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The U.S. Justice Department is appealing the AT&T and Time Warner deal

Not even a month after AT&T purchased Time Warner for $ 85 billion, the U.S. Justice Department is now appealing the deal.

A court document was filed on Thursday, July 12, confirming the news. The appeal is being led by District Court Judge Richard Leon.

Per CNBC, Leon noted in his 200-page appeal filing that “the government failed to meet its burden to establish that the deal would significantly decrease competition.”

On June 15, AT&T officially completed its  [Read More…]

AT&T has officially purchased Time Warner for $85 billion

This will allow AT&T to bring a “fresh approach” to the media industry.

Nearly two years after initially proposing its acquisition plans, AT&T announced on June 14, 2018, that it had officially completed the deal to purchase Time Warner for a sum of $ 85 billion.

AT&T first announced these plans back in October 2016, and soon after, was faced with a tremendous about of backlash from all sectors. The company most recently spent six weeks in  [Read More…]

AT&T granted approval to acquire Time Warner for $85 billion

The decision comes after a six-week-long trial.

For the past six weeks, AT&T has been in court over concern of its want to purchase Time Warner for a total of $ 85 billion. On Tuesday, June 12, Judge Richard Leon of the United States District Court in Washington D.C. officially approved the deal.

Leon says that the acquisition doesn’t violate any antitrust laws, and in response to the government asking Leon to put down his own ruling  [Read More…]

Sonic, Mad Max and more Sega and Warner Bros games coming to NVIDIA Shield

Owners of NVIDIA’s Shield devices will soon be able to play nine more games, via the GeForce Now streaming service. The games come from publishers Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Sega.

NVIDIA says that four Sonic the Hedgehog games will be part of this new addition to GeForce Now. Sega will also throw in Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine and Alpha Protocol. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will add two of its movie-based games to the service:  [Read More…]

Comcast drops $45 billion merger deal with Time Warner Cable

Following yesterday’s report, Comcast has pulled out of talks to merge with rival Time Warner Cable, announcing today the company has terminated all agreements. The deal is off.

Comcast originally announced the deal to merge with TWC back in 2014, which was valued at $ 45.2 billion in stock. The merge was met with criticism from not only the general public but government officials (namely the FCC) too. Today, the merge finally caved in, with Comcast  [Read More…]

Comcast reportedly dropping plans to merge with Time Warner Cable

Comcast is reportedly dropping its bid to merge with rival Time Warner Cable.

Comcast is said to be preparing to abandon its planned merger with rival Time Warner Cable. The deal was originally announced in early 2014, and valued at $ 45.2 billion in stock.

Time Warner Cable lands on Android tablets

Time Warner Cable is the latest to join the Market with a launch of its free app for Android tablets, which allows subscribers to program their DVR’s and check TV listings. Unfortunately, the TWC TV app doesn’t provide access to live TV channels, a service that some programmers have apparently objected to. This started from the company’s iPad app, which included a live-streaming feature of Time Warner Cable’s  [Read More…]