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Today’s best deals: Moto 360 Sport, Huawei Watch, Huawei Nexus 6P

Happy Sunday! Today is the day to rest and relax with friends and family. The weather is warming up, and the days are long. We’ve done the work of finding today’s best deals on tech from around the web so you can spend more time with your loved ones. You can enjoy the park, beach,

T-Mobile is about to launch Uncarrier 11 and wants you to watch live

T-Mobile has famously unveiled its new customer-friendly at Uncarrier events. We’ve already seen 10 great new programs like Binge On, Music Freedom, and Data Stash, and now T-Mobile is doing it again. On June 6 T-Mobile will release details of Uncarrier 11. Now, T-Mobile wasn’t kind enough to give us any hints as to what

Android Wear watch face roundup: Historic Women, Animated Robots and more

Android Wear gives you variety you can depend on.

With so many watch faces available on The Google Play Store it can be nigh on impossible to keep track of them all. That’s why we’re here, to help you find the most awesome watch faces currently available. This time we have five faces that you may not have seen before.

Whether you want something simple, or something that can easily get you all the information you  [Read More…]

Watch all the sessions from Google I/O 2016 right here

There was a lot to like about Google I/O 2016, with the search giant unveiling new products, apps, and technologies. While the keynote had a slew of consumer-centric announcements, I/O is primarily a developer conference, with a focus on providing developers the tools and resources they need to build the best apps and services possible.

Google has now collated all of the developer sessions from the three-day event — which include a deep dive into its latest  [Read More…]

Newton Drop Dash!: Watch out for that… Bird (Review)

Developer: AshCorp Category: Games  Price: Free w/ads How to Play In Newton Drop Dash!, you are an apple trying to get to the bottom and hit Newton on the head so he can discover gravity. There are three lanes, and one or more will be open for you to move through. Alternatively, one or two

Best third-party watch bands for Fossil Q Founder

Need more bands for your Fossil Q? Strap on one of these!

You bought your Fossil Q Founder with pride and you should wear it with pride! When it comes to the strap, you may need more than one. Different straps are good for different occasions.

The great thing about the Fossil Q Founder is it works with almost any 22mm band, and we have rounded up some of the best aftermarket bands for the Fossil  [Read More…]

How to install Android Wear 2.0 beta on your watch

This article originally appeared on our sister site, www.SmarterWatching.com. For more coverage on Android Wear, visit SmarterWatching now! You’ve seen the announcement, watched the videos, and read up on Android Wear 2.0. Now, you’re ready to install it on your watch. How do you set out to do so? Well, first you need to make

Best accessories for the LG Urbane Watch 2

Bluetooth earbuds, screen protectors, and chargers are great companions for the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition.

After a short-lived release in late 2015, the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition is finally ready to adorn your wrist! A key difference between the second generation and the original Urbane is the LTE connectivity, which means your watch doesn’t need to be connected to your phone. AT&T was the first carrier to begin selling this watch with Verizon following  [Read More…]

The Washington Post’s Gear S2 watch face keeps you up-to-date on the presidential election

The Washington Post has released its own watch face for the Samsung Gear S2. The face displays the current general election polling, along with a countdown to election day, letting political junkies get a quick glance at the state of the race.

From The Washington Post:

The candidate matchups automatically rotate every 10 secs or the user can tap the screen for the next pairing. The data is based on averages of polling from open source data  [Read More…]

[DEAL] Pick up a Magellan Echo Smart Fitness Watch for $39.99

As much as we love our Android Wear watches and all of the cool functionality that comes with them, not everyone feels the same. Some users don’t have a need for features such as heart rate monitors, internally stored music, or GPS. And, really, not everyone wants to drop a couple hundred bucks for a