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Get into some trouble in this weekend’s comments thread!

The only rule is to be cool to each other.

Another week is in the can and that means it’s time to relax, enjoy yourself and get together with friends.

It’s certainly been another week of charged emotions and stressful happenings, but it’s good for everyone to put aside the things add to the tension and drama once in a while. Here is a good place to do just that. You can talk about Android or phones in general,  [Read More…]

Express yourself in this weekend’s comment thread!

Kick back and chat during your weekend downtime.

We’re all busy getting ready for Android O and IFA and V30s and Note 8s and everything else, but it’s still important to remember to take a break once in a while. That’s especially true if you spend the majority of the week behind a desk in a cubicle or office. Take your weekend time, whether it be the normal Saturday and Sunday weekend or other days because work is a  [Read More…]

You be you in this weekend’s comments thread!

We’re all more than a screen name.

Once again we get to the part of the week where we can relax and shoot the breeze with friends. And friends can be a name on the internet belonging to someone halfway across the globe. just because you have never met someone doesn’t mean you’ve never met them, thanks to modern technology.

While I’m sitting here in my comfortable chair, you might be on a park bench loving the weather or  [Read More…]

Do your thing in this weekend’s comment thread!

The comments are yours to use as you will. Almost.

It’s the best day of the week of all the days of the week once again. Saturday is the first day of the weekend that’s not the last day. Time to relax, at least a little bit. And if you’re working through the weekend, hopefully your days off are just as great as a Saturday.

Use this down time to get ready for the Galaxy Note 8. That’s what  [Read More…]

Sit back and forget about Russia in this weekend’s comment thread!

Let’s take a break from the drama.

Even tech websites can’t escape the trap that is politics. We know every time we write an article about something tech-related and political, the proverbial stuff will hit the fan. Especially any opinion pieces. That’s not going to change how we fell about telling you important things you need to know, but it’s usually just not fun. That’s why it’s called work, I guess.

Anyhoo, resist the temptation to go off the  [Read More…]

This weekend’s comments thread is now open

It’s time to be unproductive and have fun!

Even a short work week ends in a weekend. And since it’s Saturday, that means it’s time to fire up the post where you get to say anything about anything. Almost anything. You still need to be kind to each other.

There are plenty of things to talk about if you’re out of ideas. A new phone from MotoroLenovo, Andy Rubin’s Essential phone, or all the reasons you don’t care that  [Read More…]

Open up in this weekend’s comments thread

Sit back, relax and chat about stuff because it’s the weekend!

It’s that time again. Time to talk about stuff, any kind of stuff, because it’s the weekend and talking about stuff while chilling on the deck or whatever you’re doing right now is the best time to do it.

We’re all getting ready to head to Google I/O in just a couple days, so this weekend isn’t as lazy as most. We’ll make up for it by eating  [Read More…]

Get chatty in this weekend’s comments thread!

Sit back, relax and chat about stuff because it’s the weekend!

I 💖weekends. I know I’m not alone here. Even if you work Saturday and Sunday or both, you gotta love it when the boss isn’t around to keep you from pressing buttons and doing things and everything is just a bit relaxed.

And if your weekend is on different days because you’re busting your butt today and tomorrow (shout out to servers and bartenders and retail workers and  [Read More…]

Open up in this weekend’s comments thread

Sit back, relax and chat about stuff because it’s the weekend!

The weekend is finally here. The five days between them sometimes feel like they take forever, but this week was pretty cool with all the Galaxy S8 stuff. Flo and Daniel have to be especially grateful that the calendar says Saturday this week. Be sure to have a look at the reviews (some things need more than one) they wrote for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ if you  [Read More…]

Open up in this weekend’s comments thread

Hooray for the weekend!

Another week is in the can and the glorious release of Saturday is here. We love weekends around these parts and are betting that most of you feel the same way. It’s a time to do whatever you like to do without worrying about a boss or the things he or she want you to do. Good times.

They’re also pretty chill times without a lot going on in the world of Googly techie things.  [Read More…]