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Keep your devices protected with two Anker waterproof bags for $7

No more bags of rice.

Amazon has a two-pack of these Anker Universal Dry Bag Waterproof Cases on sale for $ 6.99 right now. Usually, these sell for between $ 9 and $ 10. Today’s discount matches the best we’ve ever seen on this bundle.

These bags come in handy for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, or tubing, but they can also make a big difference on beach days or trips to the waterpark. I firmly believe  [Read More…]

Your “waterproof” phone … isn’t (IP ratings explained)

You only need to drop your phone off a boat, or into a puddle, or (yes) into a toilet one time to start yearning for a world in which all smartphones are waterproof. The good news: these days, many of them are at least water-resistant, because they’re tested according to a body of standards called the International Protection codes (think: IP68, IP57). The bad news: they’re probably not as resistant as you think.

Today on the MrMobile  [Read More…]

Keep your stuff safe with one of these $10 BFULL 10L waterproof dry bags

Today only, Amazon’s offering the BFULL 10L Waterproof Dry Bag in your choice of 3 colors for only $ 9.75. These typically sell for $ 14. Black and orange are currently add-on items that will ship with orders over $ 25, but as of press time, the blue bag is available to buy without the add-on restrictions.

These bags received positive customer feedback from the handful of users that left reviews. The bag promises to be tough and  [Read More…]

Best Waterproof Pouches for Android Phones

Brace your phone. Summer is coming.

Whether you’re heading somewhere awesome and wet for your vacation like the Bahamas, or you’re intending to bring your phone along as you go tubing on the Comal River, a waterproof pouch is an easy way to protect your phone from electronics’ biggest enemy: water.

IPX8 cases are widely prevalent, come in many styles, colors, and sizes to accommodate phones both big and small, and since they’re usually big enough for  [Read More…]

Best Waterproof Phone in 2018

Best overall Best for photography Best for clean experience Best for features

Best Overall Samsung Galaxy S9

See at Verizon See at Sprint See at Best Buy

Last year’s best waterproof phone was the Galaxy S8, so it’s no surprise this year’s would be its sequel. Samsung made small changes to the new Galaxy model that make a meaningful difference, but it also left alone what matters here: the phone’s IP68 rating. That means it is safe  [Read More…]

Cat Phones intros rugged, waterproof S61 with enhanced thermal imaging camera

Slated to launch in the second quarter, the Cat S61 is tougher than hell and can withstand anything you throw at it. The updated model also boasts an indoor air quality sensor and laser-assisted measuring tool.

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Best Waterproof Cases for Skiing and Snowboarding

Keep your phone safe whether you’re hitting the snowy slopes this winter

Smartphones are indispensable tools when you’re on vacation. We use them for getting directions, taking beautiful photos, or listening to tunes as you carve down the mountain. And fortunately, phone manufacturers are doing a better job of making great waterproof phones.

But when there’s a chance your phone may get stuck in a snowbank from a nasty spill, having a little bit of waterproofing redundancy  [Read More…]

Save 60 percent on this Wireless and Waterproof Endoscopic Camera!

Typically when you hear the word endoscopic camera it’s being said by a doctor for the purpose of looking inside a patient. But these bendable snake cameras can be used for many everyday things beyond medical applications.

The versatility of an endoscopic camera can allow you to investigate what’s clogging a drain, peer inside the tight spaces of your car, or give you an inside look at any tough to reach areas of your home. The camera head is adjustable  [Read More…]

Pixel 2 will be waterproof and feature an always-on display

More details on the upcoming Pixel phones have come out, confirming more features.

Now that Android 8.0 Oreo has been released, the next big hurdle for Google will be the release of this year’s flagship phones. The Pixel line of phones is expected to be updated in the coming months and more and more details have been emerging.

9to5Google reports the Pixel 2 will be offered in a 64GB model for its base version, up from 32GB  [Read More…]

WiFi HD Waterproof Endoscopic Camera goes where your phone can’t (Deal of the Day)

Ever find yourself trying to figure out what’s clogging your kitchen drain? Or, perhaps you’re working on something under the car hood and can’t seem to see the problem. If only you could look down inside somehow. Today’s Deal of the Day is a waterproof HD endoscopic camera which can be used to do just that. […]