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Pebble updates watch firmware with better notification handling

Pebble has rolled out an updated firmware for its smartwatch today that brings some performance improvements, bug fixes, and better notification management. The Pebble watch firmware is now at version 2.3 after the update is applied.

Get LG’s G Watch for £99 when you buy a G3 from Three UK

If you were looking to get both the LG G3 and the G Watch, here’s a nifty way to save some cash. UK carrier Three has announced that all customers purchasing a G3 will be eligible to buy the G Watch for a discounted price of £99, allowing you to shave £70 off the retail cost of the smartwatch.

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Just buy an Android Wear watch? Which one did you choose?

Google blew us away when it announced that the LG G Watch and previously-unannounced Samsung Gear Live would be available to order today directly from Google Play. And now that both watches are up in the Play Store with price tags of $ 229 and $ 199, we want to know who actually pulled the trigger and picked one up for themselves. We’ve put together a formal poll so folks can let everyone know whether they  [Read More…]

LG G Watch specifications released, they’re rather solid for a smartwatch

lg g watch_featured

Google announced LG G Watch’s availability at Google I/O today and now we have official specs of said smartwatch.

It turns out LG G Watch is rather powerful considering we’re talking about a smartwatch here. It is powered by a Snapdragon 400 chip and has 512MB of RAM, which we could categorize  [Read More…]

LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live now available in Google Play

Google dropped a bit of a bomb on us all at Google I/O today by announcing that the LG G Watch would go on sale in Google Play today, then doubled up on that by announcing the Samsung Gear Live and also making it available today.

The LG G Watch comes in at $ 229 and is shipping July 3rd (though LG said July 7th previously), while the Samsung Gear Live comes in at just $  [Read More…]

Hands-on with the LG G Watch

Begun, the next era of the smartwatch has. We’ve gotten a few minutes to check out the LG G Watch, one of the first three Android Wear watches. (The Moto 360 and Samsung Gear Live round out the other two.)

At its most simple, it’s a 1.6-inch display wrapped in a steel case (available in either black or white). That display is a 280×280 IPS panel (LG’s own). And while that 247 pixels per inch is  [Read More…]

Samsung Gear Live, LG G Watch, Moto 360 availability announced


Hopefully you’ve all been watching Google I/O! If not, Google have updated us on the availability of some of the upcoming Android Wear devices.

The LG G Watch, if you haven’t yet preordered it, will be available on Google Play later today. They’ve also announced the Samsung Gear Live, Samsung’s take on a watch running Android Wear. There are no specifications released for the watches quite  [Read More…]

LG G Watch goes up on pre-order for $255



It’s just a matter of time now until we expect to see the LG G Watch officially announced at Google I/O alongside the Moto 360, both of which will be Android Wear’s first flag-ship devices.So with launch of the LG G Watch imminent, it was obvious that some retailers would be chomping at the bit to… Read more »

The post LG G Watch goes  [Read More…]

Watch the entire Amazon press conference

Busy with work or school earlier today and missed the Amazon unveiling of the Fire Phone? You could do the smart thing and check out our topic page for the Amazon Fire Phone to get all the info in one place. Or you can hit up YouTube and relieve the entire unveiling.

Fleksy Messenger for the Gear 2 lets you reply to SMS messages right from your watch

The popular Android keyboard Fleksy has arrived today on the Samsung Gear 2 in the form of Fleksy Messenger — a new app that will allow Gear 2 users to reply to SMS messages directly on their watch. Fleksy is already available as an add-on keyboard for Android devices, including the Omate TrueSmart watch, so it should be familiar to many users.

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