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Project Xehanort, new Kingdom Hearts mobile experience, set for Spring 2020

Square Enix is teasing the actual name with a contest.

What you need to know Square Enix announced “Project Xehanort,” an upcoming mobile “experience.” It’ll be available on iOS, Android, and Amazon. An official title hasn’t been released yet, but people can guess what the name of it is and possibly win a prize.

Just as it said it would, Square Enix announced a new title on Wednesday. The project, temporarily dubbed “Project Xehanort,” is a new  [Read More…]

Take down Xehanort with Sora and the gang in Kingdom Hearts 3 at $15 off

This discount on KH3 likely won’t last for long!

Gaming can be expensive, but thankfully Newegg is currently offering $ 15 off Kingdom Hearts 3 when you enter promo code EMCTWTU48 during checkout. That’ll bring it down to $ 45 from its regular price of $ 60. Shipping is free on the Xbox One version, though the PlayStation 4 version has a shipping cost starting at $ 2.99 unless you have Newegg Premier.

Before going into Kingdom  [Read More…]