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YouTube Originals released after September 24 will be free for everyone

Premium subscribers will be able to watch bonus footage and director’s cuts.

What you need to know YouTube Originals content released after September 24 will be available to non-YouTube Premium subscribers. Premium members will have early access to shows, along with bonus footage. Google first announced this shift back in May.

This past May, YouTube announced a big shift for its YouTube Originals content by saying it would soon be made available for free for everyone in  [Read More…]

YouTube TV offering an expanded 14-day trial if you sign up over the next two weeks

It’s for new subscribers, obviously.

If you’ve been looking to sign up for YouTube TV but just hadn’t gotten to it yet — or maybe the seven-day trial just isn’t long enough — today’s the day. Google and YouTube TV are offering an extended 14-day trial if you sign up before Aug. 14. (Nice spot by Droid Life on this one.)

There is, of course, some fine print. First and most obvious, you need to be a new subscriber.  [Read More…]

YouTube TV is getting PBS and PBS Kids

What you need to know YouTube TV hasn’t yet carried local PBS member stations. That’ll change later this year. You’ll also have access to on-demand content.

PBS today announced that it’s bringing its member stations to YouTube TV. In addition to live shows, YouTube TV subscribers also will have access to PBS content on-demand. The new channels will be available sometime later this year, PBS said in a press release.

It marks the first time PBS has done  [Read More…]

Google paying millions to FTC for YouTube violations of kids privacy laws

Google is soon expected to introduce some changes to the way it handles children’s videos on YouTube.

What you need to know The Federal Trade Commission has approved a multi-million dollar settlement with Google over YouTube’s violation of federal data privacy laws Specifics of the settlement, including the exact amount, are currently unclear. Google is found to have breached the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

The Federal Trade Commission is said to have finalized a settlement with  [Read More…]

Here’s how to earn in-game Fortnite loot from watching YouTube videos

Fortnite and streaming are something that go together seamlessly, and now Epic is giving players who watch matches on YouTube a way to earn some free in-game rewards. Announced earlier today, the “Drops” feature will allow players who link their YouTube and Epic accounts together to receive free rewards.

World Cup, baby!

Epic has done things like this on Twitch in the past, but this is the first time that YouTube is getting the treatment. With the Fortnite  [Read More…]

How to enable dark mode in YouTube

When it comes to watching videos, a bright white background can be distracting and isn’t often ideal. That goes for TV, monitors, and mobile devices. When YouTube finally rolled out its dark theme, it gave us all a reason to rejoice.

Unfortunately, the dark theme isn’t enabled by default, but it’s not that hard to turn on. Just follow these steps below, and you can enjoy all your favorite YouTube videos with a pleasing dark background.

How to enable dark  [Read More…]

YouTube Premium and Music are now available in 13 new countries

That brings the total number of countries with YouTube Premium to 63 and 62 for YouTube Music.

What you need to know YouTube Premium and YouTube Music are now available in 13 new countries. Greece, Iceland, Serbia, Turkey, and more are among the new countries added. With the new additions, YouTube Premium is now available in 63 countries and YouTube Music is in 62.

Get ready to crank up some tunes, people of Greece, Iceland, and Turkey,  [Read More…]

Copyright claims on YouTube now require timestamps

There are also new tools for dealing with copyrighted music in a video.

What you need to know YouTube now requires an exact timestamp for manual copyright claims. Copyright holders that abuse the manual claim system will lose access to it. There are new tools for muting copyrighted music or replacing it with another track.

Copyright claims on YouTube are a necessary evil. They’re important for copyright owners to claim content of theirs if it’s being used  [Read More…]

YouTube Music picks up automatic download feature for up to 500 songs

Smart downloads will allow you to set a limit lower than 500 if you want to save storage space.

What you need to know Smart downloads is an expansion of Offline Mixtape that will download up to 500 songs for offline playback. It will download music overnight while your phone is charging and on Wi-Fi. If you’re worried about storage space you can adjust how many songs it will download.

The YouTube Music app will soon have  [Read More…]

YouTube TV family managers can snag a Nest Hub for $49

The normal retail price is $ 129, making this an $ 80 discount.

What you need to know YouTube TV family managers are receiving an email with a promotion code that drops the Nest Hub down to $ 49. The promo code is good for one redemption only for the Chalk color and must be redeemed before July 24, 2019. The Google Nest Hub can also be picked up from B&H Photo and other retailers at a  [Read More…]