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HTC wants you to pay ₹92,990 ($1,440) for the Vive VR headset in India

HTC once again shows that it doesn’t care about the Indian market.

In the latest instalment of HTC’s long-running series of blunders in India, the Taiwanese manufacturer has launched the Vive VR headset in India. Before we get to the astronomical price, a quick primer on the Indian electronics scene. In an effort to get local manufacturing off the ground, the Indian government is incentivizing local assembly efforts, and has hiked duties of electronics that are imported into the  [Read More…]

Google’s Chief Game Designer leaves company, wants to actually design games again

Sometimes you realise it’s just time to move on.

Noah Falstein has left his post as Google’s Chief Game Designer after four years with the company, making the announcement official in a post on his blog. Falstein explains that he’s leaving because “the opportunity to actually build the big, consequential games” had “failed to materialize”.

While you might be thinking “Why would Google design games themselves?”, keep in mind the historical context at the time of Falstein’s  [Read More…]

The ‘open and free’ Android is no longer what anyone wants to buy (or sell)

The open Android is the most important Android.

Android is one of the largest and most popular collections of open source software that has even seen the light of day. But the Android you’re getting when you buy the next important phone isn’t, and we have to wonder if anyone really cares.

Open source and “free and open” doesn’t mean free as in getting something that doesn’t cost money. It can mean that, and in many cases  [Read More…]

Facebook wants people to use its app for messaging again with new Stories feature

Facebook is adding Stories to its core app, and over 1.6 billion people will now get to know Snapchat, whether they realize it or not.

For years, Facebook has been about sharing with everyone — and doing a million other things, from selling products to joining groups to marking yourself as safe during emergencies. All of these things, together, have led to the service being the most-used Android app in the world, and overall the most popular digital platform  [Read More…]

Softbank still wants Sprint and T-Mobile to merge

If at first you don’t succeed …

CNBC reports that Softbank still has goals of a Sprint / T-Mobile merger becoming a valid number three carrier in the U.S. and it has a novel way of getting it to happen this time: giving control of Sprint to Deutsche Telekom and becoming a minor partner in a new combined network.

In 2014, Softbank, which owned Sprint after a $ 21.6 billion 2013 investment, was set to purchase T-Mobile  [Read More…]

This smartwatch wants you to spend more time with people who matter

Technology affects our social life and social skills. Armed with a smartphone and apps like Tinder, WhatsApp and Facebook, people don’t even need to go out into the real world to have a conversation anymore. But what if we told you not all forms of technology promote social segregation? Some actually want to combat it. […]

HTC wants Indian users to pay ₹48,990 ($730) for a Snapdragon 810-powered phone

HTC continues to be ignorant of the Indian market.

HTC doesn’t have a great track record in India. The Taiwanese manufacturer rolled out the MediaTek Helio X10-powered One M9+ in lieu of the standard One M9 in 2015, charging ₹52,500 ($ 785) for it. The QHD display backed by an inefficient processor led to the phone lagging in everyday usage, and the high price drove customers to the Galaxy S6.

Last year, the brand announced that it  [Read More…]

[Promo] LeEco wants to take you to Super Bowl 2017

Have you ever dreamed of attending the Super Bowl, but for various reasons you never managed to? Chinese tech giant, LeEco wants to make it happen for you. With only about a week and a half before Super Bowl 51 kickstarts, LeEco just announced an incredible promo, football fans are going to love. LeEco plans

Google wants all Chromebooks to charge via USB-C, and it’s almost there

USB-C is coming to more Chromebooks with Google’s help.

Google is working with its partners to standardize charging across the entire Chromebook lineup of laptops, 2-in-1s and, eventually, tablets, according to the company.

In a blog post, the company said that it is listening to feedback from educators that despite the unified software experience, investing in Chromebooks from different manufacturers often comes with a set of charging challenges, as many laptops have proprietary charging ports and chargers that cannot  [Read More…]

New Sonos CEO wants integrations with Google Assistant, Alexa

Ok, Google, crank up the tunes on Sonos.

Patrick Spence took the reins at Sonos weeks ago, and a memo obtained by The Verge he sent out to the company when he did makes it no secret where he wants Sonos to expand in the face of increased competition: digital assistant integration.

Many digital assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa directly compete with Sonos, and it’s not hard to see them chipping away at the  [Read More…]