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The wait is over – YouTube is coming back to Amazon Fire TV

Deal includes Fire TV and Prime Video, but the Echo Show won’t support YouTube yet.

The wait is over! Almost two years after Google and Amazon kicked off a war of attrition, the two companies have finally reached an agreement. Announced this morning, the deal means that YouTube is coming back to Amazon’s Fire TV devices, while the Prime Video app will add support for casting to Chromecast, and become available on more Android TVs. They say  [Read More…]

YouTube is returning to Fire TVs

To say Amazon and Google have had a rocky relationship is an understatement. The two companies have been in a constant power struggle over products and services for years. Both had even pulled its respective video services from the other in the last 2 years.

Google famously pulled the official YouTube apps from all Fire OS devices too much disappointment. Not to be outdone, Amazon has restricted its own Amazon Prime Video app to just the Nvidia Shield and select  [Read More…]

How to stream directly to Twitch or YouTube from your PS4

You don’t need a fancy, expensive computer set-up to start streaming your favorite games, despite what you may believe after watching a lot of streamers. If you’re playing on PlayStation 4, it’s incredibly easy for you to start streaming directly from the console, whether you want to stream on Twitch or YouTube.

Streaming to Twitch or YouTube Once you’re playing the game that you want to stream, press the Share button on your DualShock controller. Select Broadcast Gameplay.  [Read More…]

YouTube TV broke my heart today

YouTube TV did something today that I truly did not expect: it raised a grandfathered rate on me.

Before I come across as whiny and/or entitled I want to qualify a few things. First, I am a longtime Google advocate and early adopter. I was on Google Voice back in 2007 when it was still called Grand Central.

I sign up for beta access to everything it offers and welcome new endeavors no matter how polished they look. Do you  [Read More…]

Seeing ads in YouTube Premium and YouTube Music? You’re not alone

YouTube is currently investigating an issue that’s breaking premium access for YouTube Premium/Music users.

YouTube Premium and YouTube Music are very straightforward: you pay $ 12 or $ 10 a month to get ad-free videos and songs, offline downloads, and background playback. But things never are what they seem to be, as both services are being impacted by a bug that’s breaking premium access for subscribers.

Hundreds of users on Reddit and Google’s community pages are complaining  [Read More…]

YouTube is canceling its high-end original programming

Shifting the focus back to free content.

When YouTube Red debuted in 2015, one of the big pushes of the program was premium, original content to compete with the likes of Netflix and Hulu. According to a new report from Bloomberg, YouTube’s now shifting its focus away from that strategy.

Per Bloomberg:

YouTube has canceled plans for high-end dramas and comedies, people with knowledge of the matter said, a pullback from its grand ambitions for a paid  [Read More…]

YouTube Music and YouTube Premium make their long-awaited debut in India

YouTube’s ad-free music and video streaming services are now available in India.

2019 is turning out to be a great year for streaming services in India. Spotify made its debut in the country at the end of last month, and Google has now launched YouTube Music and YouTube Premium. YouTube saw a meteoric rise in usage from India over the last three years as low-cost 4G services became widely available across the country.

YouTube Music in itself  [Read More…]

Gmail, YouTube, and other Google services are experiencing an outage

Several Google services are impacted as users are unable to access Gmail, YouTube, Drive, and Play Music.

If you’re unable to send emails in Gmail or upload files to Drive, you’re not alone. Google seems to be experiencing an outage that is affecting several of its services, with the issue affecting customers across the U.S., Canada, Japan, Malaysia and Australia. According to Down Detector, Gmail and YouTube started seeing disruptions at 10PM ET on March 12.

The  [Read More…]

YouTube TV reportedly surpasses 1 million subscribers

Bloomberg’s anonymous sources point to YouTube TV with more than 1 million subscribers.

A report today from Bloomberg could possibly point to a new pecking order for the major streaming TV services.

The sourcing of the story is extremely thin (uncomfortably so), however — pointing only to “people with knowledge of the matter,” and with not so much as “no comment” from any of the services mentioned. But here’s what Bloomberg is reporting:

“Hulu’s live service is nearing  [Read More…]

YouTube is starting to disable comments on videos featuring minors

YouTube’s also testing a new comments classifier.

There’s been a lot of controversy lately regarding YouTube and predatory content being added to both videos and in the comments of videos focused at kids. In response to this, YouTube’s announced that it’s now automatically banning comments from videos featuring children/minors.

Per a blog post published on February 28:

Over the past week, we disabled comments from tens of millions of videos that could be subject to predatory behavior.  [Read More…]