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Best wallet cases for the Galaxy S7 edge

Make your pocket or purse lighter. Wallet cases have it all!

Screen protectors and the Galaxy S7 edge do not mix! Have you ever tried to put one on? If you did, we are positive you either gave up after 5 minutes or you are happy living in a delusional world where you say it fits the phone perfectly. Those curvy edges are kryptonite to screen protectors everywhere.

Luckily, wallet covers fold over the screen of  [Read More…]

Uber adds Android Pay support, dropping Google Wallet on May 9

After being one of the most recognizable apps using Google Wallet for payment processing, Uber is making the switch to using Android Pay as the old Wallet system is closing in on its sunset. Though Android Pay is most notably taking over as the NFC tap-and-pay system for Google, it is also ready to handle in-app and online payments that were once handled by Google Wallet as well.

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Spare your wallet with these superb contract-free Android phones for under $300 from Amazon.com (accessories too)

It is easy to get sucked into the press about how great the latest phones, but for the vast majority of us, $ 700-800 is simply too much to spend. Even if you get a phone through T-Mobile’s Jump on Demand, AT&T’s Next program, of Verizon’s Edge financing programs, you still end up paying full retail

Google to drop support for physical Google Wallet card on June 30

Google has now confirmed that it will be ending support for the physical Google Wallet card on June 30. While you can still make purchases with the card through June 30, Google says it will stop allowing users to add money to their Wallet Balance on May 1. From Google:

You can only make purchases with your Wallet Card until June 30. You won’t be able to add money to your Wallet Balance from a debit card  [Read More…]

Popular Indian mobile wallet MobiKwik goes hyperlocal with ‘Explore Nearby’

The latest update to Indian digital wallet app MobiKwik brings a new hyperlocal aspect: “Explore Nearby.” MobiKwik is one of the leading independent mobile payments networks in India, connecting 30 million users with 50,000 retailers.

This new feature enables discovery of neighborhood stores, restaurants, cafes, et al that accept digital payments. Right away, more than 10,000 MobiKwik partner retail stores — merchants such as Big Bazaar, Barista, Domino’s Pizza, WHSmith India, Archies, Sagar Ratna, and more  [Read More…]

Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket Plus wallet brings luxury to the outdoors

Let me just start by stating that I am a combination of a Chemist, and obviously a tech enthusiast as I write for AndroidGuys. I don’t find shows like The

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Five for Friday – Apps to keep your wallet happy.

Unless you’re one of the lucky few that never has to worry about money (in which case I question your motives for clicking on this article), you’re probably looking for

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Android Pay still hasn’t replaced my wallet

Mobile payments in the U.S. are just as confusing as ever.

I’ve been on board with mobile payments for a long time now. I stared in excitement as Google handed folks Nexus S phones loaded with Google Wallet and showed them how easy it would be to pay for things in the not-so-distant future. A few weeks later a cab driver chased me down the street for what he thought was me trying to rip him  [Read More…]

Make sure your device keeps up with you while you’re on the go with the LithiumCard Wallet

We’ve all been there before. We’re out and about, and know that our phone is about to die. So you only use your device sparingly, but your efforts are still not enough. You get into your friends car and need to figure out where something is at, and the phone dies. Now you’re stuck trying to figure out where to go, and they don’t have a charger that fits your device.

LithiumCard 3

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Save 43% today on Samsung wallet flip covers for the Galaxy Note 5

This flip case is crafted from a polyurethane leather and features a slot on the inside for storing a credit card, ID, or even cash next to your Galaxy Note 5. Choose between black sapphire, silver, white, or gold today for only $ 19.95!