re stuck trying to figure out where to go, and they don’t have a charger that fits your device.

LithiumCard 3

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Save 43% today on Samsung wallet flip covers for the Galaxy Note 5

This flip case is crafted from a polyurethane leather and features a slot on the inside for storing a credit card, ID, or even cash next to your Galaxy Note 5. Choose between black sapphire, silver, white, or gold today for only $ 19.95!

Google Wallet lets you text your friends money

Google has updated both the iOS and Android versions of their Google Wallet app and have added in a really cool feature in my opinion. That feature is that you can now send money to most anyone by a simple text message. Yes, that’s right. Just like with Gmail where you can send money via an attachment to your best friend or your favorite family member, you can now send a text message to someone and it can include cold,  [Read More…]

Google Wallet can now transfer money over text messages

Google Wallet has been a good way to transfer money to people for a long time, and now, an email won’t even be necessary. In the latest version of the app, you’ll be able to send money to people using just their phone numbers.

When you send money using a phone number, the person will get a text message with a secure link at which they can enter their debit card and have the money will be transferred to it. It  [Read More…]

Google Wallet will soon let you send and receive money with text messages

An imminent update to Google Wallet will eliminate the need to use an email address when sending money. Users will be able to send money to anyone in their conacts list with a phone number via text message.

The CardNinja replaces your wallet with your phone (Review)

Our smartphones seem to be slowly and surely replacing our wallets, and with tap-to-pay options like Android Pay becoming more widely used and accepted, carrying a wallet around is becoming less necessary. If you are like me, you love the idea of using your phone to pay for everything, but you are still not comfortable leaving all of your cards and cash at home. For me, there are not enough places where I live that accept wireless payments so I  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Wallet Cover Folio review

Samsung’s Wallet Cover Folio for the Galaxy Note 5 may not be the most protective of case options, but it’s designed well, and is highly functional. When looking for cases, everyone’s needs are different — some want protection while others look to make things easier for themselves.

Having used the Galaxy Note 5 without a case for a while already, and having no issues with keeping the phone safe, I was in the market to reduce clutter,  [Read More…]

Capital One Wallet now lets you make contactless NFC payments

Capital One has updated the bank’s official Android app to support NFC payments. This means users will be able to make contactless payments without having to fire up Android Pay, using only the Capital One Wallet.

Galaxy Note 5, S6 edge+ owners can get a free wallet case or wireless charger for adding card to Samsung Pay

Samsung’s latest promotion scores Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ owners a new case or wireless charger for simply adding a new card to Samsung Pay. The new promotion, which is only good for a limited time, scores you your choice of accessory for simply adding a supported card to the app.

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