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Nest Secure will soon be able to detect breaking windows

Glass break detection rolls out in early November.

What you need to know Nest Secure will begin rolling out Glass break detection in early November. Glass break will work best when it is within 15 feet of the door or window you want monitored in a quiet home. Sound processing will take place on the device itself and audio will not be sent to Google’s servers.

If you’ve got a Nest Secure, your home is about to  [Read More…]

Here’s why the Surface Neo runs Android, but the Duo has Windows

Android or Windows? That is the ultimate question, and the answer may surprise you. It’s both.

Last week, Microsoft unveiled two new foldable devices that are expected to start shipping at the end of next year, which push forward Surface as a brand into new categories. One sticking point amongst fans, however, has been the decision to use Windows on the bigger Surface Neo and Android on the smartphone-sized Surface Duo. Some people don’t understand why Microsoft  [Read More…]

Watch the Surface event with live commentary from Windows Central on Mixer

Bring your snark

If you’re having issues with the Mixer player, head to our official Mixer channel instead.

Windows Central on Mixer

What you need to know Microsoft’s next Surface reveal event takes place on October 2 in New York City. The event starts at 10 a.m. ET / 7 a.m. PT. You can watch the event with the Windows Central team as we provide commentary on all of the announcements.

Microsoft’s 2019 Surface event  [Read More…]

Just $19, this 3-part bundle is your primer on PowerShell for Windows

Microsoft has built an interesting and useful tool into its Windows operating system. Designed to assist IT professionals, the PowerShell is your Windows command line and scripting language for automating tasks.

If you’re in the IT space, or are considering dipping your toes into the proverbial water, it’s essential that you have an understanding of how PowerShell works.

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Windows 10 Your Phone app now syncs your battery level and wallpaper

It’s the little things that matter.

What you need to know The Your Phone app now syncs the battery level and wallpaper from your phone. You’ll now see a battery indicator in the upper-right of the Windows 10 app. Wallpaper sync means that the virtual phone displayed in the Windows 10 app will match your phone’s actual wallpaper.

Microsoft has been gradually building out the features of its Your Phone app over the past several months, most  [Read More…]

First Look: Making phone calls using Your Phone on Windows 10 (video)

Microsoft’s Your Phone app can already relay text messages, sync notifications, and share images between your phone and your PC, but soon it will gain the ability to make phone calls. Microsoft confirmed that the feature is on the way during Galaxy Unpacked 2019. The feature will roll out in the future, but we managed to get a first-look and to go hands-on with the new feature.

With the Your Phone app you can dial a number or search  [Read More…]

The Galaxy Note 10+ is easily the best Android phone for Windows users

Is this the closest thing to a Surface Phone running Android ever?

I’ve never been a massive fan of the Samsung Galaxy series of smartphones. The last time I used a Galaxy flagship, it was with the Galaxy S8, and I sold it after only a few weeks because I couldn’t get behind Samsung’s version of Android. It felt bloated and didn’t look very nice. The hardware was excellent, as Samsung hardware always is, but that’s only  [Read More…]

GPD MicroPC puts a Windows 10 PC in your pocket, just $379 with this code

GPD, a brand who has been making pocket-sized Windows computers for some time, has a new, affordable Windows PC aimed at network engineers and sys admins. Called the GPD MicroPC, it’s a clamshell computer with HDMI, USB, Ethernet ports, a Serial port.

Initially offered as part of a crowdfunding campaign, it’s now available to consumers and business users alike. And, while it’s a pretty awesome product on a normal day ($ 480 at Amazon), there’s an even better offer to  [Read More…]

You can now run DeX in a window on Windows and macOS with the Note 10

Requires an app on your PC to work.

What you need to know DeX can now run in a window using the Note 10 and computers running Windows 7, 10, and macOS 10.13 and above. It requires a USB connection and the app to be installed on your PC. This feature is a Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ exclusive.

Samsung DeX is the closest we’ve come to carrying a computer in our pocket. This nifty feature found  [Read More…]

Do you use Samsung Flow with your Windows computer?

A match made in heaven for Samsung and Windows users.

Samsung’s lineup of various products and services can be difficult to keep up with. There’s a seemingly endless number of phones, apps, and more, and one that might have flown under the radar for some people is Samsung Flow.

Samsung Flow is a platform that allows your Samsung Android phone and Windows computer to work seamlessly with one another for some pretty helpful use cases. With Samsung  [Read More…]