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There’s a single OnePlus 5 version for the whole world

OnePlus managed to build a single version of the OnePlus 5 for the whole world. That means easier roaming and much better worldwide compatibility.

The OnePlus 5 is here, and it’s a pretty great device in a lot of ways. But in terms of network connectivity, it breaks down interesting new ground, and finds itself among a select few devices that takes advantage of some of the Snapdragon 835’s latest advances.

Here are the biggest takeaways from  [Read More…]

There are still people in parts of the world who use Android Market on Android 2.1

Google is officially ceasing support for Android’s archaic app store on Eclair at the end of the month.

Do you remember using the Android Market to download apps for your smartphone? Google announced that it will cease support for the relic app on Eclair devices at the end of June.

In the Android Developers Blog, Google’s Maximilian Ruppaner writes:

On June 30, 2017, Google will be ending support for the Android Market app on Android 2.1 Eclair and older  [Read More…]

U.S. has some of the best LTE coverage in the world, but still lags behind in speed

The U.S. has made strides in LTE, but still isn’t close to the top in many metrics.

OpenSignal has released the latest version of its “State of LTE” report, which combines data on LTE networks in 75 countries around the world to give us insightful metrics into how countries are performing and compare to one another. OpenSignal compiles this data from over 550,000 users of its mobile app, which calculates network speed and availability in real-world settings  [Read More…]

In a world of ordinary wallpapers, these are Wonder Woman wallpapers!

“In a world of ordinary men, I am Wonder Woman!”

Batman seems to get a new movie every few years, and Superman gets a new movie frequently enough. There’s a new superhero movie every three or four months, it seems, but the only time a female superhero gets anywhere near top billing is during ensemble films like Avengers. We haven’t had a female superhero get their own live-action movie, and that streak ends at midnight with the  [Read More…]

Google is taking over the world [#acpodcast]

The Android Central team of Daniel, Jerry, Andrew, Alex and MrMobile take on all the big announcements from Google’s expansive and intimidating developer conference.

Unlike last year, there weren’t any huge product announcements, nor new products, but what we got — updates to Android O, Assistant, Home, Photos — and the introduction of Google Lens and standalone Daydream headsets, give us some insight into Google’s AI and machine learning future.

This episode of the Android Central Podcast is brought to  [Read More…]

Get started in the world of robotics with SainSmart 3WD Robot Car

Have you ever thought about dabbling in the area of robotics? You’ve heard of Arduino and seen some pretty cool projects, but don’t know if you’re the type of person who can build something compelling. Why not ease yourself into that space with a kit aimed at beginners? Our Deal of the Day is a robot […]

What the world needs now are more progressive web apps

I’m embarrassed by all the apps I have installed. Do I really need a majority of them if there’s a web app for that?

Have you had a second to check out the latest Android Central roundtable? A few of us shared how many apps we each have installed on our daily drivers. Frankly, I was embarrassed by my number. I take such pride in the curation of the apps that I have installed. But there are  [Read More…]

Train Conductor World takes you on a globetrotting train tour (Review)

Overview: Train Conductor World is a fast-paced puzzle game that tasks you with navigating trains to their destination while avoiding crashes. It is a simple concept that can get very challenging in later levels with increasing speed and complexity. Developer: The Voxel Agents Cost: Free (With ads and microtransactions) Impressions: Train Conductor World is a […]

Try to bring the world back to life with Symphony of the Machine on PlayStation VR

The world seems barren, but with your help it doesn’t have to stay that way.

A world filled with bleak red canyons. A tower stretched up into the sky. A world waiting to come back to life. Symphony of the Machine brings all this and plenty more to a puzzle based game with gorgeous visuals, great music, but occasionally questionable controls. The premise of a mystery wrapped in a tower that control the weather is interesting enough,  [Read More…]

Geometry Dash World: A short but exquisite musical adventure (Review)

I don’t know why, but every day, there’s more and more games popping up on the Play Store with excruciating difficulty. Why do Android users like to torture themselves? Anyways, if you’re among the millions of people who are looking for a game that will test your patience, then I have great news for you. […]