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Google Pixel 3 versus Pixel 4 – Worth the upgrade?

Whenever a new phone arrives the first question we tend to get is, “what’s different from the last one?” It’s a deserving question, especially when discussing flagship devices. After all, we just got this handset and spent a pretty penny for it. Is it really time to consider replacing it?

In the past there was a bigger divide between generations of phones, but today’s it’s slowed down quite a bit. Revolution only comes around every so often as it’s typically  [Read More…]

Is Visible Protect worth it for your new phone?

Best answer: It depends on how expensive your phone is or if you’re prone to accidents. Visible Protect offers device replacements and repairs for a discounted rate on devices purchased directly from Visible. Rates range from $ 10-12 per month depending on the device.

Forget about the gigs on your phone: Visible ($ 40/mo. at Visible) Don’t panic: Visible Protect ($ 10-12/mo. at Visible) Your phone is probably quite expensive

Many phones today are worth several hundred  [Read More…]

Is Fitbit Premium worth the annual subscription?

Best answer: Fitbit Premium is a paid subscription that gives you access to guided programs, detailed health insights, advanced sleep tracking, and dynamic workouts for a more feature-rich Fitbit app. For people that want to get the most out of their Fitbit tracker and can stomach the monthly or yearly fee, it’s definitely worth a look.

More features: Fitbit Premium ($ 80/year at Fitbit) The best Fitbit: Fitbit Versa 2 (From $ 200 at Fitbit) The big  [Read More…]

Is the Galaxy Note 10 worth the $350 extra over the OnePlus 7T?

Comparing phones that go head-to-head in so many areas, but at different price points, is one of the best parts of Android. OnePlus versus Samsung is an excellent example.

Great value OnePlus 7T

$ 600 at OnePlus

Pros High-end specs for less Great battery life Solid triple camera Great 90Hz display Consistently fast software Cons Weak front-facing camera Larger and heavier No water resistance rating

Despite being $ 300 cheaper, the OnePlus 7T matches or  [Read More…]

Is the OnePlus 7T worth upgrading to from the OnePlus 6?

There are a ton of great value-focused phones out there, and OnePlus makes some of the best. And that makes considering an upgrade from one OnePlus phone to another an easy proposition.

Incredible value OnePlus 7T

$ 600 at OnePlus

Pros Higher-end specs Better battery life Improved triple camera Great 90Hz display Cons Same weak front-facing camera Larger and heavier No headphone jack

Upgrading to a OnePlus 7T is an easy sell if you have  [Read More…]

Is Destiny 2: Shadowkeep worth buying?

Best answer: It’s complicated. While the expansion has a lot of content coming down the line, what’s there right now feels lacking. Therefore, it would be best to wait until everything releases over the course of October before you consider buying Shadowkeep.

Moon’s haunted: Destiny 2: Shadowkeep ($ 35 at PlayStation Store) Previous expansion: Destiny 2: Forsaken ($ 25 at PlayStation Store) What you need to know

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep allows players to explore the  [Read More…]

Is the Galaxy Note 10+ worth the extra money over the Note 10?

Samsung makes many of the best Android phones available. We use every single one, and their competitors, to give you the knowledge you need to pick the right one for you.

Go big Galaxy Note 10+

$ 1,100 at Samsung

Pros Samsung’s biggest and best display microSD expansion slot Longer battery life Faster charging Cons Too big for many hands Considerably more expensive

The Note 10+ is the true flagship of the Samsung line. It  [Read More…]

Battle Chasers: Nightwar is an award-winning JRPG worth checking out!

Gamescom is one of the calendar’s biggest gaming events, held annually in Germany, that attracts hundreds of thousands of gaming fans who flock to check out what developers are working on. With so much on display, Gamescom make sure to recognize the best games presented at the conference across each genre and platform.

For mobile gaming, the award went to Battle Chasers: Nightwar, a JRPG based on a graphic novel series of the same name that was previously  [Read More…]

Is Sennheiser’s GSP 670 headset worth even close to the $350 it charges?

The Sennheiser GSP 670 gaming headset boasts an awesome array of features and Sennheiser signature sound quality, but is it really worth $ 350?

Sennheiser has decades of experience under its belt, as one of the biggest and most well-known audio brands. The company increased its foray into gaming products over the years, culminating in the GSP 670, a wireless behemoth that boasts a similarly beastly price: $ 350. The cost makes it even more expensive  [Read More…]

Amazon Q2 2019 earnings show $63.4 billion worth of sales

A 20% year-over-year increase from 2018.

What you need to know Amazon has published its earnings report for Q2 2019. The company saw sales of $ 63.4 billion — 20% more compared to Q2 2018. Net income also saw a boost to $ 2.6 billion.

It’s no secret that Amazon pulls in heaps of cash day after day, and with its Q2 2019 earnings report now public, we can see just how much money the online shopping  [Read More…]