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Check out this year’s Google Play Award Winners

As expected, during its I/O Google announced the winners of the Google Play Awards. The nominees were announced a few weeks back and you can check our earlier post for a quick refresh. With more than 2.8 million apps (as of March 2017) available in the Play Store, it wasn’t easy to choose the winners. […]

Nova Launcher review: King of the mountain after all these years

Nova Launcher is a legacy launcher that runs like a modern marvel.

Nova Launcher has been around for a long time. How long? Well, Nova Launcher Prime, Nova’s premium upgrade, was one of the first paid apps I ever bought back in 2012 during Google Play’s 25-cent sale. A lot has changed in that time, and while trends in Android have come and gone, Nova Launcher has stayed one of its best launchers.

Here’s how Nova Launcher  [Read More…]

High-level encryption for all of your devices; 2 years of Private Internet Access VPN only $59.95

Let’s be honest. You need to take your online security seriously with the ever growing amount of cyber theft and hacking that goes on every second. With each day that passes, it only gets worse. Don’t wait until it happens; be proactive and take measures to ensure you keep all of your information private. About […]

Huawei P11: Expect next year’s flagship at MWC 2018

Huawei will target February trade show for future flagship announcements, exec tells Android Central.

This year’s Huawei flagship announcement at Mobile World Congress in February came a couple months ahead of the usual launch window. The Huawei P10, which broke cover in Barcelona a week ago, landed well in advance of the April announcement events Huawei has hosted for the P9, P8, and previous models.

Bruce Lee, Huawei’s Vice President of Handsets Product Line, told us to  [Read More…]

Looking at Google Play’s most popular content over the past 5 years

A top 5 list doesn’t tell the whole story, but it’s still interesting.

Google Play has been around for five years now — a surprisingly long time — and to celebrate, Google has compiled multiple lists of the top five pieces of content in each part of the store. Games, apps, songs, albums, movies and books are the big categories here, and the lists round out just about as you’d expect.

Top installed games

Candy Crush  [Read More…]

New leak shows off the LG G6 next to last year’s G5

LG G6’s slim bezels get highlighted in latest leak.

The latest LG G6 leak shows off the device next to last year’s G5. LG has previously stated that the G6 will feature a big screen in a small body, and it’s easy to see that from the image posted on Weibo. In spite of featuring a 5.7-inch QHD+ display, the G6 is only marginally larger than the 5.3-inch G5.

The thin bezels certainly make the device  [Read More…]

Our favorite Android devices through the years

Looking back, everyone has a point where they started loving Android. Often those products became sentimental favorites. These are some of them as told by the AC editors.

Android is quite amazing. Not only is it nearing its 10 year anniversary, but the platform has dwarfed any reasonable expectation of success the founders must have had when developing the software.

It’s also why, and how, many of the writers on Android Central got their start in the  [Read More…]

We’re celebrating 10 years of CrackBerry here at AC!


It’s hard to believe that 10 years ago, Kevin Michaluk laced up his boots, walked to the local internet cafe and wrote Matrix levels of HTML to get CrackBerry.com up and running (that is what happened, right?).

Well, CrackBerry is still very much alive, and while its output has slowed with the changing nature of BlackBerry the company, it still has hundreds of thousands of diehard readers visiting every month.

  [Read More…]

GeekBuying’s Chinese New Year’s sale has me throwing money at my screen

Are you looking to save a ton of money on a phone right now? Well, you may not realize it, but this is the perfect time of year to do just that. Most of the phones produced in the world are made in China and the Chinese New Year is about to hit (January 25)

Udemy offering $10 courses to help you stick to your new year’s resolution

So 2017 is going to be your year, eh? You’re going to lose some weight, kick a nasty habit, learn how to take better pictures, and develop the next big mobile game. That’s awesome stuff, sure, but you might need a little bit of help along the way. Udemy, an affiliate partner of ours that