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Stay warm this winter with 20% off Starter fleece and loungewear

Sweatpants are pants. They count. I swear.

Amazon is offering 20% off a bunch of Starter clothing. You can save on jackets, sweatpants, hoodies, sweatshirts, and more. There are 58 items to choose from for the entire family. With the colder months approaching quickly, it never hurts to have some additional layers for extra warmth.

For example, the pictured Starter Men’s Polar Fleece Jacket is down to $ 19.99. That’s $ 5 off the normal price, and  [Read More…]

Stay warm with these hot deals on batteries, USB type-C cables, and adapters and fast wireless chargers

Welcome to another wonderful week! I hope you’re missing out on this crazy winter storm hitting the north east. But hey, if you are getting dumped on right now, make the best of it! Kick back with some Netflix, make some hot cocoa and realize that it’s March so this is probably the last snow of […]

Best Winter Accessories: What you need to stay warm and mobile

If you’re reading this in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s winter time! You’re probably huddled under your blanket with some hot cocoa and a warm laptop, trying to fend off Jack Frost in all his guises. But the sad reality is you’re going to have to head outside sometime soon, for work or school or a snowball fight with the darned neighbor kids. You’re not going to leave your tech behind when you go out, right? That laptop could probably  [Read More…]

Thursday’s best deals and discount codes: Stay warm this winter with these awesome tech accessories

Happy Thursday! If you are procrastinating or simply forgot Thanksgiving is next week, you still have time to prepare yourself. It’s the most traveled holiday of the year which means there’s a high chance you’re going to be driving or flying long distances to see your loved ones. I’ve gathered several deals that will make

Keep your hands warm and text at the same time (deal of the day)

Winter is coming! Shorts and sandals will be replaced with jackets and gloves. Let me paint you a scenario. Your significant other just built the sickest snowman and obviously wants to put it on Instagram. You’re left with a tough choice. Do I let my hands freeze to take this picture or do I destroy this

Amazon Echo will now talk to your ecobee thermostat to help keep your home warm

The Amazon Echo is the online retailer’s central hub that can connect to various smart devices in your home, which now includes the ecobee smart thermostat. Support has been implemented that enables the speaker to connect with the thermostat to control the heating inside your home.

As well as supporting Amazon Echo, the ecobee also works with Samsung SmartThings, iFTTT and even Apple HomeKit. The thermostat is an improvement over traditional units by actively measuring  [Read More…]