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OnePlus 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S9+ camera comparison: Closer than you’d think

Does an extra $ 300 buy you a much better camera?

We’ve already compared the OnePlus 6 to the Galaxy S9+ in general, and found the OnePlus 6 to be a formidable opponent to Samsung’s latest despite a $ 300 difference in price. But with the history of OnePlus phones having mediocre cameras and Samsung phones having great cameras, it’s a good idea to hone in on photography in particular.

OnePlus made a huge leap in camera  [Read More…]

You’d be foolish not to buy a refurbished Echo for just $90 today

The Thrifter team is back again, this time bringing you the best deal you’ll find on a certified refurbished Amazon Echo!

If you’ve been eyeing the full-sized Echo and haven’t dropped the cash on one already, today’s the day. Leading up to Prime Day, Amazon has dropped the price on a certified refurbished Echo down to just $ 89.99 for today only, which is the lowest this powerful smart speaker has ever been. What makes the timing of this  [Read More…]

Snapchat’s new Snap Map does exactly what you’d think

See what’s happening around the world on Snapchat.

Snapchat has introduced a new feature called “Snap Map” that does exactly what you’d think it does: shows you Snaps, on a map. You can move and zoom the map from city level all the way up to global level to see where people are, and you can see hot spots where multiple people are at the same place sharing.

You get to  [Read More…]

Oculus Rift reviews are in, and not exactly what you’d imagine

It’s Oculus Rift Day, and that means you have some reading to do if VR is your thing.

If you’ve been following the development of the now Facebook-owned Oculus Rift, today is a big day. The Kickstarter project that gained over 9,000 backers back in 2012 and in many ways resurrected virtual reality has turned into a significant industry force and has started shipping a consumer-ready headset that can be used in any home with a  [Read More…]

How to erase and reset your Galaxy S6 (and why you’d want to)

Sometimes you need to reset your phone and start over. Here’s how that works.

Performing a factory reset on your phone is something most folks never really think about doing. It’s the last thing you do before getting rid of a phone, or something you do as a last resort when your device is misbehaving, but it’s not something that is regularly thought about. Regardless of your reason, if you need to reset your Samsung Galaxy  [Read More…]

BBM on Android Wear is almost exactly what you’d expect

Today at CES 2015, BlackBerry announced that Android Wear support will soon be coming to BBM, and we went wrist-on to check out how it works. And, well, it works almost exactly like you’d expect. You get all the appropriate notifications on your connected Android Wear smartwatch (in this case it was demoed on a Moto 360), and the ability to reply.

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Samsung’s Developer Conference after party was as awesome as you’d expect

We’ll just leave it with this: Great food and drink. Music I’m told the kids enjoy. (A little Glenn Miller wouldn’t kill anyone. Just sayin’.) And too many awesome developers to count.

Here’s a good three minutes of what it was like last night at the Samsung Developer Conference party.

Tell us how you’d use Chrome OS and win an HP Chromebox!

We enjoy using Chrome OS on a regular basis here at Android Central, and we want even more people to get a chance to use Google’s other operating system from time to time. We’ve given away our fair share of Android devices, and now’s your chance to pick up an HP Chromebox for yourself. It’s a compact, efficient and relatively powerful little machine that has a variety of uses, so we want to know how you’d  [Read More…]

If you’d like to hate yourself, you should play Daddy Long Legs

Daddy Long Legs

Everyone remembers Flappy Bird. It was so frustrating. It was so simple. Tap to fly, and that’s it. Yet, we all continuously played it, expecting more to come from the game. There’s a new game out that offers the same amount of frustration, but packaged in a well-illustrated, simple, and beautiful package. It’s called Daddy Long Legs.

The goal of the game is  [Read More…]