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Google wants you to upgrade to (its) better two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is still the best way to keep yourself safe from password breaches, but some 2FAs are better than others.

Two-factor authentication has had a bad couple of weeks. Not only was a prominent developer, Justin Williams, forced to defend a phishing attack against him to PayPal and AT&T, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that SMS-based two-factory authentication is a new vector for hacking.

As a result, Google is doing something about that: since SMS-based two-factor  [Read More…]

OnePlus still wants you to care about the OnePlus 5’s DxOMark score

OnePlus 5’s DxOMark score is about to be revealed, but the phone maker is in a tough spot.

Back in May, before we knew what the OnePlus 5 looked like or whether its camera was a double, the company boasted of a partnership with DxOMark, a popular camera testing platform that companies like OnePlus (and HTC, Samsung, LG, and others) like to use as a way to promote their optical prowess.

Here’s what OnePlus said about the  [Read More…]

Need to cut down your phone’s rampant data usage? Google wants to help

Google is testing a new app in the Philippines aimed at helping users keep better tabs on their data.

Data is currency in the developing world, and with so little of it, your time on the internet is relative to your ability to top off. That’s why Google’s launched an experimental app to help those particular users in regions of the world where data is most crucial. The app is called Triangle and it’s being tested in the Philippines.

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Cricket Rewards wants to help you save money on your monthly bill and more

Cricket Wireless is introducing Cricket Rewards which will give subscribers points which can be used towards various bill discounts, sweepstakes entries, and much more.

Indian government calls Google Maps unreliable, wants citizens to use its own mapping solution instead

The Indian government launches its latest salvo in a long-running fight with Google over mapping data.

The Indian government doesn’t have a high opinion of Google Maps, and it conveyed that sentiment today by saying that the service is “not authenticated” and calling into question its reliability.

That’s according to a statement made by the head of the country’s mapping and survey organisation, aptly named the Survey of India:

If you talk about the authentication, the  [Read More…]

PureEarth wants to liven up your wallpaper game

Overview: PureEarth is a wallpaper app that focuses mainly on pictures from exotic locales from around the world, and interesting camera angles and picturesque scenes. It is a simple, easy app that offers some excellent wallpapers for those who are interested in visually impressive wallpapers. Developer: Daniele Orlando Cost: Free Impressions: PureEarth is similar to […]

Gear Up: 808 Audio wants to power your summer playlists

808 Audio is an audio brand known for releasing quality products at an affordable price. We’ve reviewed a number of products over the years and are always interested in checking out new models. As the summer season gets in full swing, it’s the time of year we find ourselves outside, riding bikes, taking walks, and […]

LG reportedly wants to announce G7 and V30 earlier than previous models

The LG G6 may only be a couple of months old at this point, but that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from churning out reports about the G6’s follow-up.

The LG G7 will reportedly be announced earlier in the year than the LG G6. Specifically, LG is aiming for a January announcement of the G7, claims Aju Business Daily, via The Investor. To compare, the LG G6 and LG G5 were both announced in late February.

Today’s report also claims  [Read More…]

This Android Wear app wants to help you quit smoking

Smartwatches were supposed to be the next big thing, but sadly not many customers are willing to pay $ 200+ for a wrist-bound device that mainly counts steps and relays notifications from your smartphone. Still artificial intelligence startup Kiwi has found a way to make smartwatches more useful. It developed an app exclusively for Android Wear […]

Facebook wants teens to use its apps, but not without parental guidance

A new messaging app from the social network is aimed at teens and will focus primarily on offering robust parental controls.

There is code inside the main Facebook app that refers to a yet-to-be-released messaging app aimed especially at teens.

According to The Information, the app is called “Talk” and it’s developed to offer a bevy of parental controls. It’s restricted to users 13 years or older and teens won’t need their own Facebook profile to access the app.  [Read More…]