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Drive worry free with the $55 Anker Roav C1 dash cam

For emergencies… or viral videos.

The Anker Roav C1 dash cam is down to $ 54.99 on Amazon. Usually these dash cams don’t get direct price drops like this, and outside of a brief drop in April, this is the best price we’ve seen since January. It normally sells for $ 73, but this price drop is probably to help it compete with the upgraded C1 Pro, which has been as low as $ 80 recently.

The  [Read More…]

Don’t worry about running out of juice with Anker’s $36 PowerCore II 20000mAh charger

Power everything in your world!

Anker’s Powercore II 20000mAh portable charger is down to $ 35.99 with code Y18A1260 on Amazon. This charger normally sells for $ 50, and this is one of the lowest prices we’ve ever seen. The only price lower was a deal we shared when it dropped to $ 30 on Black Friday.

The PowerCore II has two PowerIQ USB ports for output and one microUSB port input for recharging. It can identity  [Read More…]

NEV Privacy: Share your phone without worry (Review)

Overview: NEV Privacy is a security and privacy app for your phone that allows you to hide pictures, videos, and apps from prying eyes or would-be hackers. Developer: Nevways Cost: Free (With ads) Impressions: Sharing your phone used to be a gamble, especially among nosey friends. They could rifle through your pictures or open your social […]

Browse without worry: A lifetime subscription of Celo VPN for $29

Let’s say you’re hanging out at your local Starbucks, using its free Wi-Fi connection. You come across something you want to purchase, so you input your credit card information, and get yourself something awesome. A few days later, you look at your bank statement, and realize that there’s quite a few more charges on there, and

Fido customers can now roam worry free in the U.S. and other international destinations

Fido has introduced Fido Roam to its Pulse plans, which allows customers to roam in the U.S. and other international destinations without worrying about the cost. For the U.S. it is a flat $ 5 per day, and other destinations are $ 10 per day. Previously, when you were roaming you were charged for whatever you used, and things could get really pricey when using your phone outside of Canada.

With this new plan, you know  [Read More…]

Samsung’s developer pitch is all about Tizen, but that shouldn’t worry Android fans

New year, same story from Samsung when targeting the developer community.

Anyone following along with Samsung’s Developer Conference (or any trade show where Samsung is represented, actually) is seeing a lot of the word “Tizen” mentioned — TVs, cars, appliances and the whole Internet of Things are running on it. As faithful Android observers, we sometimes have a visceral negative reaction to the word, as if Samsung saying “Tizen” automatically means that Android is no longer  [Read More…]

Never worry which direction you charge your devices with these fully reversable USB 2.0 accessories

You see USB Type-C trying to gain a foothold as the next generation of chargers, but Android’s largest manufacturer, Samsung, stayed with the current charging standard in USB 2.0. One of USB Type-C’s biggest advantages is the uniform plug and port. USB 2.0 (micro USB) on the other hand, has a plug and port which

Don’t worry about physical dice with Roll the Dice for Android Wear

At this point everybody has played a game that involves dice whether that means Monopoly or Dungeons & Dragons. That means that we’ve also felt the pain of losing dice and being unable to find them when you need them. Well, yet again technology is coming at us with a solution. This time it’s Roll the Dice for Android Wear which aims to fill your need for the common 6 sided die.

Roll the Dice for Android  [Read More…]

Samsung’s keyboard had an exploit that you probably don’t need to worry about

Another security story misses the point, and your phone isn’t in any real danger.

Samsung’s stock keyboard — as in the one that ships on its phones — is the subject today of a piece from security firm NowSecure that details a flaw that has the possibility of allowing code to be executed remotely on your phone. Samsung’s built-in keyboard uses the SwiftKey software development kit for prediction and language packs, and that’s where the exploit was found.

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SpeakerPhone Ex – Never worry about putting your phone on loudspeaker again

Putting someone on loudspeaker doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience anymore, thanks to a little app called SpeakerPhone Ex. No doubt you’ve been in a situation where you’ve had to put someone on speakerphone and have missed a section of the conversation in the time it took you to pull the phone down from your ear, the screen to wake up, and to find that speaker button?

That’s where SpeakerPhone Ex comes in; the app sits  [Read More…]