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Amazon Q2 2019 earnings show $63.4 billion worth of sales

A 20% year-over-year increase from 2018.

What you need to know Amazon has published its earnings report for Q2 2019. The company saw sales of $ 63.4 billion — 20% more compared to Q2 2018. Net income also saw a boost to $ 2.6 billion.

It’s no secret that Amazon pulls in heaps of cash day after day, and with its Q2 2019 earnings report now public, we can see just how much money the online shopping  [Read More…]

Is the Pixel 2 still worth buying in 2019?

Taking a look back at 2017’s Pixel.

The Pixel hype train is in full force right now. Even though the still excellent Pixel 3 and 3 XL are still relatively fresh in our minds, Google’s early promotion of the new Pixel 4 has us eager to see what the company has in store for us this year.

However, let’s take a second to stop looking forward and instead go back to 2017’s Pixel 2. The Pixel 2  [Read More…]

Is a Fitbit Ionic worth the investment in 2019?

Best answer: Considering the price has come down quite a bit, it’s not a bad deal to buy the Fitbit Ionic in 2019. However, the inevitable follow-up device might be worth the wait. Not to mention that if you can live without built-in GPS, you can get the more current and more compact Fitbit Versa.

Runner’s delight: Fitbit Ionic ($ 200 at Fitbit) Better design: Fitbit Versa ($ 180 at Fitbit) Next-level tracking

If you’re more interested  [Read More…]

Withings Move is worth it over the Garmin Vivomove Sport. Here’s why

Smartwatches. They’re just about everywhere you look these days, making it difficult to understand what’s all out there and which ones are worth your money. We do our research when it comes to wearables to help you decide which ones are worth the money.

Our choice Withings Move

$ 70 at Amazon

Pros 18-month battery life Connected GPS 50m water resistance Lightweight Clean, modern companion app Cons More expensive No heart-rate sensor

The Withings Move  [Read More…]

The Moto G7 Play is more than worth the upgrade

With new phones releasing every few months, it’s hard to decide when to upgrade to a newer model. Here at Android Central we’ve used all major budget phones launched over the last five years, and are here to guide you in your purchasing decision.

Moto G7 Play

Obvious upgrade

$ 200 at Amazon

Pros Powerful hardware Evocative design USB-C port Incredible value Cons No NFC Updates

The most affordable option in the Moto G7 series  [Read More…]

Is it worth it to buy the Facebook Portal?

Best answer: If you’re a heavy Facebook user, especially Facebook Messenger, you should absolutely consider Facebook Portal in your home or office.

Amazon: Portal from Facebook ($ 100) Amazon: Portal+ from Facebook ($ 250) Video chat has never been better

On most things, phones and tablets and computers included, video chat kind of sucks. You never really know where to look when talking to someone. Do you look at the camera so it seems like you’re making  [Read More…]

The SCUF Vantage controller is expensive but so worth it

If there’s one major change I’d make on any of the PlayStation’s DualShock controllers, it’s their analog sticks. Specifically, their layout. I’ve never been a fan of the symmetry, and have always preferred the offset design of Xbox controllers. Thanks to the SCUF Vantage, I can now play my favorite PS4 games with a controller layout that feels much more comfortable. And for players only looking for a bit of extra customization to improve their gaming experience, the  [Read More…]

Are the Jabra Elite 65t worth it over a pair of AirPods?

We’re always on the lookout for great headphones and earbuds to take the listening experience on our devices to the next level, and know what’s important when finding the right headphones.

Apple AirPods (Second generation)

Apple Magic

$ 160 at Amazon

Pros Easy pairing with Apple devices 5-hour battery life, 24-hour additional charge with case Better sound than standard earbuds “Hey Siri” support Wireless charging case option Cons Fit might not be right for some people  [Read More…]

Is the Galaxy S10e worth it over the Galaxy S9?

Samsung makes the most popular Android phones in the world, and that means we spend a lot of time with every model. When new Samsung phones come out we learn everything about them and grow all of the knowledge necessary to recommend which is best.

Our pick Galaxy S10e

$ 750 at Amazon

Pros Super-fun ultra-wide camera Longer runway for software updates Improved processor, memory and base storage Cons No huge improvement in battery life Screen  [Read More…]

Coolpad Dyno Review: The only kids smartwatch worth buying

Peace of mind without the worst parts of the Internet? I’ll take two.

My son has finally reached that age where not every school field trip fits into the normal school day. I drop him off a little earlier than the day normally starts, and he’s not back until late that night. That last part can be a little stressful, because traffic can cause significant delays and being stuck in a parking lot with other nervous parents  [Read More…]