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Add another year to your PlayStation Plus membership for just $43 today

Game on, gamer.

For a limited time, you can grab a 12-month membership to PlayStation Plus for only $ 42.99 from eBay. That saves you $ 17 off the regular price of a year’s subscription. This deal comes via Neogames’ eBay store which features 99.2% positive feedback and over 219,000 reviews. Shipping is free.

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1 year of unlimited books, audiobooks, and magazines just $85 right now

We live in a digital era and we like our content on demand and where want it. It’s not just movies and TV shows, either. We want to read articles, magazines, and books in the same manner. We’re a society that likes to consume content on the subway, the couch, and at work.

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Pokemon Go gets Lunar New Year update with shiny Spoink

It’s the year of the pig. Niantic today announced a new limited-time Lunar New Year event for Pokemon Go, bringing with it the chance to catch a new shiny Spoink. Why? Because it’s a pig-type, of course.

Starting immediately, and running through February 13, Pokemon Go players should be on the look for increased spawns for the following Pokemon:

Rattata Ekans Mankey Ponyta Electabuzz Dratini Mareep Miltank Torchic Poochyena Spoink Buneary

As you can tell, each of those listed here  [Read More…]

How I saved hundreds of dollars a year getting rid of zombie subscriptions

A few dollars each month can quickly add up.

My family is trying to reign in our credit card spending and we recently ran into a little surprise. A card that we had paid off, cut into two and all but forgotten existed was the subject of an email asking if I was planning on paying towards the balance. Since I had cut the card in half six months ago, I was really curious what balance was  [Read More…]

A new Motorola Razr will be released this year as a $1,500 foldable phone

Only 200,000 units will be made.

The Motorola Razr — yes, that Razr — is apparently making a comeback in 2019 and will be released exclusively on Verizon as soon as this February.

We’ll give that a minute to sink it. You good? Let’s continue.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, the new Razr is being made by Lenovo and will feature a foldable screen. That “folding screen” could mean it’ll have a flip-phone  [Read More…]

The Snapdragon 855 is a benchmarking beast in a year that needs the power

Bring it on.

Last year, we told you that while the Snapdragon 845 was an incredibly powerful chip that pushed Qualcomm forward in a number of ways, its benchmark numbers didn’t really matter. At least they didn’t back in February, before the first devices running the new flagship processor were on the market.

See, every year, prior to releasing its biggest-and-best platforms into the wild, Qualcomm builds a bunch of bulky, nondescript Android devices that manufacturers and,  [Read More…]

New year, new leaks: OnePlus 7 shows up without a notch or hole punch

No notch, no punch, and no big bezels in sight begs the question: where the heck is the OnePlus 7’s front camera?

The OnePlus 6T has been out for three months and we’re three or four months from the release of the next OnePlus flagship, the OnePlus 7, and so it’s time to call a plumber: it’s leak season. There’s not a whole lot we know about what features the 7 will have — though we’ve made quite the  [Read More…]

AirSelfie has three new pocket-sized drones soaring out this year

Selfie sticks are so 2018.

AirSelfie just announced three new products you can look forward to this year. The creations unveiled at CES include the AIR 100, AIR Zen, and AIR Duo aerial cameras.

AirSelfie is known for making easy-to-use, hands-free pocket drones that can shoot HD photographs and videos. Coming this year, aside from the devices themselves, users will be able to access an app that lets them capture, edit, view, and share the content captured  [Read More…]

New year, new job? This $10 bundle will polish up your LinkedIn profile and resume

Is this the year you’ve resolved to start a new career? You’re ready to move on from that stagnant job or finally get rolling on something you’re passionate about. The problem? Your resume could use a lot of love.

If you’re ready to start shopping yourself around but afraid that your resume or LinkedIn profile aren’t up to par, you’ll be interested in what we’re offering in the AndroidGuys Deals Store.

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This year, CES is going to get weird

I, like many of my peers, have a love-hate relationship with CES. I’ll spare you the diatribe about overcrowding, or traffic, or the garish lights and artificial air of the Las Vegas strip — if you’ve been there, you either love it or hate it.

But in years past, whether I was reporting more broadly for MobileSyrup or focused on Android for AC, there seemed to be a particular trend or movement — mobile, VR, AR, wearables, smart  [Read More…]