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Watch DOOM Eternal’s full E3 2019 showcase

id Software doubles down on DOOM’s gory renaissance.

At E3 2018, id Software announced a new entry in the DOOM franchise. Dubbed DOOM Eternal, it’s a continuation of the 2016 reboot that set the franchise on a new path. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Conquer Hell DOOM Eternal

$ 60 at Amazon

Slay demonic forces

Prepare yourself for all of the blood and gore you can handle in DOOM Eternal,  [Read More…]

Everything you need to know about Watch Dogs: Legion

Start brushing up on your accents.

Surprising absolutely no one thanks to Amazon leaking its existence and details beforehand, Watch Dogs: Legion was announced at Ubisoft’s E3 2019 press conference. Get ready to travel across the pond because players are going to London.

Post-Brexit Watch Dogs: Legion

$ 60 at Amazon

Save all of London

Ubisoft is taking us to post-Brexit London with Watch Dogs: Legion. Play as anyone and recruit resistance fighters  [Read More…]

Where to watch the Google Stadia Connect on Thursday

Expect some game announcements for Google Stadia too.

What you need to know Google Stadia is a game streaming service. Pricing, launch information, and games will be revealed during the stream. You can watch the stream this Thursday on YouTube through the video above.

Google just can’t wait until E3 to reveal more information about its streaming service Google Stadia, so the company is hosting the first ever Stadia Connect (think similar to a Nintendo Direct) this Thursday.  [Read More…]

Here’s where you can watch the Death Stranding announcement tomorrow

Hopefully we learn some big information tomorrow.

What you need to know Death Stranding is set to receive some sort of announcement tomorrow. A looped Death Stranding video has been playing on PlayStation’s Twitch channel.

Hideo Kojima teased an impending Death Stranding announcement on Wednesday, and now PlayStation’s Twitch channel seems to be gearing up for whatever the reveal is by playing a looped video with ominous music and oily hands across the screen. Occasionally, we’ll even  [Read More…]

One UI update rolling out to Galaxy Watch, Gear S3, and Gear Sport

The update includes battery optimizations and outdoor swim tracking.

What you need to know The One UI update is rolling out to the Galaxy Watch, Gear S3, and Gear Sport. The update includes a refreshed UI with new settings and features. New battery optimizations should help your watch last longer.

We first got a glimpse of Samsung’s One UI on wearables with the launch of the Galaxy Watch Active. Now, the One UI update is rolling out  [Read More…]

Rebble.io has renewed my love for the Pebble watch

I have a particular set of skills. I’ve had a knack over the years of investing in doomed technology. First it was webOS. Then BlackBerry 10. One of the more recent ones would be Pebble. Its demise hit me almost as hard as the webOS dumpster fire ending.

I loved my Pebble. The software team (many former webOS devs) developed a super solid OS and paired with great battery life. It truly gave users a smartwatch experience that, in my  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy Watch vs. Misfit Vapor 2: Which should you buy?

Here at Android Central, our favorite computers don’t just live in our pockets; they also live on our wrists. With years of experience with dozens of smartwatches, we’re here to offer you our picks for the best you can get today.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Our Pick

From $ 280 at Amazon

Pros Fantastic display Great battery life Rotating bezel design is just plain cool Easy to swap watchbands Cons Little on the thick side The watch  [Read More…]

How to pair your Bluetooth headphones with your Wear OS watch

In case you didn’t already know, it’s possible to pair Bluetooth headphones with your Wear OS watch. This is perfect for taking calls or listening to music because no one wants to listen to music coming out of that little speaker.

Follow the steps below and your favorite Bluetooth headphones will be paired with your watch in no time.

Initiate pairing on your Bluetooth headphones Swipe down the quick toggle panel on your Wear OS watch Tap on the settings  [Read More…]

Non-Premium subscribers will be able to watch YouTube Originals with ads

Want to watch Cobra Kai but don’t have YouTube Premium? Patience, Grasshopper.

As YouTube continues to shift away from scripted YouTube Originals and focus on unscripted content — including musical content and a renewed focus on learning and personality-driven content — YouTube has confirmed that it will be allowing non-Premium users to watch YouTube Originals like Cobra Kai for free with ads in the future.

The original content market is getting increasingly crowded, expensive, and downright  [Read More…]

Google Fit launches on iOS with support for Wear OS and Apple Watch

It’s available to download starting today.

Last year, Google completely overhauled Google Fit with a much-needed update. It’s been a great experience so far on Android, and as of April 24, it’s now heading to iOS.

Similar to Google Fit on Android, the iOS app tracks your activity in two main categories — Heart Points and Move Minutes. Heart Points are earned for intensive workouts and Move Minutes add up throughout the day as you keep moving.

  [Read More…]