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How to improve your phone’s Wi-Fi signal

Best answer: Make sure everything is up to date and working properly. If the phone is working correctly, remove obstacles that might cause inferences for your router. If all else fails, a stronger router may be needed.

Strong signal in a sleek housing: Asus Blue Cave ($ 138 at Amazon) Spread your connection in three parts: Google WiFi 3-Pack ($ 259 at Amazon) Make sure everything is up to date

A poor wireless signal can be extremely  [Read More…]

How set a priority device on Google WiFi

We all love our streaming. Video, audio, real-time, and on-demand, we constantly want to consume content. While the convenience of streaming is amazing, it takes a lot of resources, mainly bandwidth. This can be extremely hard on your home network.

Make it a priority

Fortunately, most router systems have a setting to name a certain device on your network to get the lion’s share of the internet. This prioritization can make it so that your Netflix streams don’t buffer or  [Read More…]

VPN Unlimited: Your lifetime safeguarded Wi-Fi is just $39

Whether you’re concerned about security domestically or you’re a frequent traveler, transmitting your data over public Wi-Fi and mobile carrier networks isn’t always the safest option. Enter the VPN Unlimited service, providing you with a dedicated server to protect your online activities.

A lifetime of peace of mind

With this lifetime subscription plan you’ll have access to worry-free browsing, unlimited bandwidth, and the ability to unlock territory-restricted content by choosing a server from the country of your preference. Some users have found  [Read More…]

Nokia unveils entry-level Beacon 1 mesh Wi-Fi router starting at $130

Nokia today expanded its range of Wi-Fi products with the addition of the Nokia Beacon 1 mesh system. With prices starting at $ 130, the Beacon 1 is an affordable alternative to last year’s Beacon 3 and shares many of the same features.

Like its predecessor, Beacon 1 supports 802.11ac and can be used to extend your Wi-Fi coverage to more areas of your home, eliminating dead spots. The dual-band system also features the same easy setup procedure  [Read More…]

How to use WhatsApp web on your laptop on in-flight Wi-Fi

WhatsApp has an easy-to-use web app that lets you access all of your chats from any browser. But if you’ve ever tried to access your WhatsApp on in-flight Wi-Fi, you quickly realize one of the shortcomings of the WhatsApp system: if your phone doesn’t have a data connection, you can’t use WhatsApp on your computer. Rather than paying for multiple devices to have in-flight Wi-Fi just so you can use WhatsApp on your laptop, you can use a  [Read More…]

Wi-Fi calling is amazing, awesome, and elusive for unlocked Android users

Metal roofs, thick walls, and dead zones; things an Android user with Wi-Fi shouldn’t have to care about.

I did not expect to still be using the Google Pixel 3a. I thought I would transfer back to the Galaxy S10 when the 3a got added to the Android Q Beta in June, but here I am, still using a Beta phone as my daily driver. If I’m being perfectly honest, I’d like to go back to the  [Read More…]

Southwest’s latest credit card delivers 80k bonus points and free Wi-Fi

Heads up! We share savvy shopping and personal finance tips to put extra cash in your wallet. Android Central may receive a commission from The Points Guy Affiliate Network.

This just in: Southwest will be launching a brand new premium business credit card called the Southwest Performance Business Card. Successful new applicants will be eligible for 80,000 bonus Rapid Rewards points after spending $ 5,000 in the first three months. The best part is that these sign  [Read More…]

Is Google Wifi a good solution for a tall home?

Best answer: Yes, Google Wifi can broadcast Wi-Fi signal in all directions including to floors above and below. The connection to mesh points will be stronger with less distance to travel, so it’s recommended to put the next node directly above or below the primary router. Fewer walls or floors between access points will be better for your signal strength.

Set up your mesh network from scratch: Google Wifi 3-pack ($ 239 at Amazon) One more to  [Read More…]

These are the best mesh Wi-Fi routers you can buy

Mesh wireless networks, like our favorite kit from Eero, are the best way to rid your home of those dreaded dead spots where Wi-Fi can never seem to reach. Since they are also easy to set up and expandable to work in almost any home, they’re a popular way to do it! Here’s our pick of 2019’s best offerings to help you pick which works for you.

Best Overall: Eero home

Eero made one of the first consumer  [Read More…]

Is the Samsung SmartThings Wifi a better buy than Google Wifi?

At Android Central, we love new networking tech and have been following both of these products so we can find out which one is the best base for your network.

More speed and features Samsung SmartThings Wifi

$ 118 at Amazon

Pros AC1300 MU-MIMO Small size SmartThings Hub Cons Requires 2 apps for full control Only 2 Ethernet ports

Samsung SmartThings Wifi is a mouthful of a name but it has the features to back  [Read More…]