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This $13 Anker portable charger would fit neatly inside a holiday stocking

It’s a portable charger that fits in your hand.

This Anker black Astro E1 ultra compact portable charger is down to $ 13.19 on Amazon. It normally sells around $ 17 and the other colors are selling for $ 20 right now.

This charger is the size of a candy bar but has 6700mAh, which means it’s got enough power to fully charge a Galaxy S8.

Features include:

Exclusive PowerIQ Technology: Detects your device to deliver its  [Read More…]

Why Google acquiring HTC would be a great thing

One of the latest and juicy reports to drop from the tech rumor mill is that Google may be in the ‘final stage of negotiation’ to purchase HTC‘s smartphone business (via digitimes). This would certainly be a huge development, and I’m sure that it has resulted in many different feelings in the Android community. HTC’s lengthy struggle is not […]

How would you like to win a free OnePlus 5? (Giveaway)

How would you like to get your hands on a brand new smartphone? Not just any phone, either, we’re talking about the OnePlus 5. Well, we’re here to help! If you head to the AndroidGuys Deals Store right now, you can enter a drawing to win the hot new flagship from OnePlus. There’s no purchase necessary […]

What would you change about the OnePlus 5?

It’s been over a month since the latest OnePlus flagship was released.

The OnePlus 5 has had its fair share of ups and downs in the weeks since it launched, but one thing is clear: people are interested in this phone. Whether they already have it, are on the fence about buying or know it just isn’t the phone for them, the OnePlus 5 is in the discussion whenever we’re talking about high-end phones.

The phone has  [Read More…]

Snapdragon 836 in a Google Pixel 2 would be the least interesting thing about the phone

It’s slightly faster.

The Google Pixel 2 might ship with revised internal hardware from Qualcomm in the form of a new processor, the Snapdragon 836. That’s according to silicon rumormonger Fudzilla, which offers up the following plausible but completely unsurprising info, courtesy of its sources:

The Pixel 2 phones will be the first to ship with Snapdragon 836 The chip itself will supposedly be a minor revision to the 835, with a small bump to maximum  [Read More…]

What would you change about the HTC U11?

It’s time for some reflection.

The HTC U11 has been out in the wild for over a month now, and that means plenty of you have the phone or have at least looked into the details and features if you’re in the market for something new. Reviews of the U11 are generally positive, and it’s a common refrain that this is HTC’s best overall flagship in years.

With that stunning glass back, top-end specs leading to great  [Read More…]

OnePlus would prefer you use the OnePlus 5 with your eyes closed

Don’t look too hard.

I feel for OnePlus these days, despite the opaqueness with which it is approaching the latest not-scandal involving the OnePlus 5. Almost immediately after launching in late June, some people began noticing a “jelly” effect on the phone’s Optic AMOLED display while quickly scrolling through the phone’s various screens, such as on a web page or a Twitter feed.

OnePlus acknowledged the visual curiosity, but said in a quote to Android Central and  [Read More…]

Take the Developer Economics Q3 ’17 survey and find out who you would be in a sci-fi developer universe!

The most global developer survey, providing the dev community with knowledge, insights and fun!

We are excited to announce that the Developer Economics Q3 2017 survey, run by our friends at VisionMobile, has just been launched! This is the 13th developer survey, focusing on tools, training and career development. Every year more than 40,000 developers around the world participate in this survey, so this is a chance to be part of something big and make your own  [Read More…]

Tylt Energi Pro backpack review: Would you like a bag with your battery?

Tylt’s excellent Energi Pro backpack comes with a 20,100mAh portable battery, 12 zippers, and one of the most comfortable set of straps I’ve ever worn.

I have a bag problem. It started years ago when I was looking for a decent messenger back to sling across my shoulders while talking through the city, but since then it’s extended to backpacks, too.

I am constantly searching for the perfect combination of design, comfort, space and features, and with  [Read More…]

Would you buy a Moto device if it had ZUK’s ZUI on top?

Lenovo’s sub-brand, ZUK ships out its smartphones with its own custom user interface dubbed ZUI. But what if the UI made it onboard of Motorola’s upcoming devices? Would you still buy a new Moto device? The information comes to us via Lenovo’s Vice President, Alex Chen Yu who posted this info on his Weibo account […]