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Google’s Science Journal app helps kids explore the world around them

In an effort to help kids explore the world around them in a scientific way, Google has launched a new app called Science Journal. With the app in hand, kids (and adults) will be able to easily record data, take notes and observe changes for projects they may be working on.

From Google:

To bring out that inner scientist in all of us, today we’re introducing Science Journal: a digital science notebook that helps  [Read More…]

Hungry Shark World goes viral [Hot Game!]

Become the apex predator in Ubisoft’s latest trending game for Android — Hungry Shark World.

Hungry Shark World dropped into Android and iOS app stores on May 7, amassing over 10 million downloads in less than a week. Developed by Ubisoft Entertainment, it has quickly risen to the top of the free app charts — and for good reason!

The game is incredibly fun to dive into. You play a free-roaming shark with an insatiable  [Read More…]

AKG N60NC noise-canceling headphones review: Flip a switch and shut out the world

AKG keeps these headphones compact, while also bringing all of the features you want at a solid price.

If you travel, work in a busy office or just have trouble concentrating on tasks at home, chances are you’ve looked into noise-canceling headphones. The basic technology behind noise cancellation is pretty much commoditized at this point, but companies add their own flavor to it, with varying levels of effectiveness. Beyond that, these of course work as standard  [Read More…]

The weird, wonderful, and very early world of gaming on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

There are a lot of folks out there wanting VR to start out as mature as console and PC gaming.

The number one complaint you’ll see about gaming on Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive right now is a lack of popular — commonly referred to as AAA — games. As gamers, we’re used to a major hardware launch including a list of games that were made in coordination with the manufacturer. Games that, at least  [Read More…]

Let your music power the world with Groove Planet (review)

  As an iOS app developer, I can’t imagine my life without music. I open Spotify before Xcode and Google Chrome to make sure I don’t go crazy. Music is an integral part of our lives, and several games have tried to capitalize on that importance. The most obvious examples are Activision’s Guitar Hero and

LG 360 CAM review: A relatively fun way to capture the whole world

Some software quirks aside, LG’s entry into the 360-degree video and photography world is a fun little way to show off everything that’s going on around you.

A picture is worth a thousand words, the old cliche goes. And it’s not wrong. There’s something about a good photograph that brings out the seen and the unseen. That answers as much as it leaves up to the imagination. What’s going on just outside the frame? What was  [Read More…]

Wurrly – Show the world your talent! Get noticed. Get famous. Be you. [Review]

Wurrly is a unique take on the karaoke app. With access to hundreds of songs and an integrated in-app social network, Wurrly aims to showcase who you are and the natural talent you possess, to the world. Wurrly is a karaoke that’s not about the music; it’s about you. What sets it apart? I have

Veho Muvi K2 Sport lets you capture your world in HD and sync to your Android

As part of our ongoing effort to provide readers with excellent products, services, and goodies, our Deals page is full of wonderful gadgets. While not all of them are centered around Android or smartphones, most of them are. Once in a while we’ll offer something that’s really cool and ties into your mobile devices. Such

LEGO and partners release Jurassic World game

LEGO today announced the release of their new Android and iOS game, LEGO Jurassic World. As the name hints, the adventure-centered title is based on the classic Jurassic World movies, incorporating all four films into the plot: Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park III and, most recently, Jurassic World. The app is available on

Stay up to date with all the action from ICC World T20 with Google

The ICC World Twenty20 is in full swing, which means that productivity is going to take a serious hit in countries where the gentleman’s game is actively followed. Google is now rolling out new features to ensure that all the latest scores, news, and highlights from the tournament are readily accessible.

As always, you can just search on Google using queries like “cricket score” or “T20 score” to get real-time scores on any live matches, as  [Read More…]