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Withings intros water-resistant Pulse HR with 20-day battery

Withings is back. Fresh off of getting out from under the Nokia umbrella, the digital health company is getting back to basics. This week sees the brand adding the Pulse HR to its roster.

A successor to its first-ever tracker, the Withings Pulse, the Pulse HR features a heart rate monitor, connected GPS capabilities, and a 20-day battery.

In an age of smartwatches and wearables with large faces, the Pulse HR is a traditional fitness tracker. It’s a modern take  [Read More…]

Track everything you do with the $75 Withings Activité watch

One-day only deal.

The Withings Activité Steel Activity and Sleep Tracking Watch is down to $ 74.99 on Amazon. This is part of Amazon’s Gold Box deals of the day, so the price is temporary. This tracker normally sells for around $ 99. The drop to $ 75 is one of the best deals we’ve seen, and it works on both the Black model and Black & White.

We have shared deals on the newer version of  [Read More…]

Withings Steel HR review

As an upgrade to the Withings Activité Steel, the Steel HR is a timepiece that features an analog watch with smart, fitness tracking capabilities. It’s one part “regular” watch, mixed one part “smart, activity tracker”. This goes for its physical look as well as its functions. The Withings Steel HR is offered in 36mm ($ 180) […]

Nokia touts the Withings Steel HR Special Edition as an excellent Mother’s Day gift

Mother’s Day is coming up on May 7, so just in time for the occasion Nokia unveiled the new Withings Steel HR Special Edition. Remember that at MWC 2017, French maker of stylish wearables, Withings announced that all the company’s products will be re-branded under the Nokia brand? Well the new Withings Steel HR Special […]

How Phil lost weight and got less fat with the Withings Body smart scale

A smart scale won’t do the work for you, but it makes keeping track of your daily weigh-ins so much easier.

OK, let’s get one thing straight. Knowing how much you weigh won’t actually cause you to lose weight. The scale is just the messenger, right? But I’ve been a HUGE fan of the Withings Body scale (it’s actually my second one, having upgraded from the older model) for a couple years now.

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How the Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor helped save Modern Dad

Fun fact: Seven years of running Android Central might well leave you with high blood pressure. Or maybe it was just a coincidence. …

That’s the bad news. … The good news is that 2016 was the year I decided to take my health a little more seriously. Step 1: Get a doctor. That led to Step 2: Find out that I indeed had high blood pressure, and start dealing with that. And that led to Step 3:  [Read More…]

Make tracking your weight in 2017 easier with 40% off this Withings Wi-Fi scale!

Right now you can save 40% on the Withings Wi-Fi connected scale, dropping the price down to just $ 78. This scale is a great way to easily track your weight loss or gains and help you stay on track to hit those 2017 goals you set for yourself. Normally priced at $ 130, you won’t want to miss out on this $ 52 savings on the scale that can track your weight, BMI, body fat, muscle, bone mass and  [Read More…]

Ring in the best savings ever on Withings Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Right now you can save an additional 25% on the already-discounted Withings connected scale, dropping the price to the lowest we’ve ever seen. The scale can be yours for just $ 68.21, which is a huge savings from the normal price which sits closer to $ 130. Not only will you be able to track how many pounds you are shedding, but also get accurate BMI, body fat, muscle, water and more readings.

If 2017 is the  [Read More…]

Withings Steel HR brings heart rate monitoring to an analog tracker

A better fitness tracker from the design heroes at Withings!

Withings has announced its latest analog fitness tracker, the Steel HR. This is the first analog fitness tracker that adds heart rate monitoring to it, without taking away from the incredible design of the watch. At first glance, it is hard to tell that it is a fitness tracker, let alone that it can monitor your heart rate as well. It will be available in both 36mm and 40mm  [Read More…]

Feet on: Withings Body Cardio Scale adds tons of sensors for better health

This scale might be the only connected health gadget you need.

Connected health tech usually is all about strapping gadgets to your body in order to feed data to an app on your phone. Wear this thing when you run, this thing when you sleep, this thing when you go swimming, and so on until you’re never not wearing some kind of connected health bauble. Using data to help keep yourself healthy is great, but sometimes  [Read More…]