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Big sound, wallet friendly price: G-BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Boombox only $84.99 (Deal of the Day)

With the weather getting nicer, many of us are getting outside and putting some time into the yard. We’re cleaning things up, pruning and readying for blooms and blossoms, and getting things in order. To that end, a lot of people like to have music with them when they’re working. Our Deal of the Day […]

Gmail app adds Google Wallet money attachments so you can get paid faster

A sneakily great Gmail feature is coming from the web to Android.

You’ve been able to send and request money via Gmail for some time now — but curiously, the function was limited to the web. With the latest update to the Gmail app for Android, you now have the ability to make the same money transfers within the app, making it even easier to transfer money between friends and family.

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Best Wallet Cases for the Google Pixel

What are the best wallet cases for my Google Pixel?

Wallet cases offer and elegant and functional way to keep your phone, cards and cash around in one place while cutting down on the amount of stuff one needs to carry around.

The cases we’ve assembled here are for the 5-inch Pixel, so you won’t want to get one of these if you’ve got the larger Pixel XL.

BELK Retro Slim Wallet Case Procase Flip Cover  [Read More…]

Google Wallet launches snazzy new web app for desktop and mobile

Google keeps up with Wallet, which is great for everyone.

Though Android Pay has taken the spotlight as of late for in-store NFC payments and online purchases, Google Wallet lives on for person-to-person money transfers in a market filled with alternatives like Square Cash, Venmo and PayPal. Though the Google Wallet app is of course still available for Android and iOS, Google announced a fresh launch of the Google Wallet website, giving the service its own defined place as  [Read More…]

The Syllable D900 Mini Earbuds are truly wireless and are easy on the wallet (Review)

The ability of electronics to be wireless has become a staple in our lives. I can’t count the number of times I’ve forgotten that my headphones are connected to my laptop, only to suffer minor whiplash while walking away. Talk about first world problems! The Syllable D900 Mini headphones are truly wireless earbuds that won’t

Best wallet cases for the Galaxy Note 7

What are the best wallet cases for my Galaxy Note 7?

Not everyone loves a wallet case for their phone, but those that do love the convenience of having practically everything they need — money, ID, and smartphone — all in one package when they’re on the go.

Given the beautiful design of the Galaxy Note 7, if you’re going to cover it entirely with a wallet case, you’ll want your case to look classy in  [Read More…]

Best wallet cases for Moto G4

What’s the best wallet case for Moto G4?

The Moto G4‘s shape lends itself nicely to a wallet case, since it has a broad, flat front. Let’s face it: Thanks to its price, you’ll probably have a few bucks left over after you buy the phone. You just need somewhere to keep ’em!

Here are some of the best wallet cases you can get for your Moto G4, so that your pockets aren’t overloaded, but your  [Read More…]

Best wallet cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

What are the best wallet cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5?

Whether you need to take every card with you or just some cash and your ID, a wallet case for your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is a perfect way to merge all of your necessities into one convenient case that’s functional and fashionable.

IZENGATE Classic Series wallet case TabPow wallet flip case iNNEXT wallet case Verus Layered Dandy slim fit wallet Abacus24-7 wallet case  [Read More…]

Wells Fargo plans to launch new digital wallet this summer

Wells Fargo has announced the U.S. bank will be releasing a wallet for Android later this summer. This addition to the official mobile banking app will transform the experience into a complete payment solution. It’s hoped the introduction of a wallet will help make the app more convenient to use for customers, allowing them to check accounts, perform banking tasks and make payments all from within the single mobile offering.

Much like you would with other  [Read More…]

[Review] Keep a charger in your wallet with TravelCard

Recently, I was able to get my hands on a portable battery pack called the TravelCard. It’s an amazing battery, and it has already saved me a couple of times. I’m no longer worried about my iPhone 6s dying when I’m out and about. Here are my thoughts. First Impressions Not to be confused with