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Verizon Galaxy Nexus watch, 48 hours and counting?


If the latest rumors are correct (and why wouldn’t they be, right?), we could finally see Verizon place the Galaxy Nexus on sale come December 15. Just last week everyone seemed to agree that the Galaxy Nexus could arrive on December 9, but that date came and went just like the dozen others that were rumored before it.

Some would argue that the Galaxy Nexus has never been delayed because Verizon  [Read More…]

Watch the story behind Wind-Up Knight

Android Central

We love Wind-Up Knight, there’s little other way of saying it. While not everyone is a fan of it’s pricing structure, no-one can deny that it has been gaining massive recognition since its release.

For the developers, Robot Invader, this was their first foray into the mobile application world. In an interview with the AndroidDevelopers YouTube channel, they go into a bit of the back story behind the game  [Read More…]

Video: WIMM One Android watch reviews show up; not awesome, but promising


WIMM’s attempt to make us look like detectives has kept us on the lookout since we first heard about its smart watch last August. What differentiated this smart watch was that it is meant to be a stand alone product. Competing products are inextricably tied to smartphones. Hell, the Sony Ericsson LiveView can’t even tell you the time without being connected to your phone.

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Dear @georgiatipb: We have a watch for you

iPod Nano and MotoACTV

One straps to your wrist, plays music and tracks your workout. The other does the same for almost half the price. OK, OK. So the $ 249 price (for the 8GB model) of the MOTOACTV is going to be a bit much for some to swallow. We get that.

But here’s the thing: It actually goes one further than the iPod Nano and connects to your phone  [Read More…]

Watch Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich event with Radio Android live now!


Here it is folks, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Google is live in Hong Kong ready to bring us the latest from our favorite operating system, Android.

Will we finally get to take an in-depth look at Ice Cream Sandwich? The Nexus Prime? The ASUS Transformer 2 with an NVIDIA Tegra 3? We’ve embedded the video below so you can watch from right here and join in on the discussion  [Read More…]

Watch the live video stream of the Motorola Droid RAZR event


Want to watch the live video stream of the Motorola Droid RAZR event? Link after the break. Developing…


Android-powered i’m Watch comes out of hiding October 25


How much would you spend on the world’s coolest looking Android-powered smartwatch? Next week in Santa Clara on October 25th, i’m Watch will make its long awaited debut at ARM TechCon and try to convince you it’s worth the 249 € (~$ 340) asking price.

We have previously seen similar devices like the Sony Ericsson LiveView and Motorola’s leaked Tracy XL, but none of them have had the style and prestige that i’m Watch is aiming for. The  [Read More…]

Google faces Senate hearings that it stiffles Yelp! and other competitors. [Watch live on C-Span]

In the U.S. Senate hearings set to investigate claims that Google is anti-competitive, Yelp will accuse the search giant of stealing its content and punishing the review site for complaining about the practice.

CEO Jeremy Stoppelman has already released his prepared testimony that he will use to address Congress, as well as a collection of slides that show what he alleges is Google’s anti-competitive  [Read More…]

Watch a recap of Samsung’s U.S. Galaxy S II launch event

Samsung U.S. Galaxy S II launch event

Uh oh. Someone forgot to duck out of the camera’s view at Tuesday’s U.S. Galaxy S II launch event in New York City. (And you can even spot Anndrew Vacca if you know where to look.) Sammy’s done a nice little recap of the shindig, recapping the highlights of the device along with the presentation itself.

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