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Feature to be removed from device not running Android 4.4 or higher on April 14, 2014

Google Wallet’s tap and pay feature is soon to become a KitKat only affair. According to a message sent out to users with the feature enabled, but running a lower version of Android, the new, different technology used means older versions will not be able to support it, and support for the old method is being dropped.

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In the latest version of Google Wallet a new feature has been introduced called Orders, which allows you to keep track of your online purchases. It’s available in the US only and requires Android version 4.0 or above but will notify you of the status of your orders and shows past orders all within the App.

Once you activate Orders in Google Wallet, you’ll be able to see any receipts sent to your Gmail right in the Google Wallet app.  [Read More...]

Google Wallet, while most associated with NFC payments, is actually most-used as an online payment option competing with the likes of Amazon and PayPal. With today’s update to the Google Wallet app, purchases made with the service can now be tracked and managed right from the app. This was always possible (albeit in a basic way) from the Google Wallet website, but having it moved over to mobile has advantages.

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Google responds to Google Wallet hacking claim, points out the obvious

A security company announced yesterday that it has discovered a “significant vulnerability in the Google Wallet mobile phone payment system.” The company found that a Wallet PIN is susceptible to a brute  [Read More...]


This week the Google Wallet team was surprised when two different vulnerabilities were discovered. One hack revealed a user’s PIN number on a rooted phone and the other allowed anyone to reset the PIN and gain access to funds on a Google Wallet prepaid card.

Google quickly responded to the first hack by saying users should not use Google Wallet on a rooted device, and late last night they also responded  [Read More...]

That “Pure Google” moniker that has been applied to Nexus devices will take another hit when the Galaxy Nexus is finally released on Verizon. Whenever that is. Google has confirmed to ComputerWorld that not only will the Galaxy Nexus feature two carrier-related bloatware apps preloaded, but it will also block a feature that the phone is capable of running.

Google Wallet will not be  [Read More...]

Galaxy Nexus NFC

Pop quiz: List, in alphabetical order, all of the Google Nexus phones that officially have access to Google Wallet.

If you aswered the Sprint Nexus S 4G — and only the Sprint Nexus S 4G — you’re exactly right. And it looks like it might stay that way for the time being. 9 to 5 Google, citing an unnamed source, reports that the Verizon Galaxy Nexus won’t have access to Google  [Read More...]

ShopSavvy was one of the first “wow” apps on Android thanks to its ability to scan a barcode and provide a quick price comparison between local and online retailers. The app has since faced pressure from several competing companies, including Google, but the latest version really pushes the company’s strength in the buying and selling process.

Yes, buying and selling. ShopSavvy 5 now supports  [Read More...]


In a move to further unify and consolidate their services, Google has announced that they are officially transitioning Google Checkout to Google Wallet.

From here on out, YouTube, Google+ Games, the Android Market and any other Google sites will use Google Wallet instead of Checkout. For other business partners still using Checkout, payments made with Wallet will be processed as normal. Beginning next year, Google will start transitioning merchant accounts over  [Read More...]

The New Jersey Transit Corporation has announced that it will begin accepting Google Wallet for payments at select locations. Rather than have mass transit riders rely strictly on cash and credit cards, NJ Transit vending machines and ticket windows will add Wallet as a payment option.

NJ Transit will accept Google Wallet for ticket purchasing at New York Penn Station, Newark International Airport Rail  [Read More...]