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ProjectDue: A lifetime business solution is yours for as low as $30

Starting a business, or even running one can be fairly easy when it’s just you. With nobody to train or manage, you know all there is to know about operations. But, things get more complex when you start adding employees into the mix.

How do you delegate duties and roles? What tools do you use for internal communication? How about managing current and prospective partners and clients?

ProjectDue is a complete business suite of features and tools designed to help  [Read More…]

The Pamu Scroll wireless earbuds are all yours for $45 right now

The wireless earbuds space is an increasingly crowded one, and the options seem to get better with each release. For every high-end model that hits the market, a low-cost alternative shows up with its own awesome features.

If wireless Bluetooth earbuds are something you’re considering, you might be interested in the current promotion in the AndroidGuys Deals Store. You’d definitely not be alone as these were a massive hit on Indiegogo, pulling in some $ 3.3M in crowd-sourced funding.

We’re  [Read More…]

The $200 Kharbon wireless earbuds can be yours for $67 today

Bluetooth earbuds and wireless headphones are more popular than ever and the selection gets better with each generation. Today’s better products aren’t just cord-free, they’re water resistant, stylish, and pack really strong batteries. Some offer a whole suite of awesome options.

Take the Kharbon IP67 Wireless earbuds for instance. Not only do they have high-fidelity audio with quality graphene technology, but they’ve also got a comfortable, ergonomic design.

As you might already know from its name, these earbuds are  [Read More…]

This 10-course side hustle and productivity hacker bundle is yours for free

What’s your resolution for 2020? Does it require planning, discipline, or better management of time? Whatever your goal is for the coming year, we’re here to help.

We want to make sure that 2020 is your most successful year ever. So much so, that we we’re here to give away some online training, tips, and tricks around productivity and side hustles. We’re talking hundreds of lessons for free.

Called the Side Hustle &  [Read More…]

Cresuer Touchwave wireless earbuds can be yours for just $28

In the market for a pair of Bluetooth earphones? Maybe for yourself – maybe as a gift? You know what true wireless is the new hotness, right? Did you know that you can get your hands on a decent pair without dropping a bunch of money?

The Cresuer Touchwave Bluetooth earbuds, for instance, are a great wireless option for customers with minimal demands. Moreover, they’re wallet-friendly, too.

Highlighted by the next generation of sound technology, carbon nanotube diaphragms, the Cresuer  [Read More…]

This refurbished Dell Chromebook 11.6″ 16GB could be yours for less than $73

Since so much of your day is spent in the cloud, browsing the internet, and streaming, it’s not necessary to use a full Windows or Mac laptop. Chromebooks are incredible devices and work very well for home and school environments. A big, 5.5-inch phone is nice but it’s nothing compared to an 11.6-inch screen.

Visit the AndroidGuys Deals Store today and you will find that we’re offering a refurbished Dell 11 Chromebook 11.6″ 16GB for as low as $ 72.25.  [Read More…]

Just $40, 1TB Polar backup cloud storage is yours for life

Here’s a question for you: where do you keep your music, important photos, and documents? Please tell us that you’re not storing it in one place.

Smart people backup files to at least one other place. Really smart people keep things in a variety of spots. Google Drive and Google Photos are convenient and really helpful, but it’s not without potential problems or hiccups.

What happens when you get close to filling up your allotted storage space? Before you break  [Read More…]

These are Hayato’s favorite music accessories, and they may be yours, too

I’ve been playing guitar for a little over a decade now, and singing for about as long. In that time, I’ve become a bit of a gearhead (okay, maybe more than a bit), and I’m always looking to find the most efficient and portable gear possible — especially since I do a ton of traveling for work, and sometimes it’s nice to be able to bring some way of creating or practicing music with me. Here are some of the  [Read More…]

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8″ (LTE) is yours for just $135 today

In the hunt for a tablet for reading, playing games, and consuming media? We don’t blame you; they are pretty damn cool. Big screen phones are nice and all, but things change when you get into 8-inch displays.

We’ve got a fantastic deal in the AndroidGuys Deals Store today which finds a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8″ 16GB WiFi + AT&T 4G LTE Black going for just $ 135. Indeed, its wiped, cleaned up, and essentially the same as  [Read More…]

This pretty glitter case is my favorite for S10 and it should be yours, too

Call this gem a girly case. Go on, I dare you.

You may think that you have no interest in this case because it’s a girly, frou-frou glitter case. You may think Spigen’s Liquid Crystal Glitter case is only fit for text-crazy tweens who like boy bands and bedazzlers, but you’re dead wrong. Just as Supergirl is stronger than her straightedge cousin, the Liquid Crystal Glitter is longer-lasting while being every bit as protective and durable as  [Read More…]