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Google takes on April Fools’ Day early with Google Gnome, Ms. PAC-Maps, and Google Wind

Google always does something fun for April Fools’ Day. This year the company announced an outdoor companion to your Google Home called the Google Gnome. The Gnome lives in your backyard and gives you outdoor related info as well as controlling your gardening tools through the power of magic. Watch the video Google has posted about the Gnome.

Google also announced Ms. PAC-Maps, a Ms. PAC-Man game using Google Maps. You can play it on Android, iOS, and the desktop until April  [Read More…]

Wind Mobile rebrands Freedom Mobile, launches LTE network in Toronto, Vancouver

It’s Freedom Mobile time!

Canada’s Wind Mobile has rebranded Freedom Mobile as it looks to move into a new phase of maturity under new owner, Shaw Communications.

The upside is this: while the orange branding remains in tact, Wind’s transition to Freedom Mobile decouples it from the often-controversial global Wind Mobile brand, and allows Shaw to move beyond the “new entrant” moniker into something that resembles a true competitor to the flanker brands of incumbents  [Read More…]

LG V20 is the first phone compatible with Wind Mobile’s upcoming LTE network

A new era for Wind Mobile approaches.

Canadians in the large cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary are used to paying a premium for wireless data. Thanks to a system that limited price-lowering competition to regional markets in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and to a lesser extent, Quebec, many have held out hope that one company in particular, Shaw-owned Wind Mobile, would offer the relief they so desperately need.

Though Wind Mobile has talked about its burgeoning LTE  [Read More…]

Wind Mobile is turning into a good telco alternative for Western Canadians

If you’re in the (western) market for a new plan, it’s time to consider Wind Mobile.

As of today, Wind Mobile has completed its network upgrades in all of its Western Canadian cities, including Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton. With those upgrades, the company claims speeds and coverage have been drastically improved, along with perhaps the most important metric — latency.

The realization comes after Wind announced that it has completed upgrades in Edmonton as part of  [Read More…]

Is Wind Mobile worth it?

Saving money with Wind Mobile comes with some caveats.

Where I live, there are two choices for mobile service: fast but expensive; and slow, but far less expensive. The former category dominated by three companies, Rogers, Bell, and Telus, along with its myriad flanker brands like Fido, Virgin Mobile, and Koodo. The latter is comprised by a single provider — Wind Mobile — on which many Canadians increasingly rest their hopes for a low-cost alternative to the Big  [Read More…]

Wind Mobile beefs up network coverage in Calgary area

If you’re a Wind Mobile customer in the Calgary, Alberta area, you should begin seeing better cellular coverage and faster LTE speeds across the board. That’s because Wind Mobile has announced the completion of a major network upgrade that should improve overall performance for customers in the area.

Wind Mobile notes that this completes its second major network upgrade in its Western market. The carrier isn’t done, however, as it says that work has already begun on  [Read More…]

Canada’s mobile landscape flattens as Wind Mobile moves from upstart to incumbent

After a brief three-month review period, Canada’s Wind Mobile is now fully owned by Shaw, according to a press release issued by the Calgary-based company this week.

Wind Mobile, which has 940,000 subscribers in three Canadian provinces, is considered the country’s fourth national carrier after Bell, Rogers and Telus. The carrier emerged after the government’s AWS-1 spectrum auction in 2008, and has endured a rough ride, struggling to compete against the so-called Big Three, which already possessed  [Read More…]

Shaw Communications announces plans to acquire Wind Mobile

Canada’s Shaw Communications has announced plans to acquire Wind Mobile, aiming to dip its toes into the wireless market. Shaw, which currently provides cable and internet services, says that it hopes the $ 1.6 billion deal will help it tackle an increasingly “mobile-first” media landscape:

“The global telecom landscape is quickly evolving towards ‘mobile-first’ product offerings as consumers demand ubiquitous connectivity from their service providers. The acquisition of WIND provides Shaw with a unique platform in the  [Read More…]

BlackBerry Priv also coming to Wind Mobile in Canada

Canada’s Wind Mobile has announced that it will be offering the BlackBerry Priv. The carrier has not announced pricing for the phone or release date, with the Wind Mobile store listing saying only that it is “coming soon”. With the phone shipping on November 6, it’s likely that Wind will see it arrive on the network on or close to that date.

[Read More…]

Watch the leaves sway in the wind with these tree wallpapers

This is a little bit of an oddball set of wallpapers. Not because of the wallpapers themselves, but mainly because using a wallpaper of a tree may not be the most common idea. Regardless of that, these are still some awesome wallpapers that you should check and grace your devices with.

If you see a wallpaper that belongs to you and you would like to receive credit, I would love to give it to you! Just drop a comment in  [Read More…]