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HBO, Cinemax and HBO Max are coming to YouTube TV

The premium networks will fill a premium-size hole in YouTube TV’s offerings.

One feature that’s been sorely missing from YouTube TV is HBO, and its sibling channel Cinemax. That’s about to change.

HBO and Cinemax will be coming to YouTube TV soon — and HBOMax when it’s available in May — WarnerMedia announced today. We don’t have exact dates for when HBO and Cinemax will be available — just “this spring” — but it’ll allow you to pay for and watch  [Read More…]

Google is testing a small YouTube Music redesign for Android

There’s finally a lyrics section in plain view.

What you need to know Google is testing an update to YouTube Music’s Now Playing UI. This new update surfaces key parts of the interface like shuffle and repeat. It also adds a tabbed bottom bar with highlighted lyrics support. It’s server-side triggered, so users have to wait till Google rolls it out to them.

Google is testing a small YouTube Music redesign, playing with elements on the Now  [Read More…]

YouTube lets you donate to your favorite creators with new applause feature

It’s available in a select few regions.

What you need to know Google is adding a Twitch-like Viewer applause feature to YouTube. Users will be able to pay $ 2 to clap for a video they like. It’s limited to Australia, Brazil, India, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, and the U.S at this time.

YouTube is testing a new way for viewers to support creatives on YouTube in select countries through an Applaud feature (via The Verge).

  [Read More…]

Google Music’s original feature will transition to YouTube Music

As if anyone still has a music library to upload.

What you need to know YouTube Music will soon let users upload their music library for cloud storage. This was an original Google Music feature and Google Play Music users will port their library to YouTube. The transition is expected to happen in the next few months, with the end of Google Play Music in 2020.

Google sources have let slip to 9to5Google that the transition from  [Read More…]

How to download YouTube videos to watch offline

We can stay up from dawn till dusk and we will never run out of YouTube videos to watch, but what do you do when you have to stray from your faithful Wi-Fi? You download some YouTube videos for offline playback, of course. Here’s how — and who — can download videos in YouTube for offline playback.

Products used in this guide Watch videos all day: Google Pixel 3a XL ($ 445 at Amazon) Who can download videos  [Read More…]

Having problems with Disney music on YouTube Music? Here’s why

COPPA is important, but does it really need to bork Disney music for everyone?

Google got smacked for millions in fines last year because of how it handles children’s data and children’s content on YouTube, and so it rolled out sweeping changes to how kids content is handled going forward — changes that have been finally rolling out over the course of this month.

There’s a whole gamut of features that can be turned off for “made  [Read More…]

YouTube moderators have to acknowledge growing risk of PTSD — or else

Some employees have been threatened with firing for refusal to sign.

What you need to know YouTube’s moderators have been forced to sign a new document that acknowledges the job could lead to the development of PTSD and other mental health conditions. Failure to adhere to the mental health stipulations are classed as “serious misconduct.” The document has been criticized as coercive and borderline illegal by labor lawyers.

YouTube’s moderation practices have come under scrutiny again. A  [Read More…]

Activision Blizzard to only stream on YouTube in partnership with Google

A major change is coming for Google and Activision Blizzard.

What you need to know Activision Blizzard and Google have announced a major new partnership. Google Cloud will provide the gaming infrastructure for further Activision Blizzard titles. Additionally, Activision Blizzard will exclusively stream events through YouTube, including OWL (Overwatch League).

In a press release, Activision Blizzard and Google announced a new partnership that will see Activision Blizzard stream exclusively through YouTube (except in China). This includes major  [Read More…]

YouTube now lets you filter your subscriptions for easier content discovery

First on iOS, then Android later.

What you need to know Google will add filters to its YouTube app, letting users now tab between select categories on its subscription page. These new filters are coming to iOS first, and then Android soon after. Google first introduced content filters on the homepage.

If you’re anything like me, your YouTube subscription tab is chockfull of half-watched videos sandwiched between a torrent of new content pushed by YouTubers. It can  [Read More…]

It isn’t that hard to watch YouTube on an Echo Show

Have you ever wanted to watch your favorite YouTube channel on your Echo Show device? Perhaps you want to have a music live stream playing in the background, or maybe you’re following the latest political drama on C-SPAN. You may have heard conflicting and confusing information on whether or not you could even get YouTube on an Echo Show device. While there’s no official way to do it, there’s an easy workaround.

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