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OnePlus is working on new Bullets earbuds, but they’re not truly wireless

The new generation of earbuds will, however, feature four color choices.

What you need to know The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z will not be truly wireless, after all. Leaked images of the earbuds show they’re connected by a cable. OnePlus is expanding color choices, though, with green, blue, black, and white variants.

While the internet has recently been abuzz with rumors that OnePlus will finally be jumping onto the truly wireless bandwagon with the latest generation of  [Read More…]

How to pick the right chair for working from home

The right chair can make a big difference in productivity and how your back feels at the end of the day.

I think it’s safe to say that you’re probably going to be working from home for a while. As such, you’re also probably going to be sitting in whatever chairs you have around the house to do that work in, and that may not be optimal for your comfort or productivity.

All the experts say that  [Read More…]

The WHO is working on a coronavirus app for both iOS and Android

It’s being developed as an open-source project, with ex-Google and ex-Microsoft employees pitching in to help in its creation.

What you need to know A new coronavirus app is currently under work by the WHO. It’s being made in collaboration with several volunteers from the healthcare and tech industries. The company is already using a WhatsApp chatbot for the same purpose.

As the pandemic rage on, access to accurate and timely information about symptoms, diagnosis, and prevention  [Read More…]

Gym closed? These are the best games for working out at home

No matter if you have a dedicated gaming console or just a smartphone, there are plenty of great ways to get it done.

Going to the gym is important. After all, exercise is one of the most important ways to stay happy and healthy. But it’s not always convenient to go, and sometimes the gym might even be closed when it’s most convenient for you. That’s why at-home workouts are so great! Whether you’ve got an Xbox,  [Read More…]

These $50 true wireless earbuds are essential for working from home

An affordable purchase you’ll be glad you made.

These sure are strange times we live in, aren’t they? Kids are home from school, a lot of non-essential businesses are closing down, and you’re likely working from home for the foreseeable future. Not only is it difficult to adjust to the ever-changing world around us, there’s also the challenge of finding a good groove for your work from home routine.

Working from your house/apartment takes a lot of  [Read More…]

Gears Tactics developer Splash Damage is working on a Stadia exclusive

The developer known for supporting Gears is working on a new Stadia exclusive.

What you need to know Splash Damage is a UK-based studio. Splash Damage is primarily known for assisting The Coalition with Gears of War games. Today, Splash Damage announced it is working on a Stadia exclusive game.

UK studio Splash Damage has mainly acted as a support studio over the past few years, aiding Microsoft-owned The Coalition with the development of the Gears of  [Read More…]

These are the phone plans you need if you’re working from home

Get the most out of working from home with these phone plans.

Working from home has become more and more popular over the years, and thanks to recent events, a lot of people are going to be doing it for the very first time. Working from home can be a difficult shift, but you can make the necessary changes to ensure it’s as seamless of an experience as possible.

There are a lot of different factors you’ll  [Read More…]

Working from home just got easier with these great lap desks

Whether you’re working from home, want to get in a gaming session from your bed or some movies while stuck at home, a good lap desk is invaluable. There are so many choices out there — from adjustable options to those with lights or fans. We’ve rounded up the best for you to get for whatever you want to do from wherever you want to do it.

Space for activites Kavalan Lap Desk

Staff Favorite

This  [Read More…]

Spotify’s web service is down for many people (Update: Working again)

It was down for around six hours on Monday.

Update, 3:30pm ET, March 16: It looks like the Spotify web app has resumed functioning after a six-hour downtime. Is your Spotify service working again?

What you need to know Spotify’s web app is down for many people in North America and Western Europe. Mobile and native desktop apps are working fine. No word on when the outage will be over.

As many people beginning their new work-from-home  [Read More…]

Microsoft Teams goes down as many switch to remote working

Online learners and workers will have to deal with a Microsoft Teams outage to start their week.

What you need to know Microsoft Teams is down for many people across Europe. The outage is at a bad time since many people will work from home this week due to coronavirus. Microsoft is investigating the issue.

Microsoft Teams is down for many users across Europe. The Microsoft 365 Status Twitter account posted about the outage early this morning,  [Read More…]