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Spotify’s ‘Made For You’ is a love letter to music addicts

Spotify has the solution to your music curation woes, and they made it just for you.

Finding something to listen to can be a tricky proposition for any music lover. Do I want something new? Do I want something familiar? Do I want something fun? Well, Spotify is known far and wide for their algorithmic prowess, but the best example of it isn’t the Discover Weekly or the year-end statistics. No, siree, the best use of Spotify’s  [Read More…]

How to fix ‘You have downloads on too many devices’ error on Netflix

Getting a “You have downloads on too many devices” error on the Netflix Android app? Here’s how to fix it.

When Netflix introduced the ability to download content offline, people were thrilled — and rightfully so! Now it’s possible to take Orange is the new Black on the subway, or Jessica Jones on a plane. It means being able to store as much content as your device can handle and watching it whenever or wherever you want,  [Read More…]

“I Hate You” is a mobile game to help you exorcise those phobias (review)

Overview A lot of us, while being otherwise normal, functioning humans, harbor some deep and rather irrational fears against generally ‘normal’ items in daily life. Be it clowns, spiders, or even a trip to the dentist, sometimes a certain thing or event can create life-stopping fear or paranoia. Wouldn’t it be great to have a

Wurrly – Show the world your talent! Get noticed. Get famous. Be you. [Review]

Wurrly is a unique take on the karaoke app. With access to hundreds of songs and an integrated in-app social network, Wurrly aims to showcase who you are and the natural talent you possess, to the world. Wurrly is a karaoke that’s not about the music; it’s about you. What sets it apart? I have

Are you a news glancer? Vizo released an app just for you.

Vizo, based in New York, recently raised 1M dollars in funding to develop to turn its beta news app into a full app for for Android and iOS. Vizo brings a new way of looking at news using a unique algorithm to deliver quick, visual rundowns of trending headlines based on user interests. Anyone can download the app now in the Google Play Store, and Vizo will be preinstalled on all Huawei mobile devices sold in Israel.

According to the  [Read More…]

Google asks ‘which animal are you?’ in interactive doodle for Earth Day 2015

Google is celebrating Earth Day by launching an interactive doodle that turns into a quiz, through which you can find out which animal you closely resemble.

Google Play kicks off ‘May the Fourth Be With You’ Star Wars content sales

Free games, cheap books and half-off in-app purchases for a limited time

“Star Wars Day” (May 4th), a popular pseudo-holiday among followers of the Star Wars franchise, has made its way into Google Play in the form of a sale on Star Wars content for Android devices. Directly named the “May the Fourth Be With You” sale, you can pick up all sorts of Star Wars games, apps and books for free or severely discounted prices  [Read More…]