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Where’s the line? [#acpodcast]

Daniel Bader is joined by Ara Wagoner and Carli Velocci for a streaming service focused episode. In particular, they take a close look at Disney+ and the disruption it may bring to the entertainment industry. They also discuss the distinction between active and ambient viewing habits and how different platforms seem tailored to one or the other. Finally, they offer quick takes on the Star Wars Episode IX teaser trailer.

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Where’s the best place to buy the DJI Smart Controller?

Best answer: The best place to go right now to buy a new Smart Controller is the official DJI Store, either on its own or in a bundle with a Mavic 2.

DJI: Smart Controller ($ 649) DJI: Mavic 2 Smart Controller bundle ($ 1,649) Now on sale around the world from DJI

Having been announced at CES 2019, confirmed availability of the new Smart Controller was vague at best. The Smart Controller went on sale in  [Read More…]

72 hours with Google Home: Where’s the magic?

“Sorry, I don’t know how to help with that. But my team is helping me learn.”

I’ve heard that phrase, or some variant of it, 47 times since I took Google Home out of the box. Google’s answer to everything Home can’t do right now is a reminder that this system is designed to constantly improve, and for techy nerds like me that’s a comfort. My greatest personal hypocrisy is telling people not to buy gadgets  [Read More…]

OK Google, where’s your Amazon Echo Dot competitor?

For some reason, Google is still playing catch up to Amazon.

While undoubtedly immature and arguably not ready for prime time just yet, Google Assistant is easily the best of the virtual assistant platforms you can get today. The natural language processing is amazing, handling accents is beyond compare, and when Google Home launches this will be the first assistant that actually works as a whole life platform. Being great on the go and being good  [Read More…]

Where’s my Vive? HTC drops an FAQ to help answer that question

To help answer some of the questions surrounding HTC Vive shipments, the company has created an FAQ site with lots of answers. From information about when units will ship to delay issues, if you ordered a Vive you will want to check this out. Anytime you order something online, you want to be able to access information about the order progress, see when it will ship, and have a full understanding of what is going on. HTC  [Read More…]

Where’s the Weather app on the Galaxy S6?

Samsung will happily show you the weather all over the Galaxy S6, but there’s no icon in the app drawer.

While you may have a favorite weather app to turn to for what is happening near you, a lot of folks rely on whatever app is handy. For some that means the weather notifications through Google Now are perfect, while others rely on that quick glance baked into their favorite clock widget. Like most Android phones,  [Read More…]

Where’s the Flashlight app on the HTC One M9?

One of the most-used applications on any smartphone isn’t where it used to be. But, yes, the flashlight lives.

If you’ve noticed something missing from the app drawer on the new HTC One M9 thus far, you’re not alone. And it’s one of those apps that you might well not see is missing until you absolutely need it. So where’s the M9 flashlight?

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Where’s the flashlight app on the Galaxy S6?

A dedicated “flashlight” app is gone on the Galaxy S6, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t easy to access that function on your phone.

Our phones are most often the easiest way to quickly deploy a flashlight in dark situations, and the Galaxy S6 will let you quickly light up its camera flash to provide that with a simple tap. Rather than use a dedicated flashlight app or a key command, you can use a quick  [Read More…]

Where’s My Droid App Review


Ready for a little added security to your Android device? Are you looking for more features dedicated to protecting your device from falling prey into the wrong hands. Or how about getting some help locating your device when you just can’t seem to remember where you left it. In today’s review I put such an app claiming to offer those features to the test. Lets  [Read More…]