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What’s on Kelly Peirce’s gaming desk: Work, consoles and felty critters

Work, gaming, and hobbies; my desk sees it all and holds a mix of equipment to that end. Due to Fibromyalgia my day usually breaks down a little differently than others: stretching out stiff limbs with a show and tea, working when the fog clears from my mind, gaming a little with friends, and then working again just in case the next day is bad. Toss in a little stabbing felt with needles when things get stressful and  [Read More…]

Every skill tree and how they work in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 has more variety and action skills than ever before.

Like each game before it, Borderlands 3 gives our new Vault Hunters three skill trees from which to work. What makes this time around special is that each character now has three separate action skills to use on the battlefield. We’ll break down each ability and its corresponding skill tree so you can determine which character is right for you.

FL4K Amara Zane Moze

Everything you  [Read More…]

Does Visible work everywhere Verizon works?

Best answer: No. Visible doesn’t have the roaming agreements that Verizon Wireless has. Verizon customers can use another provider’s network in roaming, but Visible customers rely entirely on the Verizon network.

A fast and pure Android: Google Pixel 3a ($ 399 at Amazon) No carrier has 100% coverage

Most of the significant carriers rely on roaming to fill in coverage gaps. Paying another company for cellular service can be a waste of money, but for some areas,  [Read More…]

Does Blink Work With Alexa?

Best answer: Yes, and quite seamlessly in fact. Amazon acquired Blink and has since improved the functionality for Blink security cameras to work with Amazon Echo products. You can arm your security cam network when you leave your house and cast live images from your outdoor cameras to an Amazon Show, Amazon Spot, or Fire TV, plus more.

For Indoor Use: Blink Indoor Home Security Camera ($ 80 at Amazon) Indoor/Outoor Champ: All-New Blink XT2 Indoor/Outdoor Security  [Read More…]

Do Ring products work with Alexa?

Best answer: Yes! Most of the Ring doorbells and cameras work perfectly with Alexa, and there are few different things you can do with the two ecosystems.

Amazon: Ring Video Doorbell 2 ($ 199)

Do Ring products work with Alexa?

Yes! Once you install the Ring Video Doorbell Alexa skill, you can use your Echo speaker or another Alexa-enabled device to control your Ring devices.

Which Ring products work with Alexa?

For right now, these are  [Read More…]

How does Hotspot service work on Visible?

Best answer: Visible’s unlimited plan comes with hotspot access included for free. The two caveats are that data speeds are limited to 5Mbps, and you can only have one device tethered at a time.

Free hotspot access: Visible ($ 40/month at Visible) Works with Visible: Google Pixel 3a ($ 400 at Amazon) Visible doesn’t make you pay extra for hotspot usage

Mobile hotspot use is an essential feature for any carrier in 2019, whether it be one  [Read More…]

U.S. companies can now work with Huawei again — except when they can’t

U.S. companies can sell to Huawei ‘where there is no threat to national security.’

What you need to know The U.S. Commerce Department will begin issuing licenses to American companies that want to do business with Huawei. Licenses will be approved “where there is no threat to national security.” Commerce secretary Wilbur Ross has said the department will continue to protect America’s advanced technologies and no company should trade secrets or IP for access to growing markets.  [Read More…]

Android Q gesture FAQ: Understanding how Android’s new gestures work

Android Q is a big change for Android navigation. Let’s break it all down.

When Android Pie was released in 2018, Google introduced its first attempt at redoing Android’s navigation system. Pie got rid of the legacy three-button nav, and in its place, added a button/gesture hybrid system that wasn’t the most graceful by any stretch of the imagination.

Now with Android Q, Google’s redoing things yet again. This time, however, all of the buttons are completely  [Read More…]

The best smart lights that work with the Google Assistant

Smart lights are a staple of any smart home. They’re functional, energy-efficient, and can be a lot of fun to use. Your options for smart lights are seemingly endless, even when looking for ones that work with the Google Assistant. Want some help narrowing down your choices so you’re only considering the best of the best? Here are our top recommendations.

Colorful starter kit Philips Hue Multicolor A19 Starter Kit

Staff pick

This starter kit for  [Read More…]

Editor’s Desk: On balancing travel and work

I don’t think I’m alone in not enjoying discomfort. Awkwardness. Tension. I don’t seek it out, nor do I welcome it when it inevitably arrives. But in leaving the comforts of home for five weeks to travel to a country where I don’t speak the language has introduced all of those feelings in a series of unceasing waves. And yet it’s been one of the best experiences of my life.

By the time this is published, I’ll be  [Read More…]