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Look out Twitch, Youtube is looking to take over video game streaming

Youtube is taking on Twitch, a live TV source for watching video games, head on starting today August 26th. Youtube was the first to bring us video-sharing back in 2005 and has since changed the way we watch videos, but it definitely missed the boat when it came to streaming video gaming.

Twitch on the other hand, launched in 2011 and brought live video game streaming to the masses. In just 3 years, Twitch grew exponentially, and was purchased in  [Read More…]

Hands-on with YouTube Gaming for Android

It’s not quite ready for prime time, but Google’s early efforts to compete with Twitch look promising.

Rumors of Google’s intent to compete directly with Twitch have finally started to wander into reality through an upcoming service called YouTube Gaming. The goal is to be be quite similar to YouTube in the way content is consumed, but to focus on game-specific browsing and search functions so users can more quickly discover and consume the video they  [Read More…]

YouTube changes up the views

For quite some time, YouTubers and users alike, have been frustrated by the algorithm behind calculating the amount of views a specific video has. Yesterday, YouTube revealed that the frustrating counter of “301+” was explained, as well as changes that will be put forth.

The YouTube Creators Google+ page and Twitter page posted an infograph of how the views counter worked before, as well as how the new views counter will work. Previously, the reason why viewers would see the  [Read More…]

YouTube ditches ‘301+’ in favor of real-time view counting

Google is taking a new approach when counting views on YouTube videos from now on, which will eliminate the infamous “301+” number that until now has shown up on most YouTube videos for the first few hours after they go live.

YouTube gets snazzy new transparent player controls on the web

Google has flipped the switch on a pretty great change to YouTube on the web that brings transparent player controls to all. The new controls — which you can check out in the embedded video above — appear transparently over the bottom portion of the video, allowing you to keep an eye on all of the action as you adjust volume, resolution, and more.

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Youtube mobile app gets updated with new tabs and tools

Almost all of us use Youtube, some more than others.  More than half of all of the views on Youtube are done via mobile devices making the Youtube app a top priority for Google.

Google announced a new update yesterday, and it will bring three new tabs to the app. Here are the new tab descriptions from the press release.

Home: Easily explore and discover videos you’ll love with recommendations based on your watch history as well as playlists personalized  [Read More…]

YouTube update brings new design, video editing tools

The YouTube app picked up an update today that breaks the interface down into three tabs — Home, Subscriptions and Account — making it easier to discover new content. From the Home tab, you will be able to see your recommendations as well as customized playlists based on your watch history. Subscriptions is where you can view all the latest videos from the channels you’re subscribed to, with the Accounts tab giving you access to your watch  [Read More…]

YouTube viewing time up 60 percent from last year, mobile viewing has doubled

Speaking on Google’s Q2 2015 earnings call (broadcast on YouTube, as you’d expect), new CFO Ruth Porat dropped some new numbers about how YouTube is growing. Total watch time on YouTube is up 60 percent from this time last year, the strongest growth rate Google has seen in two years. Most interestingly, mobile watch time has also doubled in the last year.

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Sony’s live streaming app lets you broadcast to YouTube and Twitch from your Xperia

Samsung launched Game Recorder+, a utility that allows you to record and share gameplay videos from select high-end Galaxy devices such as the Galaxy S6. Sony is now joining the action by launching a similar utility dubbed Live screen streaming for Xperia handsets.

YouTube will verify video from breaking events and make content discovery easier with Newswire

YouTube is rolling out three new initiatives, all aimed at bringing viewers the most relevant content to the breaking news topics they are looking for.

When breaking news happens, there is often tons of user footage that gets uploaded to the Internet and YouTube. Realizing that this trend is growing, with more than 5 million hours of news video watched daily on YouTube, the company is rolling out some new initiatives to “support the discovery and  [Read More…]