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Google wants the next generation of chatbots to be actually funny

She’s called Meena — and she does not meander.

What you need to know The Brain Team at Google Research outlined a new type of chatbot in a paper published earlier this week. Named Meena, this virtual talker was explicitly designed to address chatbots’ seeming inability to understand the broader context of conversations. It can also be funny, sometimes.

Meena, what Google Brain’s research team so callously described as a “multi-turn open-domain chatbot” — she’s got feelings,  [Read More…]

Forget NFC, Amazon wants you to pay in stores with your hand

The payment solution is still in its early stages.

What you need to know Amazon is working on a new solution that will allow consumers to pay for purchases at stores using their palm. The payments system will make it possible for individuals to link their card information to their hands. Amazon will reportedly pitch the checkout terminals to fast-food restaurants, coffee shops, and other stores.

A report published by New York Post in September last year  [Read More…]

The EU wants to mandate USB-C ports on smartphones

Previously a suggestion, now heading towards a compulsion.

What you need to know The EU is moving towards mandating USB-C adoption on electronics. The bloc had previously adopted a voluntary directive back in 2014, but the results were less than satisfactory. Now, USB-C might be made a mandatory inclusion irrespective of the price-point or OEM.

USB-C is more or less a standard in 2020. Smartphones like the Pixel 4 come with it, Apple’s iPads have adopted it,  [Read More…]

Xiaomi wants to launch its premium devices in India, but it won’t be easy

Xiaomi is seen as a budget player in India, but it is aiming to change that in 2020.

What do you think of when you hear the Xiaomi name? For Indian consumers, the brand is synonymous with budget phones, and for good reason. For the last five years, Xiaomi flooded the Indian market with a wave of entry-level and budget phones, allowing it to rise up the ranks and become the country’s largest phone manufacturer. Xiaomi held  [Read More…]

A U.S. senator wants the ad blocking industry investigated

Acceptable Ads are unacceptable.

What you need to know Senator Ron Wyden has asked the FTC to investigate the ad blocking industry for anti-competitive practices. The Senator calls out AdBlock Plus’ acceptable ads policy as unacceptable. He urges for more transparent disclosure in cases where advertisers pay to be whitelisted.

United States Senator Ron Wyden has called on the FTC to investigate what he critiques as anti-competitive practices by the ad blocking industry.

In a letter surfaced  [Read More…]

CES 2020: 5 crazy expensive pieces of tech nobody needs but everybody wants

CES is the place of tech dreams, where spectacle is paramount and the price of products is often out of the public’s reach. From massive 8K TVs to waterproof drones to AI-powered washing machines to… Alexa-powered Lamborghinis, there was an out-of-reach product for everyone at the show.

With over 4,500 exhibitors showing off hundreds of thousands of products, we’re rounding up some of the more garish and aspirational products we saw at CES 2020.

Lamborghini Huracan Evo with  [Read More…]

Google wants to bring high quality weather prediction to India

First in India, then later in the rest of the world.

What you need to know Google is teaming up with weather forecaster firm ClimaCell to help bring free access to high-quality forecast data in India. Google Cloud’s Public data sets will house ClimaCell’s prediction data, allowing members of the public to access and make use of it. The program begins first in India and will roll out later to other regions.

Google and ClimaCell are teaming  [Read More…]

Disney wants to expand Star Wars storytelling with new movies, TV shows

Disney is trying to avoid viewer fatigue while still delivering regular, new content

What you need to know Disney wants to deliver new and exciting stories while avoiding market fatigue. Disney CEO Bob Iger hints that we could see movies for big events with certain TV characters. He also suggests that expanded visions of character and timeline stories from the films could make their way onto Disney+ as new series.

When Disney bought Star Wars from Lucasfilm  [Read More…]

Google wants to make navigation in Chrome easier with new UI for tab groups

The change is supposed to make tab grouping work better with the larger ‘Duet’ redesign for the browser.

What you need to know Google is looking to harmonize tab groups with a more extensive redesign of Chrome on Android. Tabs in the open tab group are currently displayed at the bottom of the screen. With the design in question, these would be moved to a floating bar above the tabs button.

Google’s engineers are currently testing a  [Read More…]

Facebook wants to take on Google by creating its own Android alternative

Development is being led by a former Microsoft veteran.

What you need to know Facebook is reportedly working on its own OS to replace Android. The company is reportedly aiming for an Apple-esque hardware strategy, with complete control over its hardware and software. A former Microsoft veteran is leading the OS’ development.

Facebook may be looking to reignite the OS wars in a big way: by creating its own operating system to take on Google. The Information  [Read More…]