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Does Stadia work with my existing Chromecast?

Best answer: Google has confirmed that Stadia will work with Chromecast Ultra. Those on the baseline Chromecast model will need to upgrade.

Stadia-ready: Google Chromecast Ultra ($ 70 at Amazon) How does Stadia work?

With the advent of Stadia, Google ushers in a new era of gaming where players aren’t bound by hardware. It’s a game streaming service that makes use of low-latency technology to deliver triple-A games to any device that supports it.

Stadia  [Read More…]

Put that USB-C port to work with Vava’s 8-in-1 hub on sale for $40

Put the fun back in functionality.

Use the $ 20 off on-page coupon to knock the price of the Vava 8-in-1 USB-C hub adapter with Power Delivery down to $ 39.99 on Amazon. Compare that to its usual price of $ 60 and the fact that it has never dropped from that price directly.

This hub gives you eight different functions from one USB-C port. Add a 1 Gbps Ethernet port, SD card reader for SD and  [Read More…]

Bixby Routines: How they work on the Galaxy S10

Bixby Routines is an interesting new feature that lets you automate various actions on your phone. For instance, you can set up a morning routine that will automatically pull up weather and calendar information at a predetermined time. The sheer simplicity combined with the endless customization on offer make routines a great new addition to the S10. But how does it all work?

What are Bixby Routines?

Bixby Routines is Samsung’s take on IFTTT (If This, Then That).  [Read More…]

Work out with $7 off the water-resistant SoundPEATS Q31 Bluetooth earphones

These buds can resist sweat and will last your whole workout.

The black SoundPEATS Q31 in-ear sweat-resistant Bluetooth earphones are down to $ 22.99 at Amazon. That’s thanks to a price drop to $ 25.99 and an on-page coupon for a further $ 3 off. These earphones regularly sell for $ 29.99 and this is their best price drop to date.

The Q31 feature Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity, an in-line mic and volume controls, as well as a  [Read More…]

Does Jabra Elite 65t work with iPhone?

Best Answer: Yes! The Jabra Elite 65t are wireless earbuds that connect via Bluetooth 5.0, which is already supported by Apple on the iPhone 8, iPhone X, and all newer devices. If you have an older iPhone, don’t worry — Bluetooth 5.0 is backward-compatible, so the Jabra Elite 65t should work with any iPhone model you have, as long as Bluetooth works.

AirPods alternative: Jabra Elite 65t ($ 152 at Amazon) Status symbol: Apple AirPods ($ 159  [Read More…]

Will my Google Home work on hotel Wi-Fi?

Best answer: Google Home works anywhere you can get an internet connection, but hotels make it a bit harder to use due to network management practices. A nice travel router solves this.

Buy Google Home: Google Home ($ 100 at Best Buy) Buy Travel Router: TP-LINK Travel Router ($ 30 at Amazon) Hotels don’t like devices talking to each other

Many people have had issues using devices like the Google Home on hotel Wi-Fi, so  [Read More…]

How to make your Chromecast work properly on hotel Wi-Fi

Hotels don’t always make it easy to use your Chromecast. They use complicated network access management tools to govern guest connections, and they’ll often limit rooms to one device per connection for technical and economic reasons. These things are especially problematic for a Chromecast because it can’t handle the typical hotel Wi-Fi setup. But don’t fret because a simple travel router can make your Chromecast work just the way Google intended no matter what hotel you’re at.

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What is a Time-of-Flight camera and how does it work?

Best answer: A Time of Flight camera uses the known speed of light to measure distance. The “flight time” of a reflected beam of light is measured and the amount of time taken to make a return trip to the sensor is calculated against the speed of light particles to build what’s known as a range image of the scene in front of the lens. What this all means is that with a precise measurement of key  [Read More…]

Why some gadgets don’t normally work on hotel Wi-Fi

Best answer: Many hotels have annoying restrictions in place preventing you from easily using certain gadgets and devices on their Wi-Fi networks. Thankfully, an inexpensive travel router circumvents that.

Amazon: TP-Link N300 Nano Travel Router ($ 30)

Hotels are stingy

Ever been to a hotel and tried to use all your gadgets, only to find out that none of them will work? You’re not alone, and it’s not your fault.

Ever since hotels had  [Read More…]

Whitestone Dome screen protector to work with Galaxy S10 fingerprint scanner without a hole

With the Samsung Galaxy S10 release swiftly approaching it is no surprise that accessories are already popping up. What is surprising is popular screen protector maker Whitestone Dome claims that its protector is the only one to work without a hole.

Not too long ago a video surfaced online showing the Galaxy S10 with a screen protector with a rather sizable hole for the in display fingerprint scanner. I found this to be quite the eyesore and I’m sure many  [Read More…]