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YouTube Music gets new library design inspired by Play Music

The Artists list is now automatically populated based on the songs in your library.

What you need to know Google is pushing out an update to the YouTube Music library. It now works a bit more like Google Play Music used to. Songs you add to your library will now have their artists automatically added to the Artists list.

While a valiant effort by Google to take on the likes of Spotify, YouTube Music clearly needs a  [Read More…]

Google reportedly plans to counter TikTok with upcoming YouTube ‘Shorts’

Unlike TikTok, Shorts will not be a standalone app.

What you need to know YouTube is said to be working on a TikTok rival called “Shorts.” “Shorts” will apparently be available as a feature within the YouTube mobile app. It is expected to become available by the end of this year.

Chinese video-sharing app TikTok, which was released worldwide three years back, is among the most popular social networking apps currently, with more than 3 million downloads  [Read More…]

YouTube and other Google services go down for many

And no, you still can’t go outside.

What you need to know YouTube and other Google services are down. Users began reporting being unable to stream or comment on March 26th. The outage appears to be concentrated around the United States, Western Europe, and Japan.

Always a regular source of entertainment and distraction, YouTube has suddenly gone down. Reports began flooding social media and DownDetector on March 26th as users found themselves unable to upload videos, stream  [Read More…]

You can now read along to the lyrics of a song on YouTube Music

The lyrics are static, however, and you need to scroll through them.

What you need to know The iOS and Android apps for YouTube Music are getting a new lyrics page. It’ll show a static version of lyrics for the song. This means that they won’t scroll through automatically as the song plays.

Google has been working on a redesign of the YouTube Music playback screen, and it’s now rolling out a new lyrics page for the  [Read More…]

The YouTube app says goodbye to ‘Trending’, hello to ‘Explore’

The new “Explore” tab includes landing pages for different types of content.

What you need to know The ‘Trending’ tab in the YouTube mobile app is being replaced by ‘Explore.’ The new tab has everything the ‘Trending’ tab did, plus links to destination pages for various categories of videos. These include Gaming, Music, Fashion & Beauty, and more.

Google is making a slight change to the YouTube mobile app. A new ‘Explore’ tab will be taking the  [Read More…]

YouTube TV reaches agreement with Sinclair, but will still lose some Fox RSNs and YES Network

We don’t quite know which markets will be affected, though.

In the latest installment of “Twitter is really no way to announce things,” YouTube TV apparently has reached some kind of agreement with Sinclair Broadcast Group. But that agreement still involves YouTube TV — at least in some markets — losing access to Fox Regional Sports Networks, as well as the YES Network.

Only, whomever is doing the Twitter replies doesn’t actually know which channels and the markets that  [Read More…]

I’m going back to Spotify because YouTube Music still kind of sucks

I tried to switch, but I can’t fully commit just yet.

A new year is a sign of new beginnings and starting fresh. For 2020, I decided to finally give YouTube Music a fighting chance after being a Spotify customer for years. You might remember me talking about this in an editorial back in January, in which I stated that I wouldn’t be going back to Spotify after using YouTube Music for a month.

Well, a little  [Read More…]

YouTube TV-Sinclair flap leads to the loss of Fox RSNs and YES Network

As usual, it’s all about money.

What you need to know Sinclair wants more money for the rights to some of its channels. YouTube TV doesn’t want to pay more money. You, the consumer, will lose out.

Just because you’re the largest live TV streaming service in the United States doesn’t mean you’re not still subject to the usual market shenanigans.

YouTube TV today sent out emails to subscribers annoying that it’s “been unable to reach an  [Read More…]

HBO, Cinemax and HBO Max are coming to YouTube TV

The premium networks will fill a premium-size hole in YouTube TV’s offerings.

One feature that’s been sorely missing from YouTube TV is HBO, and its sibling channel Cinemax. That’s about to change.

HBO and Cinemax will be coming to YouTube TV soon — and HBOMax when it’s available in May — WarnerMedia announced today. We don’t have exact dates for when HBO and Cinemax will be available — just “this spring” — but it’ll allow you to pay for and watch  [Read More…]

Google is testing a small YouTube Music redesign for Android

There’s finally a lyrics section in plain view.

What you need to know Google is testing an update to YouTube Music’s Now Playing UI. This new update surfaces key parts of the interface like shuffle and repeat. It also adds a tabbed bottom bar with highlighted lyrics support. It’s server-side triggered, so users have to wait till Google rolls it out to them.

Google is testing a small YouTube Music redesign, playing with elements on the Now  [Read More…]