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Weekend Recommender: Gadgets and tech we love

Can you believe it’s March already? The holiday season and ice cold weather look to be in the rear view mirror and we’re ready for spring.

As we prepare for warmer temperatures and start to break free of cabin fever, some of us are cleaning out our homes and offices. In some cases we’re de-cluttering altogether; in others, we’re replacing our old gear with new stuff.

If you’re like us, and on the hunt for new things, you’ll like what  [Read More…]

Looking for VPN deals? Here’s five to consider this weekend

You might not think you need a VPN for browsing the internet on your computer and/or phone. That’s hardly the case. You owe it to yourself to lock things down a bit and keep your data private.

Whether it’s keeping your personal data from being sold, watching content not available in your local market, or something else, VPNs are here to help. You know all of those ads you’re getting that seem tied to a Facebook post you looked at?  [Read More…]

Weekend Recommender: Gadgets and tech we love

It’s officially February and the new year is in formally full swing. Have you stuck to your resolution? That’s okay, neither have others.

Try as we might to get rid of things in an effort to clean our house, we find ourselves buying new gadgets. It’s not our fault that CES has so many cool things. Right?

If you’re like us, and love to check out new stuff, you’ll like what we’ve got in store for you here. Before you  [Read More…]

Sign up for a free week of FuboTV and watch the NFL playoffs this weekend

All your favorite teams in one place.

So you’ve ditched the cable company, gotten yourself a couple subscriptions to some of your favorite streaming services, and downloaded all your favorite apps to your myriad collection of smartphones and tablets. You’re ready to be free, but there’s a very vital piece of the puzzle you’re missing in your cord cutting endeavors: live sports. It’s almost impossible to find a real reliable way to watch live sports without cable  [Read More…]

Stream Tottenham Hotspur vs. Manchester United this weekend in 4K on FuboTV

And a free seven-day trial means you won’t have to pay a cent to do it.

One of the best streaming services for sports is FuboTV. And one of the best reasons for that is that it’s one of the only ways you can watch some of your favorite teams in 4K resolution. Not every game, mind you, and the service is still in beta, but there’s a noticeable difference when it’s available.

To that end, FuboTV  [Read More…]

Stock up on Lego gifts at a discount during Black Friday weekend

Livin’ la vida Lego.

Tons of fantastic Lego deals have hit Amazon over the past few days for Black Friday, and there are still a bunch of available discounts you’ll want to take advantage of for Black Friday weekend. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a fan of Lego Star Wars, Lego Minecraft, or nearly anything Lego, you should be able to find more than enough to brighten up their Christmas this year.

Below are some  [Read More…]

Weekend Recommender: Amazfit, JBL, Bose, and more

Whether you’re wrapping up some backyard projects, beating the heat at the pool, or hitting your strides in the latest semester of school, chances are good you’ll be using some tech. Be it in the form of a Bluetooth speaker, some headphones, chargers, or something else, you surely have a gadget nearby.

It’s the time of year where new phones will be springing up again, and that means potentially new gadgets to accessorize them. With a few flagships hitting retailers over the next  [Read More…]

First Impressions: A weekend with the Huawei P20

Huawei isn’t having the best time with US press and governments right now, but that doesn’t affect the quality of their phones. Earlier this year Huawei announced its new flagships, the P20 and P20 Pro, for mass markets. Unfortunately, the phones aren’t sold in the US, so it’s been a little hard to get our hands on one, but we finally did! I’ve been using the P20 (not Pro) for this past weekend, here are my initial thoughts and annoyances.

  [Read More…]

Try Overwatch for free this weekend on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

It’s time to get your guns a-blazin’.

Fancy some free Overwatch this weekend? Blizzard is gearing up for another free weekend event for the game across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, giving those who haven’t yet tried the hero-laden competitive shooter a chance to test their skills.

Getting down to specifics, you’ll be able to start playing for free at 11 a.m. PT (2 p.m. ET) starting on August 23, and the fun will extend through  [Read More…]

Weekend Recommender: Anker, Adonit, Baseus, Novoo, and iDeaPlay

Welcome to the weekend! We’re now in the dog days of summer. The temps (and humidity.) are on the rise but we’re not letting that get us down. Today, we have some really awesome tech to tell you about. We’re looking at a couple pairs of really nice and affordable headphones, a great precision stylus, and more. And the best part? Everything on this list is under $ 100. Tech is great, but it is even better when it’s affordable  [Read More…]