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What’s the best cheap Echo – regular or Dot?

Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Best bang for the buck

$ 50 at Amazon

Pros Cheapest Echo Inconspicuous size Fully-functional Alexa device Cons While improved, sound quality not as good as larger versions Not as customizable as previous versions

The Echo Dot (3rd Gen) is the Echo to get for most people. Whether you’re just starting with your smart home or you are expanding your current setup, these affordable speakers can do pretty much anything.

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What’s the difference between PS4 Share Play and Play Together?

Best answer: These are two very different features. Share Play allows you to share a game with your PSN friends, even if they don’t own the game themselves and Play Together lets you and your friends launch a game together at the same time from the party menu, but this is just the very basic idea of each.

Multiplayer necessity: PlayStation Plus: 12 Month Membership – Digital Code ($ 60 at Amazon) Apples and Oranges

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What’s up with the glowing orb in Fortnite?

What could it mean?

What you need to know The live event of Fortnite’s Season 9 introduced a glowing orb to the game. Ever since its introduction, the orb has grown more unstable, with cracks starting to appear in it. With Season 10 right around the corner, the orb may play a large role in just how the Fortnite map changes for next season.

The live event of Fortnite’s Season 9 saw the Polar Peak monster and  [Read More…]

What’s your take on the ASUS ROG Phone 2?

ASUS’s next gaming phone has a lot of potential.

When ASUS debuted the first ROG Phone in 2018, it was met with a lot of excitement and fanfare thanks to its unique design, pressure-sensitive sensors for enhanced gaming controls, and super powerful specs.

For 2019, ASUS is kicking things up a notch with the ROG Phone 2. The new handset boasts an impressive 120Hz display for buttery-smooth animations, a gigantic 6,000 mAh battery, and even more horsepower  [Read More…]

What’s on James Bricknell’s gaming desk: VR, 3D printing and Spider-Man

With all the craziness around me every day — I have an active 13-month-old and a dog that likes to shout at each other — my desk is my little oasis of calm. I am a big fan of VR, especially the PlayStation VR, and I have my desk set up to accommodate it, even having my PS4 underslung on my desk. I’ve always got some 3D printing stuff hanging out on my desk as well, the printer  [Read More…]

What’s new on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu in August 2019

A new season of “Dear White People” hits Netflix this August.

From the impossibly funny to the deadly serious, we’ve got every piece of new video headed your way on your favorite streaming services.

Summer, thankfully, is finally starting to wind down. Unless it’s still ridiculously hot where you are. In which case, stay inside a bit longer. Pop on some tunes or perhaps a show or two. We can help with the latter — and there’s  [Read More…]

What’s the difference between hands-free and push-to-talk Alexa phones?

Best answer: Alexa Built-in Phones with Hands-Free Alexa allow you to access the assistant at any time by just saying “Alexa.” With Push-to-Talk phones, Alexa is accessed by double-pressing the power button.

Hands-Free: Moto G7 ($ 290 at Amazon) Push-to-Talk: Moto G7 Play ($ 195 at Amazon) Hands-Free phones are the easiest way to use Alexa

If you go to buy an Alexa Built-in Phone, you’ll notice that there are two types available — Hands-Free and Push-to-Talk.  [Read More…]

Android Q Beta 5 has landed — here’s what’s new!

Using a third-party launcher on Android Q is going to be interesting.

What you need to know Android Q Beta 5 is now rolling out to devices in the Android Q Beta Program. There’s a new Assistant gesture and a peek behavior for apps with a navigation drawer. When using a third-party launcher, the old three-button navigation will be enabled.

Right on schedule, Google has launched the next version of the Android Q beta — specifically, Beta  [Read More…]

What’s in Andrew’s bag: All the gadgets I need every day

Whether I’m just stepping out of the house for a few hours during the week or heading on a several-day trip, I want to be prepared for anything that comes my way. That means having a bag that’s filled with tech and accessories that help keep everything in my life running smoothly, and make sure I can also do my job on the road just as well as I do back at home. With how much I travel, I don’t  [Read More…]