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YouTube Music is still missing so much 1 year after its relaunch

Buried under a mountain of bugs and absences, YouTube Music is straining even the most patient of users.

One year ago, I wrote that YouTube Music was a mixtape full of promise, with predictive algorithms that are scarily good and selection like no other, but today, it’s hard to defend the service when it is still missing so much. Granted, there have been advancements and meaningful features added in the last year, especially in the last six  [Read More…]

YouTube announces new policies against hate speech and conspiracy theories

The changes go into effect on June 5.

What you need to know YouTube is prohibiting videos that discriminate groups of people. It’s removing content that denies well-documented events. YouTube plans on expanding tools that limit recommendations of misinformative videos.

YouTube often finds itself changing policies in the event of a controversy, and that’s exactly what’s happening once again. Following an ongoing dispute over hate speech, YouTube published a blog post on June 5 titled, “Our ongoing  [Read More…]

You’re not alone: YouTube, Snapchat and many Google services are down

Uh, maybe it’s time to go play outside?

What you need to know Most Google services including YouTube, Gmail, and Google Cloud are experiencing outages in parts of the US and Europe. The outage began around 3:30 PM ET and is believed to be caused by network congestion. The Google Cloud outage impacted 3rd party services like Discord, Snapchat, Vimeo, Uber, and more.

An outage of Google Cloud took down a whole chunk of services — both  [Read More…]

YouTube Premium’s student plan goes live in India, costs just ₹79 ($1.15)

YouTube’s student plan lets you subscribe to YouTube Music for just ₹59 a month, YouTube Premium for just ₹79.

What you need to know YouTube is rolling out student plans in India. YouTube Music costs ₹59 a month, YouTube Premium is ₹79 a month. All full-time students from accredited colleges are eligible.

If you’re a student in India, subscribing to YouTube’s ad-free service just got that much more affordable. YouTube Premium and YouTube Music made their debut  [Read More…]

Google used YouTube videos from the Mannequin Challenge to train its AI

In the future, the results could be used in AR or for adding effects to videos.

What you need to know Google is training its AI to create depth maps isolating human subjects in the scene using only one camera. As a starting point, Google used 2000 YouTube videos from the Mannequin Challenge to train the AI. The results will lead to the ability to add effects to videos, such as portrait mode, and be used for  [Read More…]

YouTube will soon show an abbreviated subscriber count for popular channels

Creators will still have access to the exact count in YouTube Studio.

What you need to know Starting in August, subscriber counts on YouTube will be shown in an abbreviated format. It will affect creators and third-party analytics sites such as Social Blade. Creators will still be able to see the exact number in YouTube Studio.

If you’re a YouTube creator, you’ll soon see that the way your subscriber count is displayed is changing. Beginning in August,  [Read More…]

YouTube TV is getting a new on-screen guide on smart-home screens

Because if you don’t know what’s on, how will you know if you want to watch it?

Google today announced that YouTube TV will (finally!) be getting an on-screen guide. It was announced alongside the rebranding of Google Home Hub to the Nest Hub, and the announcement of the new Nest Hub Max. (But we’re willing to bet we’ll also see it on the likes of the Lenovo Smart Display, and other first-gen products of that ilk.)

  [Read More…]

Non-Premium subscribers will be able to watch YouTube Originals with ads

Want to watch Cobra Kai but don’t have YouTube Premium? Patience, Grasshopper.

As YouTube continues to shift away from scripted YouTube Originals and focus on unscripted content — including musical content and a renewed focus on learning and personality-driven content — YouTube has confirmed that it will be allowing non-Premium users to watch YouTube Originals like Cobra Kai for free with ads in the future.

The original content market is getting increasingly crowded, expensive, and downright  [Read More…]

YouTube and YouTube TV will exclusively stream 13 of the remainder of MLB’s hundreds of games this season

It’s a step in the right direction for sports fan, but still just a drop in the bucket.

Each of Major League Baseball’s 30 teams has 162 games scheduled for the 2019 season. That’s some 2,400 (give or take) games across the American and National leagues. Today, it was announced that YouTube and YouTube TV will exclusively stream 13 of those games.

Here’s what you need to know:

The YouTube stream will be free. No subscriptions required. The 13  [Read More…]

Verizon chooses YouTube TV as its streaming service of choice

Verizon customers will soon be able to sign up for YouTube TV through Verizon.

Google and Verizon have partnered to make getting YouTube TV even easier for Verizon customers. Verizon announced today that customers will soon be able to subscribe to YouTube TV through Verizon, offering the standard fare of network channels to all wireless and broadband customers.

Whether you have Verizon wireless service, FIOS, or a wireless 5G home, you’ll now have the ability to bundle  [Read More…]